The LEGENDARY Playoff Series That Changed The NBA Rules!

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Published on Apr 23, 2018

The NBA playoffs are the best time of year for every NBA fan. In this video, we travel back to 2006 and take a look at a legendary, but somewhat forgotten playoff series between two of the best teams during that time. After the series was over, it even encouraged the NBA to change its playoff format. Hope you enjoy!

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  • dylan turner - Channel Youtube
    dylan turner - 51 minutes ago

    I love Dirk he’s one of the most Humble NBA players of all time really great dude sad his career is coming to an end

  • gonzoc09 - Channel Youtube
    gonzoc09 - 2 hours ago

    Oh yeah, the series when it seem like Dirk was on the freethrow line like 50% of the time.

  • faccosh 264 - Channel Youtube
    faccosh 264 - 3 hours ago

    sonics vs spurs in '05. That was a great and tough series. Maybe my favourite is spurs vs thunders in '14: that g5 is pure beauty. '05 Finals were definitely something worthy of mentioning

  • guess who's here - Channel Youtube
    guess who's here - 8 hours ago


  • Aysar Aburrub - Channel Youtube
    Aysar Aburrub - 1 day ago

    the good ol' days when Ginobili had hair

  • Nysguy2003 - Channel Youtube
    Nysguy2003 - 1 day ago

    What's the point of Divisions in the NBA?

  • Dodz Noble Solo - Channel Youtube
    Dodz Noble Solo - 2 days ago

    Dirk the goat

  • Ricky Early - Channel Youtube
    Ricky Early - 2 days ago

    F the Spurs

  • Derrick Henderson - Channel Youtube
    Derrick Henderson - 2 days ago

    Seems like the league is always giving the Spurs a chance

  • dave m - Channel Youtube
    dave m - 2 days ago

    Well the 2002 kings vs lakers series should never be left alone. A bigger screw job then what Vince Did to Bret

  • G Lyle - Channel Youtube
    G Lyle - 3 days ago

    Wanna know why nobody remembers? Bc before 2013, the Spurs were more boring than their color selection😂great vid tho

  • Siar Anwar - Channel Youtube
    Siar Anwar - 3 days ago

    Solid review. Subscribed right away

  • Christopher Johnson - Channel Youtube
    Christopher Johnson - 3 days ago

    "Robert Horry missed a game-winning shot..." Wut?

  • Leo jetlife - Channel Youtube
    Leo jetlife - 3 days ago

    the 2007 nba 1st round Mavs vs gs

  • Leo jetlife - Channel Youtube
    Leo jetlife - 3 days ago

    I'm from Dallas but I never liked the Mavs I been a Celtics fan since 08.

  • Anastacio Calimag Jr - Channel Youtube
    Anastacio Calimag Jr - 4 days ago

    this idiot analyst wannabe are freaking morons specially the Mavs fan. wtf. Mavs fault they lose u know why ur up 2-0 in the series and can't even win 1 game in the road? wtf. if the series was rigged in 2006 because got phantom calls, what about the MJ push off against Byron Russell that should been a offensive foul and what about the WCF Lakers vs Kings 2002 that series was totally rigged, the Kings should beat the Lakers, and what about Spurs vs Suns 2006 Semis WC the Refs and Spurs dictate that series so this freaking human being saying that the Mavs vs Heat Finals in 2006 is the only series that is rigged wtf u must be idiot for sure.

  • _Jamison_ - Channel Youtube
    _Jamison_ - 4 days ago

    Like the NFL

  • eazybleezy - Channel Youtube
    eazybleezy - 4 days ago

    You should have mentioned ginobili's goaltending. Without that, San Antonio would have another title. Include Derek Fisher's 3 and Ray Allen's 3 then the Spurs would have won 8 Championships with Duncan easily.

  • Invincible Speaker - Channel Youtube
    Invincible Speaker - 5 days ago

    Manu actually looks young in this series

  • Gold Wolf - Channel Youtube
    Gold Wolf - 5 days ago

    I think you’re a dumb ass fag. The point of a division is to not waste gas. You play the teams in your region the most . You win that region you get a seed. You don’t win your region, you have to face Tim Duncan in round two. The math ain’t hard. You don’t understand why there are divisions? What about conferences? Should they just play random teams all year and fuck the playoffs too? Pussies complain about who they have to face when they couldn’t win their own division. Dumbass don’t understand the point of separating into conferences and divisions.

  • Kennard Jarrett - Channel Youtube
    Kennard Jarrett - 6 days ago

    2010 finals. celtics vs lakers

  • caffiene macaroni - Channel Youtube
    caffiene macaroni - 1 week ago

    Celtics vs pacers in 2003

  • Jack Pooper - Channel Youtube
    Jack Pooper - 1 week ago

    2009 celtics bulls was an absolute classic

  • Víctor Pérez - Channel Youtube
    Víctor Pérez - 1 week ago

    Divisions are there to help with scheduling. Teams will play more games vs their own division than other teams for traveling purposes. Also, divisions are a still part of the NBA's tiebreaker rules.

  • Sandernista - Channel Youtube
    Sandernista - 1 week ago

    Dirk, Jason Terry and Josh Howard? What kind of pathetic big 3 is that 😂

  • Isaiah Parrish - Channel Youtube
    Isaiah Parrish - 1 week ago

    2014 clippers vs warriors

  • Isaiah Parrish - Channel Youtube
    Isaiah Parrish - 1 week ago

    2012 thunder vs lakers

  • Bubster 1969 - Channel Youtube
    Bubster 1969 - 1 week ago

    Weird robot voice. Cool video.

  • Rj Macready - Channel Youtube
    Rj Macready - 2 weeks ago

    Respect for the Mavs but i really wish my Spurs won this series. Would have murdered the Heat. Ginobili committed the dumbest foul in NBA history.... they had the game all but locked up. Oh well i cant be too mad

  • toptenguy1 - Channel Youtube
    toptenguy1 - 2 weeks ago

    the NFL really need to adopt this rule too. I still laugh at the 7-9 division champ Seattle Seahawks who not only made the playoffs, but had home advantage over the 11-5 Saints, (and beat them) LOL