Casting an Aluminum Sign, Sand Molding and Finishing | 5k Part 2

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Published on Aug 23, 2015

This project is to commemorate reaching 5000 YouTube subscribers! In this series I will mill out the pattern on my Platform CNC and epoxy and sand the pattern for the plaque that will be cast in aluminum then hand sanded to a polished finish.

Part 1

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    Super and beautiful

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    Where did you get the original piece for the cast??

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    I wish you would have shared the kind of sand you use?

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    Hard working man

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    And now you got 150k subscribers.

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    This is really interesting, thank you... the mould reminds me of years ago when I lived in London and worked in the restaurant trade. Every Christmas I used to make my own Truffles, Turkish Delight and Liquid centred chocolates as gifts for friends. I used to make the moulds from corn flour, I believe you call it corn starch. Always made the best moulds, and the corn flour would help the liquor chocolates get their booze filling held in by the thing layer of sugar that would crystallise around it again. Tell me is the talc used in this to create the layer to stop the two halves bonding when you pound the fine powder together? Sorry have forgotten the name of the brown powder. :D

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    You should fast foward de video

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    a cordial greetings from Venezuela .. excellent your videos .. you use bentonite in the sand

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    how to make the first pattern ?

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    Nice, what's that white powder? and what does it do? Thank you

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