TFIFA World Cup All Goals 2014-With English Commentary Part 1 {HD}

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Published on Aug 27, 2014

Yee all the goals

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  • Tifozat Kuq e Zi - 11 hours ago

    pure goose bumps

  • Harry Walter - 2 days ago

    oh! i cant wait, England all the way. Russia 2018! I made a ticket purchase about 24hrs ago, my request status is already listed as successful in my account. that was incredibly fast, thank you

  • 2nd Account - 2 days ago

    Tim Cahills goal though. Freaky

  • Aryan Dewan - 2 days ago

    Who else is watching it in 2018? Waiting for Russia!

  • Канал Котология - 5 days ago

    Our russian players should be allowed to use hands, that's gonna make it equall.

  • cash money - 6 days ago


  • Dankovich - 7 days ago

    This gives me chills, the beauty and divinity of football is simply something that is not comprehended by others unless you’ve watched it all your life, the commentary, the ecstatic fans, the passion, this is why I love the beautiful game. Cannot contain my excitement for the greatest tournament to ever grace the world in a few months time.

  • Barazil in heart - 1 week ago

    Russia W.C has come closer

  • Shop đồ chơi Channle - 1 week ago


  • SHEERAZ - 1 week ago

    Have you noticed germany defeated ronaldo in first game and defeated messi in last game

  • lyukasarc - 2 weeks ago

    english Commentary XD FUNNY mexico vs cameroon XD

  • Sanjog Mainali - 2 weeks ago

    some months to go now

  • Omar Adel - 2 weeks ago

    best world cup ever!!!

  • Liam Giles - 2 weeks ago

    This world cup was so so good! Fucking love the world cup!

  • Mohammed Jazeem - 2 weeks ago

    It's really sad that Netherlands, Chile, Italy & USA didn't qualify for 2018 World Cup. 😢

  • Hazz Jones - 2 weeks ago

    Can't wait to go through all the emotions again in the summer

  • Noombathoff - 2 weeks ago

    Neuer always blames everyone else :p

  • md Farzat - 2 weeks ago

    Arschloch Lügner

  • Stephen Philipps - 2 weeks ago

    My favourite is the Tim Cahill goal vs Netherlands as an Australian. Glad that he will be playing a part for us again in Russia

  • The Spanish Frenchman - 3 weeks ago

    3 more months for the world cup...looking back at the good days of 2014...i can't wait for the world cup!!

  • Stevie G - 3 weeks ago


  • Brian Ruane - 3 weeks ago

    Tiocfaidh ar la.

  • SmashTheGranny OutOfIt - 3 weeks ago

    Missed the whole thing. Damn.

  • Rock Bottom - 3 weeks ago

    The croatian goalkeeper is really shit

  • Mido Vissi - 3 weeks ago

    woow , it's something with that world cup, It's look so easy and they doesn't play that good like they play at their club, Just look, the defenders do not even do well,

  • Soulara Diez - 3 weeks ago

    brazil against croatia first match that's was a shame too clear i'm not from croatia they was better no penalty for brazil & last goal that was fault for the defender refrer doesn't any thing just let brazilian GO it was a clear penalty for croatia & a goal true result 2-1 for croatia

  • Chris Smith - 3 weeks ago

    Sweet science and the beautiful game my fav sports

  • The AG - 3 weeks ago

    Jon champions commentary has to be the best

  • F Dc - 4 weeks ago

    Great compilation RESPECT for The World Game

  • Bora Güleşen - 4 weeks ago

    Jon Champion ok i found it