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Published on Mar 09, 2018

HI SISTERS! I've only had my makeup done a few times, and every time it's been my professional artists. For today's video, I stood in the middle of Hollywood California and asked random strangers passing by to each do a step of my glam. It turned out... interesting.

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  • Emily M - 1 minute ago

    Please choose me sister! 😘💜

  • Becky A - 2 minutes ago

    ok but this was actually so cute the fact that he could trust people he never met and it came out so good damn

  • Kendyll Simmons - 6 minutes ago

    Hey James first you look amazing second you are an amazing person and you make my day every day ❤️❤️❤️

  • McCullenHelen - 7 minutes ago

    Sister!!!!! Love this video! Fab!

  • JULIA FANNING - 8 minutes ago

    Why does it say 3.2 million it should say 100 million. 😍😘❤️

  • Chelsea Magnusen - 8 minutes ago

    I love it! Especially because everyone who met you seemed just as excited! Such a great opportunity to get out and show our fans some love and make their day! I I can’t help but be motivated by this!! Your personality and friendliness is nonreplicable! Thanks for always doing you!!!

  • cherriosplayz - 9 minutes ago

    HEY SISTER I love watching your videos and this one was FABULOUS I would love to win this give card so my friend (who is also a big fan) and i can shhoop for Da make up LOVE U BYE SISTER

  • Aiste Ambra - 12 minutes ago

    1:13 look at the background on the left 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Katherine Akers - 16 minutes ago

    You should do a video where you sing your makeup routine while doing makeup on a stranger

  • It's Grace - 17 minutes ago

    My mom never lets me buy any new makeup so if I got the giftcard I could finally get some new stuff

  • Cole 5er - 18 minutes ago

    I love your videos and thought this was a great idea! You should do something like this with Chris Clemens bc he’s always interviewing people on the streets. Maybe you could do his makeup😂❤️

  • Katherine Akers - 18 minutes ago

    I love you so much James. You inspire me and my makeup so much. You are saucy and beautiful. I just wanted to let you know that you inspire to become a better person and I aspire to be someone like you. SENDING MY SISTER LOVE!! 💖💖

  • Magaly Irineo - 19 minutes ago

    Why are you the sweetest person with everyone!! I hope I get to meet you soon!!

  • laura butler - 21 minutes ago


  • Zoe Hodge - 24 minutes ago

    omg fav video

  • alex grela - 24 minutes ago

    Lowkey didn’t even look that bad haha but that outfit was 😍

  • Jaclyn Coia - 25 minutes ago

    You are so nice to the people who did your makeup. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SISTER. Keep doing you! Cause you are my inspiration at being a makeup artist and thanks to you, you helped me follow my dream.

  • Kylie Dotson - 26 minutes ago

    You're amazing! I can't believe you handed out so many gift cards to your subscribers and made them feel so welcomed! You always have the most creative ideas for videos. Keep up the good work! ♡

  • hopesters - 28 minutes ago

    wth how do you still look good

  • Morgan Johnson - 28 minutes ago

    I love you James and your makeupppppp you’re literally my favorite YouTuber ever it’s so cool what you’ve accomplished omg

  • Jarnay Jackson - 33 minutes ago

    I liked the video before it started 😊

  • Cheyenne Regan - 33 minutes ago

    He is so sweet and talks so fast

  • Brooke - 35 minutes ago

    Ilysm James

  • Quinley Paige - 37 minutes ago

    You are an amazing YouTuber and make up artist! I like that you have many ways to switch up your videos! Thanks for inspiring me sister!!

  • Chloe Bug - 39 minutes ago

    James can pull off any look! And I love how he’s really optimistic with his sisters (fans). I hope that he would give out a shoutout video and my comment in it. I LOVE YOU JAMES!❤️

  • Nour rigo _ - 48 minutes ago

    I love itt ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sahra H - 48 minutes ago

    Your videos are always spicy 🌶 keep slayin 💋💋

  • Ella May - 48 minutes ago

    I wish people did this in the Uk it’s such a great concept ❤️I would love to visit Hollywood 😄😄🌟🌟

  • Mariyah Branch - 50 minutes ago

    Been subscribed 🤙🏼

  • Nina D - 50 minutes ago

    JAMES!! You’re such an inspiration and this video was amazing!! I love how kind you were to everyone and the end result was beautiful!! So creative. Love you soooo much sister James!!! 💖