TReacting To ASMR (The Weirdest Experience Ever)

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Published on Sep 07, 2016

In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to ASMR or also referred to as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which is a type of experience and feeling you can get from hearing certain sounds and vibrations.

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  • chuna francisco - 35 minutes ago

    pffft hhaha funny u puns are discusting

  • Avery Wells - 2 hours ago

    U have to whisper for ASMR it’s not creepy it actually puts me to sleep because I watched this video before

  • Ciara '-' Animates cringe - 2 hours ago

    hahahahahah can't stop laughing at the subtitles in english hahahahahahahahahaha XD

  • Amgirl De Villa - 3 hours ago


  • Bethany Newland - 5 hours ago

    She’s probably whispering because her family may see her 😂

  • Clauds - 10 hours ago

    It is actually making me fall asleep

  • VitztroxpaAnimezx - 10 hours ago

    I'm mainly subscribing for the English captions .-.

  • joshua sears - 11 hours ago

    That got me triggered,i mean i kind of want to punch something now

  • Beast Killer - 11 hours ago

    Watch message ASMR he is better at it

  • Keilany Mendez Baez - 11 hours ago

    Like if you got goosebumps while watching this xD Also 2018?

  • Galaxy Gal - 12 hours ago


  • potato potato - 12 hours ago

    those captions though

  • Sammie Howard - 13 hours ago

    Every time he laughs i laugh

  • Sammie Howard - 13 hours ago

    I watched the same video last night to help me fall asleep.

  • Abigail Rose - 13 hours ago

    I think jennifer is jealous...

  • Jonathan Is Awsome - 13 hours ago

    Tal had me cracking up😂😂😂

  • Asch Arts - 13 hours ago

    *D J K H A L E De*

  • len olr - 14 hours ago

    Hahaha the background music

  • BaldCheetah 697 - 15 hours ago

    Now the inside of my skull itches

  • Tarlia Perks - 16 hours ago

    His impression of an aeroplane “chooooooooo”😂

  • me me - 16 hours ago

    The creepy thing is that jar she put the water in...I have a very similar jar that I was drinking water out of.(+_+)

  • Gael Delgado - 16 hours ago

    Tal and this girls should go out comment or like if u agree

  • ricardo pascual - 17 hours ago

    ᵀᴬᴷᴱ ᴵᵀ ᴼᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠᶠ!

  • Leaf Wing - 17 hours ago

    That definitely made me uncomfortable and weird but it also kind of ade me fell calmm

  • BobbingB 64 - 17 hours ago

    Tal: That gaves me goosebumps! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • willow bee1 - 17 hours ago

    You need to do a “role play” Asmr. It’s a tad creepy

  • \\JoshDunTheBaldSquirrel // - 20 hours ago

    She was looking to the side to see the sound waves on her computer I think

  • jvs prq - 20 hours ago

    "I like this brush it's very soft" Tal"You know what's not soft"🍆 "Wait I can't say that, Imma cut that out"

  • - 21 hours ago

    it’s just Werd......,

  • Gianna Camacho - 22 hours ago

    The first lady made me tired