TLet's Talk About Cats! || CAT FACTS w/ Hannah Hart & Mayim Bialik!

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Published on Sep 28, 2017

BIG THANKS to Mayim for stopping by! She was so lovely!
Check out our collab on her channel here:


This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!


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  • urf808 - 3 days ago

    Hello Hannah, friend of Mayim! Aloha from the middle of the Pacific! I like the shirt and would like to know where got the shirt! Where could I buy one? Thank you in advance for your help!!! Ah it was answered. Tyvm

  • HM Music - 3 days ago


  • Lily-Rose Meadowes - 6 days ago

    My cat loves headbutting me in the face. It's not so bad when it's straight on, but if he's off to the side he drives the frame of my glasses into my face. He's given me at least 4 black eyes and has warped my glasses. It's a small price to pay for his love.

  • St3phieparanormal 1995 - 1 week ago

    I love cats but I find the hairless ones not so cuddly at a hairy cat Lol! My boy is super fluffy and I believe he has OCD he bites his nails even I just trim them. My other cat is OCD with Letter box ever since she was a kit. She live In the litter box, my moms Pug uses the litter box had since he was pup and he still does. So my cat would dig and hid the poop he did 😂 she not as bad with it now but she was a stinky kitten.

  • Mia Gwen Sperber - 2 weeks ago

    Mayim Bialik is the reason I even watch BBT.

  • Git Man - 2 weeks ago

    Junior Ellen

  • BedsitBob - 2 weeks ago

    Cats lick their own bottoms, so licking their own nipples is, IMO, no worse.

  • Sigrid Heistinger - 2 weeks ago

    like for Mayim Bialik beeing vegan! <3

  • Cheyenne Lu - 2 weeks ago

    Charles is a darling! And Hannah and Mayim are just perfect. Thank you for this!

  • potatofan007 - 3 weeks ago

    She’s vegan?!!! Best friend alert, found another vegan!

  • spiritussublime - 3 weeks ago


  • R. David Vaughan - 4 weeks ago

    my 2 fav chics talking about my fav subject....PUSSY cats

  • Mindy Hope - 4 weeks ago

    all the Jews and cats <3 <3

  • Rachel Chambers - 1 month ago

    I, too, have a trans cat!

  • Amanda - 1 month ago

    The hanging pouch is called a primordial sac and it’s to protect their bellies.

  • Angel Carrera - 1 month ago

    I love the foopah

  • Sulemabooknook s - 1 month ago

    I have a crush on her she's so beautiful😍

  • Mayloni Minchew - 2 months ago

    Funny and cute ladies.. I wanted to hear about the head butting.

  • Marcos Castillo - 2 months ago

    They seem to be into each other

  • overwatch_bae_ 76 - 2 months ago

    What breed is charles

  • Planet Zebra - 2 months ago

    I now realize how stupid i am :)

  • Planet Zebra - 2 months ago

    Lefty kinda looks like that girl from Big Bang Theory

  • Elisa Comicheo - 2 months ago

    Mayim is a cat person? She was already amazing but now I just can't help to love her

  • elise williams - 2 months ago

    Fyi dogs can do that too my friends pug has a tray that she goes on she doesn't have to go outside it's amazing

  • JG4_sKylon - 2 months ago

    Welcome to another episode of fun with ....cats :D

  • Nat - 2 months ago

    I ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW EHY MY CAT HAD THAT FUPA! Im so glad I watched this video~

  • Madyocre - 2 months ago

    She. Is. GORGEOUS.

  • Sam Masters - 2 months ago

    Fuck dis gal seriously cancer. Bbt wasn't even funny just fuck off

  • Sweetie Blue - 2 months ago

    Some times they go out of the box because they're mad or in pain

  • Jamie Lee Albert - 2 months ago

    Loved this video!!