NBA Daily Show: Apr. 16 - The Starters

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Published on Apr 16, 2018

On Monday's episode of The Starters, the guys debate the biggest surprise of the weekend (Pacers, Raptors, Sixers), the best Game 1 performance (Anthony Davis, Al Horford, Victor Oladipo, Paul George, James Harden), and also the most disappointing opening weekend showing by a player (Eric Bledsoe, Hassan Whiteside, Karl-Anthony Towns). They also discuss the latest Kawhi Leonard news and break out some new Weekend Whoopsies. Watch The Starters weekdays on NBATV and get more of the guys on their website:

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  • Mara Joyce Lorca - Channel Youtube
    Mara Joyce Lorca - 1 month ago

    I miss Tas' quips during intro. And what is Trey wearing? If this is Fashion or Nah? I'd say nah.

  • Flamerunner451 - Channel Youtube
    Flamerunner451 - 1 month ago

    Everyone on tv sayin KAT traveled, it’s like none of them actually watched it cause he definitely didn’t

  • Wuzi Mu - Channel Youtube
    Wuzi Mu - 1 month ago

    i muss the long shows

  • Rj Cabrador - Channel Youtube
    Rj Cabrador - 1 month ago

    Hahaha. Leigh Ellis thought that Utah Jazz is the Indiana Pacers. VSPFail

  • Franco Prieto - Channel Youtube
    Franco Prieto - 1 month ago

    It wasn't a travel... his right foot was the pivot the entire time.

  • Lou Loop - Channel Youtube
    Lou Loop - 1 month ago

    *TAS* *"THE* *TURD"* *MELAS* 😎👌

  • melonology32 - Channel Youtube
    melonology32 - 1 month ago

    "Definitely a travel." Which one, Towns or Wiggins? Wiggins traveled, Towns did not travel. Speaking of which, NBA has lost it with the traveling rules. I mean Homer Simpson said it on the Simpsons and Marty Crane on Frasier back in '02 or something. Come on, NBA, get it together...

  • alex Robertson - Channel Youtube
    alex Robertson - 1 month ago

    4:02 I claimed Pacers winning.

  • Soulx86 - Channel Youtube
    Soulx86 - 1 month ago

    Jrue Holiday's block was the biggest play so far in the Playoffs.

  • Heriberto Aguilar - Channel Youtube
    Heriberto Aguilar - 1 month ago

    Leigh said the vsp was from the Pacers 😂😂😂😂

  • Rasheed Barnes - Channel Youtube
    Rasheed Barnes - 1 month ago

    Bledsoe is overrated.

  • Water Polo GOD - Channel Youtube
    Water Polo GOD - 1 month ago

    20:55 He kept his pivot foot on the ground the entire time he had the ball in his possession, not a travel

  • harrybrown261 - Channel Youtube
    harrybrown261 - 1 month ago

    Leigh i love you man but vsp is weak

  • MefeHan Z - Channel Youtube
    MefeHan Z - 1 month ago

    #TheStarters Love it

  • Loso - Channel Youtube
    Loso - 1 month ago


  • harrybrown261 - Channel Youtube
    harrybrown261 - 1 month ago

    Sixers lived by the three in game 1 , died by the three in game 2

  • harrybrown261 - Channel Youtube
    harrybrown261 - 1 month ago

    TK stop being so gross you little attention grabbing whore : ) we get it already, thats your thing...

  • Jordy Lont - Channel Youtube
    Jordy Lont - 1 month ago

    I love how on this show TK can just go full chest hair lmao

  • Mall Khalifa - Channel Youtube
    Mall Khalifa - 1 month ago

    Russ was swagged tf out

  • Tan Kok Jian - Channel Youtube
    Tan Kok Jian - 1 month ago

    Utah Jazz for VSP! I guess Indiana Pacers was too impressive for Leigh not to mention in VSP.

  • Gabe - Channel Youtube
    Gabe - 1 month ago

    Towns didn't travel.. his pivot didnt move

  • ALEXANDER HEILBORN - Channel Youtube
    ALEXANDER HEILBORN - 1 month ago

    Towns didn’t even travel just look at His pivot foot

  • PsyPhi - Channel Youtube
    PsyPhi - 1 month ago

    'Playoff G' would have been great. I think it just came out of George's mouth in the spur of the moment.

  • nsingsonddm - Channel Youtube
    nsingsonddm - 1 month ago

    Tas noticed Leigh's mistake, that's why he mentioned Rik Smits also played for the pacers... LOL!!!

  • DWade Aka Flash3 - Channel Youtube
    DWade Aka Flash3 - 1 month ago

    I love these guys, they’re super hilarious (:

  • xcver - Channel Youtube
    xcver - 1 month ago

    A serbian player famously headbutted a padded stand once after a bad ref call injuring his spinal cord being unable to walk after I suggest not doing that

  • BcroG11 - Channel Youtube
    BcroG11 - 1 month ago

    I'll never understand how the best basketball league in the world can have the worst refs...

  • swagzilla3000 - Channel Youtube
    swagzilla3000 - 1 month ago

    Demarcus cousins was rehabbing in vegas, he wasn't at coachella

  • GertjanMusic - Channel Youtube
    GertjanMusic - 1 month ago

    Treeey scarees the hell out of me... was shocked to find out he is married to a woman.

  • g9kyra - Channel Youtube
    g9kyra - 1 month ago

    Towns is NOT the best player on the Wolves (yet). He will be but right now it's not even close. Butler's a great great leader, holds their defense together, makes everybody play harder, is an elite defender at multiple positions, has been clutch for most of the season and is helping all of the young guys. Towns can become better 'cause he got tremendous upside but it's a long way to get there. Right now far and away Butler