TBuilding A Giant RC Star Wars Star Destroyer | Flite Test

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Published on Dec 23, 2015

Here's a behind the scenes look at how we built the Giant Star Wars Star Destroyer.
Check out the Star Wars Star Destroyer Episode here:
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  • Saikrishna Kittu - 20 hours ago

    l have an idea about the plane but I will not sat now .after giving an a replay to me .I will say about it

  • The Edgy musician of Quebec - 2 days ago

    With the bridge off its finally flawless

  • dapperpineapple - 4 days ago

    build a helifax mrk 3

  • Jeremiah Clark - 4 days ago

    u guys need a garage to build these in, that way u could get it out without cutting it in half lol

  • Francois Laporte - 4 days ago

    How much for the drone

  • Zach Attack - 4 days ago

    #darthvaderispainting plz support

  • Texas Kidd - 5 days ago

    No fair.... was waiting for the Star Destroyer to fly and finding out it's on flatbed truck.. :-(

  • Clorox Bleach - 5 days ago


  • Goblin Slayer - 5 days ago

    I want one

  • country farmer - 6 days ago

    Build Kylo Ren's Star Destroyer.

  • Deepika Rawal - 7 days ago

    are you peter sripol

  • Whoop_Swhoop - 1 week ago

    you should transform that truck into a katushka with sugarrockets

  • bacon gaming - 2 weeks ago

    One thing about darth vader is that he is horrible at painting

  • Christian Prior - 2 weeks ago

    Looks like fun lads, great video 👍🏻

  • Heda Haidar - 2 weeks ago


  • H4DrA - 2 weeks ago

    Add some special effects and done that's a low budget movie right there.

  • FPV Dreamz - 2 weeks ago

    i wish i live next door to you guys. i wouldnt ever leave

  • srivastavasunil - 2 weeks ago

    How do I get in touch with Peter?

  • UrBrain Wash - 3 weeks ago

    instead of saying cg/center of gravity why not say cb/center of buoyancy you did say think of the aircraft as a boat and the air as fluid

  • Michael Nelson - 3 weeks ago

    This NEEDS to be resurrected from the dead. Great Flight!

  • jordanmarkis - 1 month ago

    Its vapor shield insulation*

  • Ron Raymundo - 1 month ago

    that darth vader impression was very funny lmao!! subscribed!

  • Knightfall 78 - 1 month ago

    Great. I wish i could do that too.

  • Knightfall 78 - 1 month ago

    That FLYS? Your Genius. I bow for you sir. What did that all cost?

  • Andre Porter - 1 month ago

    Lol the Millennium Falcon took down the Destroyer. Nice.

  • Alex Miranda - 1 month ago

    How old are you dude???

  • TZ Moving Image - 1 month ago

    it should be called "tiny" star destroyer

  • Tonja Bolden - 1 month ago

    Needed some CG laser fire before crash lol Awesome job guys!

  • Delicious DeBlair - 1 month ago

    If only you had not lost power to the motors maybe it would have stayed aloft?

  • Claire Danielle - 1 month ago

    people would say:UFO CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!!