TNCIX Auction Went Crazy.

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Published on Feb 26, 2018

NCIX Bankruptcy Auction Day.This was my first time been at a auction. a fun trip I'd say. just to watch how people getting crazy on the things they are bidding.
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  • Ryan Nadeau - 10 minutes ago

    goes to Auction for free pizza and complains about prices, you dont need to watch the whole video now lol

  • Berkay Ertuğrul - 3 days ago


  • Rajwinder Singhbal - 4 days ago

    A 690 would help me a lot dude :)

  • Mohd Yazid Abd Majid - 5 days ago

    Kim jong-un little brother?

  • gxgear - 6 days ago

    Thanks for the video been trying to get some info on NCIX's decline. Btw. if you're showing information onscreen leave it on for a few seconds so people can read it without going back and pausing.

  • Ben and Barnboy - 6 days ago

    690 plox

  • Jan Bouček - 6 days ago

    my first and probably the last time wathing your video (nothing personal, I don't usually watch content like this), but wayyy too many cuts man, there is one every 3 seconds or so, watching this gave me a headache

  • huhhman - 6 days ago

    Was watching it online, what a joke. People are idiots.

  • osearth esp - 6 days ago

    7:45 Linus

  • Mateo - 6 days ago

    Someone should just follow Linus around all day...

  • Sayan Chakraborty - 6 days ago

    The hotdog guy was the only generous person

  • Jean-Simon Langlois - 6 days ago

    Pretty much the worst aution prices ever made.... scam?

  • Hallowjin - 6 days ago

    you''re one of those asian guys that flooded the auction

  • Santa Clause - 7 days ago

    Hey man noticed your fairly new, already saw linus's coverage but clicked yours too just to support a fellow canadian. Deffinitely subscribing and going to watch your ford vids just cause, I got a ford ecoboost too and I'm loving it. If I stay out of the boost its got plenty of eco but nice to have that power when you want it. To bad we couldn't get the eco + the boost at the same time all of the time. Hope you got lots of cool content to upload in the future.

  • Paul George - 7 days ago

    Well a 690 would certainly be faster than my 570.

  • Christopher urias - 7 days ago

    Linus linus linus rulllllles

  • Randomness for the Love of Anime - 1 week ago

    Some of their own people were probably in the crowd, basically fakes who raise the price so the people who actually want stuff have to pay more.

  • AVC Animations - 1 week ago

    It looks like they made so much they can get out of bankruptcy

  • satk1021 - 1 week ago

    ill take the 690. It has my two favorite numbers in it

  • ImportRace - 1 week ago

    Good video

  • arunashamal - 1 week ago

    All auctions are like this! nothing new here

  • Clarity - 1 week ago

    people are either plain retarded or there were some shady business going on.

  • A.C.R 6.8 - 1 week ago

    Money laundering at its finest

  • PK THE TITAN - 1 week ago

    Would be nice to have a 690 comp, better than having no computer xD

  • Aaron Lowe - 1 week ago

    That auction was like a youtube convention

  • something1random23 - 1 week ago

    Sorry but in Canada we say February twenty-second, not twenty-two.

  • Enrique Bermudez - 1 week ago

    You should auction insted of selling...what a bunch of morons

  • Havicc Brine - 1 week ago

    Hit me up 690

  • MD Kamrul Islam Sajib - 1 week ago

    Just building my fast custom pc , 690 will be a good addition :)

  • Juicebowl - 1 week ago

    The same thing happened when the Sears I worked at was liquidated. People were paying quite a bit more than they usually do.