TCould Humans Ever Breathe Water?

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Published on Feb 20, 2018

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could breathe underwater? But is it even possible?

Hosted by: Stefan Chin
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  • oldcowbb - 1 week ago

    we can breath in lcl

  • Mark GUVLEKJIAN - 2 weeks ago

    y cant we fly

  • Captain Hindsight - 2 weeks ago

    I was disappointed in this video. I thought you were gonna actually address breathing under water, evolution possibly.

  • Zerge6095 - 2 weeks ago

    This is defintely good, but can fish breathe air?

  • ExoticAnimal Brad - 2 weeks ago

    now what i need is every single host of sci show to say "JUST DO IT"

  • Kristonia - 3 weeks ago

    I'm assuming it won't ever be efficient for adults with normal A & A2 hemoglobin. Premies on the other hand, will benifit the most.

  • FinalGlint_the_Ending - 3 weeks ago

    Who came here from Evangelion and Pacific Rim?

  • long meat Tyrone - 3 weeks ago

    “Not to fulfill some sci fi fantasy....”...righttttttttt?

  • MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs - 3 weeks ago

    Next question: could humans swim in air?

  • 200odd300 - 3 weeks ago

    There's already a liquid you can "breathe"

  • FlyingMysticalDJ - 3 weeks ago

    Wait, but how would breathing liquid help space exploration? I don’t get that part...

  • Rafael Jimenez - 3 weeks ago

    Do an episode on Kava. YouTube didn't seem to have video on kava from a channel like sci-show

  • Mr. Otashi - 3 weeks ago

    Is there a video on this channel about how cyanide works?

  • Zionism is Death - 3 weeks ago

    I see those guys have been breathing too much PFC's to say that they are inert and cause no health risks... Funny.

  • Fakhri Ahadi - 3 weeks ago


  • Marx Sorino - 3 weeks ago

    What's with 406 shirts

  • Science Etc - 3 weeks ago

    I can’t even comprehend how many advancements we have made in science! Thanks science, and more importantly, the scientists that do research every day to help people and make our lives easier!

  • Roomy - 3 weeks ago

    1:45 How do they make it so only part of your lungs has the fluid and part is air? I have absolutely no clue how you'd actually go about doing that, in your description.

  • Tyler Kline - 3 weeks ago


  • tkzsfen - 3 weeks ago

    Stefan, that bely is slowly growing...when is the baby coming out?

  • donkey - 3 weeks ago


  • PreschoolFightClub - 3 weeks ago

    PFC’s you say? That sounds right up my alley.

  • Siwena - 3 weeks ago

    24 FPS, are you that tied up on bandwidth?

  • movesguy - 3 weeks ago

    And not one mention of the movie The Abyss where the actor breathed in the orange liquid to go really deep underwater.

  • Music world - 3 weeks ago

    Typo in the title

  • RainAngel111 - 3 weeks ago

    I was kind of hoping this would be a discussion of possible future genetic modifications that could allow humans to breath water.

  • SilentBudgie - 3 weeks ago

    I tried once, but it made my nostrils hurt.

  • Hasib Arian - 3 weeks ago

    Why doesn't Hank do any of the videos anymore? Like if you think Hank should be featured more

  • Ares 90 - 3 weeks ago

    Idea, skin tight body suit that extracts oxygen. 10/10 came up with it in 1 seconds

  • guesswat homies - 3 weeks ago

    Wtf is that hot chick in the thumbnail