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Published on Jan 31, 2018

▶︎Top 10 Best Auditions Of 2017. Includes Kevin Davy White, Sam Black, Talia Dean, Holly Tandy & MORE!

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  • irene - Channel Youtube
    irene - 2 weeks ago

    The 4th, is fantastic

  • Jasmiiine MoIbSon - Channel Youtube
    Jasmiiine MoIbSon - 2 weeks ago

    Shanaya is amazing

  • Charles Chaves - Channel Youtube
    Charles Chaves - 3 weeks ago

    Where's Berget/Loyrd/Alisha/Grace's audition? hahahaha They've had the best auditions!!! Sorry but a think these auditions either is in top 20, except Rebecca, Aiden and Holly.

  • Kaira Carter - Channel Youtube
    Kaira Carter - 4 weeks ago

    i didnt like the 4th one at first but she grew on me!

  • Carnation Under - Channel Youtube
    Carnation Under - 1 month ago

    Well, i might say that filipinos are better than these people. No offense pls i always idolize pilipeans because they are born singers no need singing lessons

  • Kayla Villafane - Channel Youtube
    Kayla Villafane - 1 month ago

    Shayana can sing 😍😍😍😍and aidian 😍😍☺️

  • itsAndrewESP - Channel Youtube
    itsAndrewESP - 1 month ago


  • Books Right - Channel Youtube
    Books Right - 1 month ago

    These people are so amazing this gave me goosebumps

  • timmyp 0820 - Channel Youtube
    timmyp 0820 - 2 months ago


  • ScorpioScolex - Channel Youtube
    ScorpioScolex - 2 months ago

    the thumbnail tho

  • atpanlilio - Channel Youtube
    atpanlilio - 2 months ago


  • Victory Etok - Channel Youtube
    Victory Etok - 2 months ago

    I love the Say Something chick

  • david perets - Channel Youtube
    david perets - 2 months ago

    its a joke compare to 2018

  • Linn-Therese Mikkelsen - Channel Youtube
    Linn-Therese Mikkelsen - 2 months ago

    How the fuck can Holly be 15?!? o.O I thought she was like...25 or something... When I was 15, I looked like I was 9...and a a good day.

  • Jayla McLeod - Channel Youtube
    Jayla McLeod - 2 months ago

    The third one gave me chills😥😥

  • non sequitur editor - Channel Youtube
    non sequitur editor - 2 months ago

    I love the kelly clarkson and run around sue.

  • Brii Ragle - Channel Youtube
    Brii Ragle - 2 months ago

    Number 1 tho😻

  • Myst Ery - Channel Youtube
    Myst Ery - 2 months ago

    wow I love Holly Tandy

  • Mn_Hockey34 - Channel Youtube
    Mn_Hockey34 - 2 months ago


  • Oliver Savidge - Channel Youtube
    Oliver Savidge - 2 months ago

    Um, why aren't Grace Davies, Alisah Bonaobra and Rak-Su in this compilation?!!

  • David Williams - Channel Youtube
    David Williams - 2 months ago

    Rebecca Grace. I just watched this and it reminds you to never label someone for the life they have been dealt.. Your unbelievably gifted.

  • David Williams - Channel Youtube
    David Williams - 2 months ago

    Rebecca Grace. I just watched this and it reminds you to never label someone for the life they have been dealt.. Your unbelievably gifted.

  • Sambid Pant - Channel Youtube
    Sambid Pant - 2 months ago

    Jack and Joel are so good!! *3rd one😂

  • BigBeautifulPeople Inc. - Channel Youtube
    BigBeautifulPeople Inc. - 2 months ago

    That first chick looks like peanut from Jeff Dunham in makeup lol #ratchet ...she was a good singer tho 😪😂

  • T. Ohgane - Channel Youtube
    T. Ohgane - 3 months ago

    most singers are good. but i don't like some singer who just think they should distort their voices unnecessarily

  • Fahir Victor - Channel Youtube
    Fahir Victor - 3 months ago


  • Noel Daniel - Channel Youtube
    Noel Daniel - 3 months ago

    2-nd best)

  • Assis Mantovani julio - Channel Youtube
    Assis Mantovani julio - 3 months ago

    Esse top ja foi melhor!

  • Soumiya Benkherfallah - Channel Youtube
    Soumiya Benkherfallah - 3 months ago

    I didn't like 8

  • Ona - Channel Youtube
    Ona - 3 months ago

    6:25 The mom (?) is so beautiful !!!