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Published on Jul 09, 2017

Hey, guys! This week I’m sharing with you my healthy night time routine. This is everything I do from the moment I get home until I go to sleep. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶

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  • vib plays - 9 months ago

    I wanted to show my grandpa this channel bc my sister wants to be a doctor and i was trying to show him that being a doctor helps even people's daily life and when he said " or, having sex " my grandpa looked like he was going to throw his couch at me

  • Zhantal - 3 hours ago

    I really want to know what cleanser he's using and where the gray throw on his couch is from?

  • Prince St Louis - 4 hours ago

    you are a doctor that's doing youtube. you have time for all of that

  • Hamza Aziz - 4 hours ago

    Hey Mikhail, this was a very beneficial video. You have a great channel that's easy to see is full of genuine knowledge that you're very passionate and sincere about, much respect for that! Could you do a video on what your daily routine was like back when you were still in undergrad? And maybe do a comparison to how that routine perhaps changed in med school? Thanks!

  • Ariya Bonzolo - 9 hours ago

    Is there a mrs.dr.mike👀 hahah jk

  • selene ramirez tello - 10 hours ago

    Se ve súper rica la comida 🥘 !!!

  • Admire Niia - 11 hours ago

    i subscribed after watching like 2 videos

  • nivedita kanodia - 21 hours ago

    I'm a medical student and I heard about something called sleep hygiene can explain about that?

  • Meryl Silverburgh - 1 day ago

    Why is the text in your discription box written in broken german?

  • BKA - 1 day ago

    I cant use anything anytime without nightshift mode

  • SevenCups OfMilk - 1 day ago

    Really like your videos, they are really helpful :) I would love a sleep video! I tend to suffer from insomnia from time to time, specially with university and my anxiety disorder

  • Mia Tam - 1 day ago

    why is roxy going to the vet?

  • Youguens Jean - 1 day ago

    I’m actually a medical student and you’re my motivation Dr Mike ! I love your lifestyle

  • Ursula Young - 1 day ago

    Thanks , this was very informative :) great video! could you please make one on minerals too? Also,do you think Maltodextrin in supplements is safe? Or should I avoid it? Love your channel btw :-)

  • kaley beddingfield - 2 days ago

    Okay, why are you so attractive? Do you have a medical explanation for this?

  • Ishmael - 2 days ago

    How tall is he? Like 6'5? because no one is even close to his height lol

  • Shannon Currie - 2 days ago

    Hi Doctor Mike. I have a friend who never gets enough sleep, which causes her problems in school. How can I persuade her to go to the Doctor about it, and what advice can I give her in the meantime?

  • Sanu Rajput - 2 days ago

    I want to be like u but I didn't .many times I tried make my self fit.. 🤒😭😭😭

  • Sukruthi Kawtekar - 2 days ago

    I've been getting acne around my shoulders. These acnes especially appear during my periods and leave a mark. What can i do to avoid it ?

  • Leslie cortez - 2 days ago

    What is the average amount of water I should be drinking a day?

  • Angela Edwards - 2 days ago

    When you say you were "in the hospital" it does not mean the same thing as one of us saying we were "in the hospital". LOL I only know that because of other people, though. I am 52 and have never spent even one night in the hospital in my entire life. Nor have I ever had a broken bone and the only surgery I've ever had was carpal tunnel day surgery. My surgeon was so good I have zero scars.

  • Tracy Garcia - 2 days ago

    Where do you live lol

  • Naomi Gary - 2 days ago

    life hack: floss picks are way easier to use

  • Perla Laura - 2 days ago

    So you dont study or reading at night?

  • Memestars - 2 days ago

    You should do a workout routine video

  • Matthew Thompson - 3 days ago

    Question for you: how would you suggest helping someone achieve restful sleep if they work overnight shifts for 7 days straight 10 hour shifts? I already take a medication for it but it seems like I can’t wake up till right before I’m supposed to go to work.

  • Dr.D-Nice Beaugelin - 3 days ago

    I read the Bible right before bed. It always relaxes me and gets my brain in the the right space after Ive binged on IG :)

  • Tea Ignatov - 3 days ago

    I usually collapse in bed after school (second shift), then wake up after 2 hrs and take a shower, do my skin care, brush my teeth, then i feel bad and study till I fall asleep :D

  • K S - 3 days ago

    I love a good TO-DO List!! It helps me keep my sanity & not wake up in the middle of the night worrying about something I may forget to do the next day. GREAT TIPS DOC!! Keep up the good work... and Videos!

  • pinkgogh - 3 days ago

    5:51 hey don't keep your iphone in your pocket it's not healthy!