I Tried A Period Swimsuit

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Published on Aug 20, 2017

I tried another strange period product, and this time it’s a swimsuit. How does it stack up against the period leggings, diva cup, and period panties?? Or just regular old tampons and pads? 😂

I got my period leggings here! https://www.pantyprop.com/propswim-period-swimwear

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  • Safiya Nygaard - Channel Youtube
    Safiya Nygaard - 9 months ago

    HELLO MY LOVES! hope u guys like this little ~shark week~ special right after game of thrones 😂. what do u guys think? would u guys try this?? xox

  • I'm just a potato chill - Channel Youtube
    I'm just a potato chill - 16 hours ago

    You have hair on your arms?? Finally! Someone with the same problem.

  • Llamalee MSP - Channel Youtube
    Llamalee MSP - 16 hours ago

    there was a period underwear commercial before the video!! wow.

  • Denco 2007 - Channel Youtube
    Denco 2007 - 18 hours ago

    Oh the irony of wearing a shark shirt on ur period 😂😂

  • Basically Nxthy - Channel Youtube
    Basically Nxthy - 1 day ago

    Safiya looks like a beautiful diva with red lipstick

  • Kitty Taco - Channel Youtube
    Kitty Taco - 1 day ago

    So girls hear “red and girls” they think period. So boys hear “red and girls” they think lipstick.

  • Change your Future - Channel Youtube
    Change your Future - 1 day ago

    Can you try the period underwear I just got an ad! 😂

  • Mackenzie Monroe - Channel Youtube
    Mackenzie Monroe - 1 day ago

    I live in Ohio but an hour away from cedar point

  • Julia Reitz - Channel Youtube
    Julia Reitz - 2 days ago

    I live near Sandusky!!

  • Aiden Arellano - Channel Youtube
    Aiden Arellano - 2 days ago

    Please checkout the thinx period underwear

  • Hi I'm Ky! - Channel Youtube
    Hi I'm Ky! - 2 days ago

    I was so happy when I saw you were going to cedar point in this video! It takes me an hour to get there and I usually get seasons passes. It was cool to see you somewhere that I go to too. Another thing that made me laugh was when you said you don't know where the lake was. When at cedar point, it is on either side of you. P.S. - Coming from someone who has swam in the lake a lot, the lake water is disgusting

  • irene leon - Channel Youtube
    irene leon - 2 days ago

    I just got a period underwear commercial before this video. Thanks Saf, youtube now thinks I want period clothing.

  • Stephanie Paguinto - Channel Youtube
    Stephanie Paguinto - 2 days ago

    My mom said periods stops when your underwater...

  • chansee76 - Channel Youtube
    chansee76 - 2 days ago

    That girl in the bs k was me

  • Kayleigh Stevens - Channel Youtube
    Kayleigh Stevens - 2 days ago

    ew that water was nasty

  • x_ Linkle _x - Channel Youtube
    x_ Linkle _x - 2 days ago

    I thought you can go swimming wearing a tampon? Because it's in not out? 😂

  • Nicholas Lee - Channel Youtube
    Nicholas Lee - 2 days ago

    aw you came to ohio and i didn't know about it! also i was at cedar point literally a week before you posted this video. Also Lake Erie is NASTY

  • james boutilier - Channel Youtube
    james boutilier - 2 days ago

    The girl behind her at 4:08

  • Ghostiebooz - Channel Youtube
    Ghostiebooz - 3 days ago

    The thumbnail is the best omg

  • Gertie Calandra - Channel Youtube
    Gertie Calandra - 3 days ago

    Lol I love the shark shirt. Too funny

  • saburac - Channel Youtube
    saburac - 3 days ago


  • Jwani Mohammed - Channel Youtube
    Jwani Mohammed - 3 days ago

    4 8 in the video the girl in the background

  • Koalalover Studios - Channel Youtube
    Koalalover Studios - 3 days ago

    4:09 girl wants to be famous and she is not gonna be scared to pose for the camera

  • Ken Anidhya Ika Pratiwi - Channel Youtube
    Ken Anidhya Ika Pratiwi - 3 days ago

    Hello guys, I actually have tried using normal pads and normal swimsuit and go to swim in a public pool because it was a school thing back then in high school & it was the second day of my period so I was bleeding A LOT, but nothing leaked. So I guess it is okay as long as you wear pads. But you have to immediately change your pads after you swim because just like what other comment said that it's dangerous due to bacteria in the damp & bloody pad, you should always keep your "thing" dry.

  • Roshad Williams - Channel Youtube
    Roshad Williams - 3 days ago

    I don't have a period

  • Ivy Hendrickson - Channel Youtube
    Ivy Hendrickson - 4 days ago

    omg that girl in the back of her at 10:25 to 10:27

  • Jennifer Isabella - Channel Youtube
    Jennifer Isabella - 4 days ago

    Ur great !!

  • Destieltrash #1 - Channel Youtube
    Destieltrash #1 - 5 days ago


  • Tania Fernandez - Channel Youtube
    Tania Fernandez - 5 days ago

    I would of went on the rides tbh

  • aley vlogs - Channel Youtube
    aley vlogs - 5 days ago

    I love cedar point