TEd Sheeran - Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli)

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Published on Dec 15, 2017

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International Production Managers: Francesco Pasquero & Ed Howard
Production company: Strani Rumori Studio
Executive producer: Ivano Berti
Production coordinator: Luca Scota
Directed by Tiziano Fioriti
DOP: Cristian Alberini
Cinematography: Cristian Alberini, Tiziano Fioriti, Luca Scota, Michele Ragni
Editing: Tiziano Fioriti, Luca Scota for Strani Rumori Studio, Francesco Pasquero for Sugar Srl.
Grading: Tiziano Fioriti & Luca Scota for Strani Rumori Studio
Sound mix: Vanni Tagliavento
Gaffer: Matteo Fioriti
Set Designer: Bartalini Alberto & Ilaria

Andrea Bocelli appears courtesy of Sugar Sr.

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  • Taufik darveil - 15 minutes ago

    Im in love with this version, idk why but this is beautifully amazing.

  • Valentina Tosin - 19 minutes ago

    Grazie ! Con Amore Vale : )

  • Petra Anders - 54 minutes ago

    Gänsehaut pur

  • Risna Uli Aruan - 3 hours ago

    I love this song, this is really perfect

  • Stephanie Robinson - 3 hours ago

    A million times better without Beyonce.She looked like a snake undulating like she was.She thinks that she is such a great singer.Ed is and so is Andrea but they don't shove it in your face.

  • Rosana Souza - 4 hours ago

    Perfetto ....

  • Joemi Emilio Vicioso - 4 hours ago

    perfect song

  • Jeronimo Gonzalez - 4 hours ago

    My wedding song for whenever I get married.

  • Saori Vega - 5 hours ago

    Hermosa canción 🙌🏼

  • Edmundo José - 7 hours ago


  • Juliana Nascimento - 7 hours ago


  • Richard Guidone - 7 hours ago

    My 2 year old granddaughter and I dance to this song every time we sit for her. She is so calmed by both singers that she looks in a trance. Special moments.

  • Gabriel Camarena - 8 hours ago

    This is just perfect! 😍

  • Araceli Canova - 9 hours ago

    Oh God. I'm crying. So beautiful.

  • don hezca - 9 hours ago

    2 man with angels voice and I never heard an angel I just figure is how they sound if they sing!

  • manu conversas D:cmanu - 10 hours ago

    Ho amato la musica migliore💜❤💓💛💚💙

  • manu conversas D:cmanu - 10 hours ago

    Simply in love💙❤💜💚💛

  • Maggie Reman - 10 hours ago

    Andrea's voice is so soothing! ❤️💙💚 🌎🌝🎶🎵

  • Georgina Dominguez - 10 hours ago


  • Charlotte Ward - 10 hours ago

    He’s got the “perfect “ voice 😂😅

  • Halina Jamrozinska - 11 hours ago

    To jest piękne. Chociarz nikt mnie nie kocha.To ta piosenka napełnia moje serce pełną miłością. Jestem romantyczną.

  • Sandra Mara - 11 hours ago

    Ed Sheeran good evening ,one moment enchament hear a beautiful duet and song ,perfect Symphony, in poem a bless love in family with friends

  • Hslyn - 11 hours ago

    Wooow....amazing collabration!

  • julienyanelle - 11 hours ago

    Bocellis wife seems to be a gorgeous and amazing lady.I cant stop listening to this song, so romantic but even the athmosphere so lovely as well, it just shakes the spirit.

  • abril mijangos lopez - 11 hours ago

    i love this song, i can t stop listening

  • Robert Neo Wyklęty - 12 hours ago

    BRAWO!!! Perfecto!!!! Bella Italia!!!

  • Michele Biroline - 12 hours ago

    Bellissima canzone, atmosfera incantevole. Grazie Andrea

  • joanne watkins - 12 hours ago

    Lots of babies will be made from this song 💕💕💕💕

  • Lupita Ayala - 12 hours ago

    Que hermoso canta 😍😘👏❤

  • Maricopa Outdoor Adventures - 13 hours ago

    Hmm- I wonder what hz this was recorded in. Touches my soul so it seems like it could be recorded in 528 hz. Not posting to start a debate on which one is better.. I’ve heard 528 is the frequency of love. How perfect for this song!