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Published on Oct 22, 2017

Hey, guys! Just in time for the winter and flu season I’m sharing with you a list of health hacks on how to NOT get sick. All of these simple hacks are based on science and have been proven to be effective. Following these tips does not GUARANTEE that you won't get sick but it certainly will tilt the odds in your favor. Hope you enjoy and give it a like. Stay Healthy and Happy 🙂 Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶

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  • Jack the Ripper Aka cnwamw - Channel Youtube
    Jack the Ripper Aka cnwamw - 5 hours ago

    Mike: more flu shots Me: time to get 100 flu shots Mike: I mean more people getting it Me: oh

  • Void Angel - Channel Youtube
    Void Angel - 10 hours ago

    How not to get sick? Easy videos by Dr.Mike

  • Rochelle Shvartsman - Channel Youtube
    Rochelle Shvartsman - 17 hours ago

    So what you are trying to say about socks is that we should all wear tapachki?!

  • tiffntiff13 - Channel Youtube
    tiffntiff13 - 1 day ago

    I have a question. You mention that when a person is in a cold and dry environment (like NYC in the winter) our blood will decrease around our nose and mouth and travel to our organs to better keep them warm, and in doing so, this increases our risk of getting sick. Will using a humidifier be useful, and if so, how often/long should we use it to make a significant impact?

  • maryam Alowais - Channel Youtube
    maryam Alowais - 2 days ago

    Do dogs smell cancer?

  • Christopher O'Grady - Channel Youtube
    Christopher O'Grady - 2 days ago

    Honey can be used as a topical anti-bacterial goo for wounds etc but it’s just acidic sugar, it’s the worst thing for your teeth and it’s less nutrient dense than maple syrup.

  • Bacon - Channel Youtube
    Bacon - 2 days ago

    Lol, I germ-x and wipe down my phone anytime I go out and come back home. Unfortunately, the only one I can't participate in is the sex one. But!!! I got a massage recently. (^_^)

  • Paula Cristina Muñoz Torres - Channel Youtube
    Paula Cristina Muñoz Torres - 2 days ago

    I appreciate so sonsooooo much you make this educational videos! This is a great way to get non medical people interested and educated about what’s going on with our bodies. You go, Doc!! 😚

  • Dylan Bruns - Channel Youtube
    Dylan Bruns - 2 days ago

    More sex, less stress, more sleep... I'm an engineering student. This does not bode well for me

  • Alex Gulino - Channel Youtube
    Alex Gulino - 2 days ago

    Oh Dr. Mike! No way on the flu shot, are you serious? I understand this past season's flu shot wasn't even for the right strain that was around! (That they [medical professionals] have to guess at what strain will be the issue that year and then they make the remedy.... we need better science than this.) Prove me wrong (please!) Love your channel! 😊

  • Evie Jones - Channel Youtube
    Evie Jones - 2 days ago

    Regretting watching this before I had a 104 fever with a lung infection and then the stomach flu one and a half weeks later :) :) :)

  • Claire Rachel - Channel Youtube
    Claire Rachel - 2 days ago

    When I had a sore throat I had some honey (abput 2-3 tablespoons) to help stop the sore throat in its tracks but it make it worse and for the first time in my life I lost my voice. After 2 weeks I'm fine and only have a little cough now. I know correlation isn't causation but found it really Interesting. (I used regular 100% honey not Manuka)

  • Chloefountain - Channel Youtube
    Chloefountain - 3 days ago

    Just an update since the cold weather is gone. I did everything on his list in this video, and I didn’t get sick at all this year! I’m so shocked lol! Thanks dr Mike (watch me get sick tomorrow)

  • A Tamilarasi - Channel Youtube
    A Tamilarasi - 3 days ago

    Doc can you do video's about pneumonia. to get rid of them. a medical student suffering a lot every day pls do help me waiting for your reply and useful tips

  • Sushmita Chaurasia - Channel Youtube
    Sushmita Chaurasia - 3 days ago

    its ok to fall sick in time to time.atleast there is some reason to get free from 9-7 shift

  • nur naz - Channel Youtube
    nur naz - 3 days ago

    fasting month ... saving energy by watching your video (~^.^)~

  • Sam Winchester - Channel Youtube
    Sam Winchester - 3 days ago

    He's probably gonna list a bunch of things I don't often/never do

  • FlOoPa13 - Channel Youtube
    FlOoPa13 - 5 days ago

    Who wants to have sex?

  • Leonardo Palmenio Gonzalez Baez - Channel Youtube
    Leonardo Palmenio Gonzalez Baez - 5 days ago

    5:20 OMG lol.😂

  • Leonardo Palmenio Gonzalez Baez - Channel Youtube
    Leonardo Palmenio Gonzalez Baez - 5 days ago

    this video is a great remedy.😂

  • TheAMVsyclone - Channel Youtube
    TheAMVsyclone - 6 days ago

    i havent gotten sick for the past 5 years and i dont follow any of this tips LUL

  • Glasgow Kiss - Channel Youtube
    Glasgow Kiss - 6 days ago

    stop being germaphobes.

  • Brea Macarov - Channel Youtube
    Brea Macarov - 6 days ago

    Any suggestions on how to build up immunities after a child has been on antibiotics for a long time? My daughter gets sick easily since she had to take antibiotics daily for months.

  • Eni Tesoro - Channel Youtube
    Eni Tesoro - 6 days ago

    Where do you find the time to make all these videos????

  • Magyarállat - Channel Youtube
    Magyarállat - 7 days ago

    Superbug scared me to death. Thanks doc.

  • carmeli estrella - Channel Youtube
    carmeli estrella - 1 week ago

    Help me philippinrs here

  • carmeli estrella - Channel Youtube
    carmeli estrella - 1 week ago

    Hug u doc

  • carmeli estrella - Channel Youtube
    carmeli estrella - 1 week ago

    Love u doc mabuhay doc

  • carmeli estrella - Channel Youtube
    carmeli estrella - 1 week ago

    Hi doc ffom philippones

  • MegaPerson2011 - Channel Youtube
    MegaPerson2011 - 1 week ago

    Watching this while i'm sick :(