Can Chefs Make Broccoli-Haters Change Their Mind?

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Published on Nov 06, 2017

Will these picky eaters finally eat broccoli?

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  • I’m Mortalz - Channel Youtube
    I’m Mortalz - 6 hours ago

    I ask my mother to make me broccoli and green beans

  • I'm a unicorn 02 - Channel Youtube
    I'm a unicorn 02 - 7 hours ago


  • Clorox Bleach - Channel Youtube
    Clorox Bleach - 7 hours ago

    Broccoli and cheese will change your mind..

  • Risulfur s - Channel Youtube
    Risulfur s - 12 hours ago

    during breaktime at work a coworker was smoking and I came to him with broccoli in one hand and salad in another, bited a piece and said: want some? xD

  • Malloy - Channel Youtube
    Malloy - 13 hours ago

    I actually love broccoli

  • Taethestic - Channel Youtube
    Taethestic - 19 hours ago

    I don't like brocolli, but I eat the cuz. Broccoli are healthy. ;-;

  • shane mcswain - Channel Youtube
    shane mcswain - 19 hours ago

    you will never make me enjoy potato anything. try me

  • Enitity303 Dead - Channel Youtube
    Enitity303 Dead - 21 hours ago

    I love broccoli plz don't hate

  • Nimo 12 - Channel Youtube
    Nimo 12 - 22 hours ago

    My broccoli looks like a cartoon tree

  • Pettra Martin show - Channel Youtube
    Pettra Martin show - 22 hours ago

    I super hate broccoli

  • Jemma Phyfer - Channel Youtube
    Jemma Phyfer - 2 days ago

    I'm 11 and Love brockly

  • Mundus Meus Com - Channel Youtube
    Mundus Meus Com - 2 days ago

    Who knew happyhealthylatina before she was in this vid

  • Steven Wong - Channel Youtube
    Steven Wong - 2 days ago

    I like broccoli

  • princess luna - Channel Youtube
    princess luna - 2 days ago

    I love brocolli why everybody hate brocolli . Who loves brocolli

  • Animation Minis. - Channel Youtube
    Animation Minis. - 2 days ago

    Choose Eat broccoli Forever. Or Eat cockroach for a month

  • maka3230 - Channel Youtube
    maka3230 - 2 days ago

    They just don't know how to cook

  • Athaya Syarifa - Channel Youtube
    Athaya Syarifa - 2 days ago

    They should try broccoli with some broth and maybe some meat in it some carrots oh and season it (Sop Buntut in indonesia)

  • Cringe Crewism 101 - Channel Youtube
    Cringe Crewism 101 - 2 days ago

    Except those dishes showed that broccoli was not the main idea. There were too many more items than broccoli in a ratio. It washes out the flavor of broccoli. What a fucked up video. You don't get the point

  • Layla Adcock - Channel Youtube
    Layla Adcock - 2 days ago

    Is it weird that I wont have broccoli cooked or steamed only raw with nothing on it...

  • evelyn pineda - Channel Youtube
    evelyn pineda - 2 days ago

    The chefs last name was pineda that's my last name!!!

  • Ifyoudon'tlikemethenfuckoff - Channel Youtube
    Ifyoudon'tlikemethenfuckoff - 2 days ago

    2 different types of chefs😭💀

  • Emmanuel Moreno - Channel Youtube
    Emmanuel Moreno - 2 days ago

    0:0 to 7:00

  • PipAndRay F. - Channel Youtube
    PipAndRay F. - 2 days ago

    I love broccoli though... 💔

  • Savannah I Chila - Channel Youtube
    Savannah I Chila - 2 days ago

    When he said gag I started to cough soo WIERD

  • Ign Tomorrow - Channel Youtube
    Ign Tomorrow - 2 days ago

    Still annoys me that Americans don’t pronounce the h in herb, I’m British and I barley say h and ts in word but herb just sounds so weird without a h

  • Im Jinerous - Channel Youtube
    Im Jinerous - 2 days ago

    I mean I don’t like broccoli but I’m not that petty lol

  • Eva Stewart - Channel Youtube
    Eva Stewart - 2 days ago

    There was an ad for broccoli before this Illuminati confirmed

  • Suheyla Kucukosman - Channel Youtube
    Suheyla Kucukosman - 3 days ago

    This girl chef is sooo lit 🔥 like if u agree

  • ThatPokeBro - Channel Youtube
    ThatPokeBro - 3 days ago

    Are we just not going to mention the disgusted look the lady had in the middle the entire time lmfao

  • Fahms Hyper - Channel Youtube
    Fahms Hyper - 3 days ago

    Lil Yadi lmao 🤣