TRonda Rousey helps Natalya fend off Absolution: Raw, April 16, 2018

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Published on Apr 16, 2018

As Natalya looks to start fresh on Raw against Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville incurs the wrath of "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey.
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  • Unpopular Opinions - 19 minutes ago

    This is the fakest thing I’ve ever watched

  • Dawn Villa - 34 minutes ago

    I love how they fake it

  • In Your Biz Daily - 40 minutes ago

    WWE or nothing

  • Hasila Vsv - 45 minutes ago

    I like it rondadidi love you

  • Moe Sandar Kyaw Jessica - 2 hours ago

    She looks funny now 😆

  • master - 2 hours ago

    women acting like men haha.women are becoming more manly every decade.the human race has a long way to go when we still watch people beat on each other for entertainment.that goes back to caveman entertainment days.

  • WiLdNiGhT HaXaN - 3 hours ago

    WWE is like what the MLS is to a washed up European Soccer star lol but honestly I am happy to see her doing something she enjoys

  • Marcus Moore - 3 hours ago

    If you ever really been hit before you know what getting hit really looks and feels like

  • Marcus Moore - 3 hours ago

    Why do ppl still watch wrestling it's so baddddd

  • Gil Torres - 4 hours ago

    Did you see that heart punch?! No one expected it. Awesome!!!

  • John Rokzz - 4 hours ago

    Damnnnnnn she's badass😐

  • Edward Valencia - 4 hours ago

    When Ronda rousey came in Mandy was like let’s get out Then she like I can beat her up Ronda rousey: *beats up Sonya*

  • Frank Ulatan - 5 hours ago

    That take down

  • Iliyan Tanchev - 5 hours ago

    Baddest women on the planet after amanda nunez and holly holm😂😂

  • Uriah Lee - 5 hours ago

    Cmon. We all kno ronda got no stand up game. Lol.

  • Spencer Meow Choi - 6 hours ago

    To those of you who are saying this is fake, wake up. This is clearly real emotion and real fighting and the most genuine thing I have ever seen. What do you mean by saying this is fake?

  • Keith - 6 hours ago

    WWE in my opinion has marketed and advertised her all wrong. They make her out to be this huge boxer/striker, but true mma people know this to be far from the truth. They should have made her have more of her olympic background. It would be cool to see her do some Judo throws and it would be more believable.

  • Maxh Montague - 6 hours ago

    It's not the face it's the eyes that are scary

  • Adam Khan - 7 hours ago

    Thats an epic trip where was that in the ufc or maybe she doesn't have the personality to try that there

  • Yeast Infection Treatment - 7 hours ago


  • purple rain - 8 hours ago


  • Krown Vick - 8 hours ago

    I just dont understand why did rhonda join wrestling she was doing so good doing the real thing...

  • kylepett1 - 8 hours ago

    I never heard her theme the gimmick looks even worse my god

  • Othman Aljameel - 8 hours ago

    Ronda Rousey AKA the cringe factory

  • 강태인 loves asuka - 9 hours ago

    I love sonya deville and mandy rose!❤❤❤

  • Umer Shah - 9 hours ago

    She is more interesting to watch unlike those kids fav Cena and Reigns

  • Moffat Ramsy - 9 hours ago

    Daaaaaaaaamn Ronda u too 🆒💯💯

  • Hero Jones - 9 hours ago

    Wow...she's a beast in the wwe...her teaming up with Brock lesnar would be phenomenal...

  • oXimonlyhumanXo - 10 hours ago


  • Vanya Frank - 10 hours ago