TElon Musk's Basic Economics

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Published on Oct 24, 2017

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  • Nelson Swanberg - 1 day ago

    Entrepreneur is French for fool.

  • James Hanson - 2 days ago

    5:17 “to Asia and Africa”? Africa? Production in Africa?

  • Bike Vids - 3 days ago

    Well having $19 bil in working capital on hand doesn’t hurt either.

  • Cameron Andrews - 5 days ago

    This is my favourite video on YouTube, it has inspired me to become interested in economics and finance

  • Red Smith - 6 days ago


  • pedroSilesia - 6 days ago

    Hi Wendover Production, what is your sourcing on economics of Tesla?

  • Francis Lai - 1 week ago

    0:28 _Quantity Demanded_! Don't mix demand and quantity demanded up! Demand is the entire curve; quantity demanded is the thing that changes.

  • Rahul Pardeshi - 1 week ago

    Elon musk is the most arrogant ceo i have ever seen. He thinks he's god ! But he's not even fit as an engineer !

  • Hubert Allen - 1 week ago

    Let's not forget his dad's a million Aire

  • 于家睿 - 1 week ago

    Damn it. So much fun looking at governments burn cash. An $80 million budget trip.

  • Сергей Лютько - 2 weeks ago

    The project of getting people to Mars is so inefficient for the humanity: takes a lot of resources and gives almost nothing, while a lot of people can't simply get something to eat or a roof above their head. Space tourism is something that should be considered after the average life level is gained on earth, because then space problems could be solved much much faster.

  • Frederik Worch Romberg Hansen - 3 weeks ago

    The whole “profits add costs”-thing isn’t true unless the manufacturer have a monopoly

  • the gaming dude - 3 weeks ago

    Best video ever!

  • Ankit Kumar - 3 weeks ago

    Father of economy?

  • Jurme Tenzin - 3 weeks ago

    Loved it.

  • David Taylor - 3 weeks ago

    Strictly speaking, ULA's $400M price tag is for a Delta IV Heavy launch, which is more comparable to a Falcon Heavy launch at about $150M. Both prices are subject to uncertainty, however; the DIVH price isn't publicly disclosed and is a best estimate, and the FH price depends on customer requirements (NASA Falcon 9 launches cost an additional ~$30M, for example) and technical improvements (it only has one launch under its belt at the moment, and even that one revised price estimates downward).

  • Mad araH - 3 weeks ago

    Elon Musk exploits his employees requiring them to work insane 70 - 80 hour workweeks and even making them work when they should be on paid vacation. All the engineers at tesla ive talked to hate his guts.

  • Dino Kross - 3 weeks ago

    Where's that road located @ the 7:35 mark? thanks.

  • Kristin W. - 4 weeks ago

    Great video! Elon is super genius!

  • LoveStrangeDr - 4 weeks ago

    Elon Musk is the man.

  • Paradoxical Panda - 4 weeks ago

    Wait so his sattilite idea is cool but if its 50 mil people makes a profit of 30bil that means you'd be ATLEAST paying $600 a year for it so how's that inexpensive

  • General Entrepreneurship - 4 weeks ago

    Good video

  • Joshua Brown - 4 weeks ago

    "Normal people don't buy rocket launches" *YET*

  • Sara Albrecht - 1 month ago

    Because regulate demonstration dncod famous file color like distinction aircraft cloud complete gun fly pink.

  • Wrongderful - 1 month ago

    2:25 Not only were there suppliers for suppliers and added markup, but NASA was a government organisation. And most likely the prices were jacked up to infinity, since it's government money. I don't know if they have a procurement department

  • Samdee2017 Sam - 1 month ago

    it will be much cheaper to produce Tesla cars in China..just transfer the technology to Chinese workers

  • Cali Ban - 1 month ago

    Elon Musk is a Genius, he is a modern vision of Charles Ponzi.

  • juntao11 - 1 month ago


  • crobbie86 - 1 month ago

    that was very interesting, thank you

  • Palla d'Obry - 1 month ago

    Elon Musk is quite a con artist ////