TPeople Try To Live Without Black Inventions For 72 Hours

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Published on Mar 17, 2018

"I know for sure this was invented by a black man. I don't know how I know that, but it makes me happy."

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  • Northern Beaches Same day surf - 39 minutes ago

    Danny Glover invented the moon

  • Bartosz Adamek - 11 hours ago

    Quit lying buzzfeed. You are influencing socity in patological way.

  • John Smith - 1 day ago

    I could never do that challenge, i couldn’t last 3 whole days without a super soaker XD

  • Port Said - 1 day ago

    Well then now how about make a video about living without the things asian invented???

  • Jewel Brava - 1 day ago

    This was insulting to actual black inventors. None of this was correct, just watered down information that wasn't looked into.

  • coolchrisable - 1 day ago

    i feel like everyone at buzzfeed failed their history class not only that you leave out info about those black inventors and some even worked on teams so it just wasnt them as a black person who loves history god this hurts my soul

  • Edvard Bolaas - 2 days ago

    HAHAHAHA!!! They're so desperate to make black people seem better than white people they resort to blatant lies about inventions. This is all lies actually. Its so filled with lies it makes my ex seem pretty honest.

  • ben monahan - 2 days ago

    ok now do a 72 hours without white inventions, you wont be able to record it, to turn on the lights, to go in your house, to sleep on a bed, to sleep on the pavement, to sleep on the road, to wear clothes, to use any electronic devices/internet and alot others. stop misleading ppl into thinking that black ppl invented cars, phones, lights etc the fact is they invented a few small parts in them

  • Gary The Stormtrooper - 2 days ago

    try living without asian inventions

  • Ann hunter - 2 days ago


  • Ann hunter - 2 days ago


  • Ann hunter - 2 days ago


  • Ann hunter - 2 days ago


  • Ann hunter - 2 days ago


  • Ann hunter - 2 days ago

    Phones are bade by China

  • miester rhovanion - 2 days ago

    Literally none of these things were invented by white people.

  • Regmanray - 3 days ago


  • Monkey Laughing - 3 days ago

    Lies, lies, lies. It's like: Black person adds a comment on Youtube = Black person invented Youtube.

  • DarthSniper - 3 days ago

    The amount of misinformation in this video is insane... Hey Buzzfeed, what you did by was make black people look pathetic by lying as much as you did in this video.

  • Headohones Love - 3 days ago

    Do people try to live without White inventions for 24 hours! Haha you can't! You couldn't use a camera, or a computer, or electricity.

  • linck7up - 3 days ago

    omg BuzzFeed spends so much time smelling their farts they dont know how racist they are

  • FilthyCasual - 3 days ago

    Yep buzzfeed has an extra chromosome

  • Microcult Ben - 4 days ago

  • ZeroFrenzy - 4 days ago

    Try living without British inventions for an hour, see how long you survive

  • wino0000006 - 4 days ago

    Black guy worked as janitor in company that invented product X - and you say this black guy invented product X. Please - grow up kids.

  • Miyamoto Meowsashi - 4 days ago

    Low brow content is fine, content that attempts to intentionally mislead people and misrepresent historical fact to push a political agenda? Just why?

  • Sir ravix of fourhorn - 4 days ago

    buzzfeed ffs m8.

  • Bowen Chen - 4 days ago

    Blacks invented the light bulb? Sure ok

  • PudyMelon - 4 days ago

    Get a grip.

  • Lagoon - 4 days ago

    Report for misleading