Scottie Pippen: There is no game I would play where I would pick LeBron over MJ | The Jump | ESPN

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Published on Apr 06, 2018

Scottie Pippen says he never agrees with anything Isiah Thomas ever says when it comes to the LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan debate.

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  • Damon Mansion - Channel Youtube
    Damon Mansion - 4 hours ago

    Michael Jordan would have smoked LeBron James. That's it. That's all dammit

  • Daniel - Channel Youtube
    Daniel - 10 hours ago

    Mj is better in steals and ft% LeBron is better in 3p in assists and in rebounds. Similar blocks and 2p

  • Jhay Baleriado - Channel Youtube
    Jhay Baleriado - 20 hours ago

    F LB. he can't win 3peat, no comparison hahaha

  • Maung Tayza - Channel Youtube
    Maung Tayza - 1 day ago

    Isiah Thomas being kept off the 92 Dream Team will haunt him until his last breath. I think even his therapist has had enough of it.

  • DavidAllenSpeaks - Channel Youtube
    DavidAllenSpeaks - 1 day ago

    MJ was a competitive mofo and far more than Lebron.

  • Abu nawaf - Channel Youtube
    Abu nawaf - 2 days ago

    This is one of these videos with comfortable ending

  • ChrisFilm Presents - Channel Youtube
    ChrisFilm Presents - 2 days ago

    I think this is the most truthful, mutual, reasonable analytics I ever have from these two dudes!

  • Led Zeppelin - Channel Youtube
    Led Zeppelin - 2 days ago

    old players are just jealous! lbj the goat!

  • Led Zeppelin - Channel Youtube
    Led Zeppelin - 2 days ago

    lbj the goat!

  • supervong1 - Channel Youtube
    supervong1 - 3 days ago

    Who the fuck is Isiah Thomas?

  • CarltonNation - Channel Youtube
    CarltonNation - 3 days ago

    Lmaoooo how can people compare a dude that ran to miami and got his ass kicked by the mavericks in tge finals...when he had d wade and chris bosh and scored 8 points in the finals...common people.

  • Ivanka2024 for POTUS - Channel Youtube
    Ivanka2024 for POTUS - 3 days ago

    Dwight Howard in his prime

  • Charles Clark - Channel Youtube
    Charles Clark - 3 days ago

    True about LeBron and no shows!

  • Charles Clark - Channel Youtube
    Charles Clark - 3 days ago

    Scottie makes sense. M. J. All the way.

  • George H - Channel Youtube
    George H - 3 days ago

    MJ claims he'd never play on a super team which isn't true. He played on a super team when the Bulls' team agreed with their GM to acquire unhappy Dennis Rodman from the Spurs. Rodman was the reigning NBA rebounding champion prior to joining the Bulls and remained so his 3 years with the Bulls. He was also a great defensive player. These facts are seldom mentioned. It was in Rodman's 1st year with them that they set the NBA 72 - 10 record. MJ never won a ring w/o Pippen. The Bulls were favored in all six of their Finals' games. Another fact that is seldom mentioned. LeBron rarely played on a team that was favored in the Finals. He played with lesser talent than MJ. Replace LeBron and MJ on their respective teams and I suspect LeBron would own more rings than MJ. Pippen was a second fiddle who never won a season or Finals MVP even during MJ's two seasons out of the game. His bias for MJ prevents him from being objective when talking about LeBron. MJ was great to watch play b-ball. He won his rings with one team, was surrounded by better talent than LeBron, his last 3 rings were won on a superteam (MJ, Pippen, and Rodman) and his team was favored in all of the Finals they played. LeBron who is taller and I suspect stronger, and just as athletic, and a good defender, would, in my opinion, beat MJ one on one. Folk are entitled to have their favorite player but if you're going to compare MJ vs LeBron and ignore the advantages team- and competition-wise that MJ had, your comparison is incomplete and biased. See link for facts on MJ wanting Rodman on his team.

  • Mast3r Race - Channel Youtube
    Mast3r Race - 3 days ago

    Kobe was just as good of a scorer as Michael, so why isn't he in this convo if it's all about scoring? LeBron is #1 in any all star game of any era. He can put up 40-50 like MJ at will, he can get a triple double at will, he can makes incredible blocks that MJ couldn't wet dream of. MJ was the best scorer, LBJ is the best overall player due to his massive increase in other areas and only slight drop off in scoring. This is coming from a Lakers fan too. 1. LeBron 2. MJ 3. Kobe 4. Kareem 5. Shaq 6. Magic 7. Bird

  • Paul Williams - Channel Youtube
    Paul Williams - 3 days ago

    First of all Thomas should never thank Jordan he kept him off Olympic and for years and claimed he didn't. 2nd They never said Jordan was great at first,they classified him only a scorer,then years later an defender. And only when he got 1st da coach ,2nd the OFFENSIVE SYSTEM(the Bulls & Jordan never without these 2) 3rd certain key players who were still healthy & stayed numerous years...(the benefit of big market compared to a small market exp: Cavs) was he able to win then be called the greatest. But da moment any of these pieces are missing his main achievement is his scoring cause he not even going to the Championship....

  • shanin english - Channel Youtube
    shanin english - 3 days ago

    Does scottie smoke dope or something i stg every week he change his mind on who's better one day LeBron "clearly surpassed" Mj next "id never pick lbj over mj"he's a confused frustrated sidekick😂😂😂💯

  • GI joseph - Channel Youtube
    GI joseph - 3 days ago

    its called jealousy

  • B Evans - Channel Youtube
    B Evans - 4 days ago

    LeBron will exceed Jordans stats and is already physically superior. They'll ride that 6 game final wins as why Jordan is better. That's a team win not an individual.

  • Regenerated Mind Ministry - Channel Youtube
    Regenerated Mind Ministry - 4 days ago

    I wish one time someone would bring up HGH and PED's in this Lebron conversation. Wonder what his career would look like without those...?

  • yobkit1982 - Channel Youtube
    yobkit1982 - 4 days ago

    lebron is being asked to score and facilitate from day 1. is pippen saying that lebron is a combination of pippen and jordan? tmac's reaction is just priceless LOL

  • Samson Pagunsan - Channel Youtube
    Samson Pagunsan - 4 days ago

    MJ is still the greatest player in basketball.

  • zyl zyl - Channel Youtube
    zyl zyl - 4 days ago

    not even close ...... MJ lead his team.... LeBra not all there MJ made his teammates better .... LeQuieff invites super players ... MJ never bandwagon ...... LeQueer , been there done that

  • mark hudson - Channel Youtube
    mark hudson - 5 days ago

    Stop it Tracy lol

  • dave de Vera - Channel Youtube
    dave de Vera - 5 days ago

    Michael Jordan is the Greatest Ever.

  • V Ling - Channel Youtube
    V Ling - 5 days ago

    I guess this and his past statements don't really contradict. Pippen once said that LeBron is probably the greatest player to play the game lol. Michael Jordan was "probably the greatest scorer". So in this context he probably could still favor Jordan.

  • Boston George - Channel Youtube
    Boston George - 5 days ago

    Ain't this the same bitch that said KING jjames is better than mj...

  • 2Clutch Productions - Channel Youtube
    2Clutch Productions - 6 days ago

    Scottie changes his mind on mj vs lebron damn near everyday

  • Steve Jhonson - Channel Youtube
    Steve Jhonson - 6 days ago

    Voicing his opinion does not mean shit because at the end of the day nothing will change ,, so fuck lebron talking about politics which he no nothing about ...