Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial

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Published on May 24, 2017

Here's your guide to making the perfect burger from the 'Master Chef' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay!

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  • NightWind420 - Channel Youtube
    NightWind420 - 4 minutes ago

    Salt and Pepper on EVERYTHING lol

  • DEATHLY HALLOWS - Channel Youtube
    DEATHLY HALLOWS - 24 minutes ago

    Don’t forget to season your mouth before eating

  • ChimpGuy - Channel Youtube
    ChimpGuy - 51 minutes ago

    I just season mine while I make the patty. Already done

  • haziqhambali9 haziqhambali9 - Channel Youtube
    haziqhambali9 haziqhambali9 - 1 hour ago

    he always think that he is only right in this world if about food

  • Mr. MEME - Channel Youtube
    Mr. MEME - 2 hours ago

    legend says he seasoned the lamb sauce

  • HelloItsMe - Channel Youtube
    HelloItsMe - 3 hours ago

    A lil touch of oil *watch out for the American army*

  • xThingsWithRunes. - Channel Youtube
    xThingsWithRunes. - 3 hours ago

    JO he is just putting on everything salt to give it a a taste with other words its disgusting -.-

  • Clorox Bleach - Channel Youtube
    Clorox Bleach - 3 hours ago

    _His kids probably drinks seasoned milk when they were babies😂😂😂_

  • Ghosts Prayers - Channel Youtube
    Ghosts Prayers - 4 hours ago


  • plane15man - Channel Youtube
    plane15man - 4 hours ago

    He sounds a little stuffed up. I bet some nice *seasoning* can make that stuffiness go away.

  • Hyrum Beck - Channel Youtube
    Hyrum Beck - 4 hours ago

    I bet Kim and Kanye can't wait to get some of that Seasoning

  • Yung SwitchxBlade - Channel Youtube
    Yung SwitchxBlade - 5 hours ago

    How long are you supposed to cook it on each side????

  • - Justcali - - Channel Youtube
    - Justcali - - 6 hours ago

    I can taste that salt and pepper from here

  • Darth Qizah - Channel Youtube
    Darth Qizah - 6 hours ago

    what happened to the other three patties in the grill???

  • Ben Cline - Channel Youtube
    Ben Cline - 6 hours ago

    Any seen him put 3 burgers

  • Ben Cline - Channel Youtube
    Ben Cline - 6 hours ago

    Any guacamole?

  • Rhino Tank - Channel Youtube
    Rhino Tank - 6 hours ago


  • John Peazy - Channel Youtube
    John Peazy - 6 hours ago

    I like the cheddar cheese on a burger american cheese is no good

  • M Jordan - Channel Youtube
    M Jordan - 7 hours ago

    Below are millions of comments about seasoning. Just wanted to save you some scrolling down.

  • Neziah's Orellana - Channel Youtube
    Neziah's Orellana - 7 hours ago

    Rumor has it that he’s the one who made salt water by seasoning the ocean

  • Taco shell In a water bottle - Channel Youtube
    Taco shell In a water bottle - 7 hours ago

    Where’s the LAMB SAUCEE

  • Nezox Playz - Channel Youtube
    Nezox Playz - 7 hours ago

    Probably seasons his hands to get that seasoning on the bun while eating

  • Ultra Instinct - Channel Youtube
    Ultra Instinct - 7 hours ago

    Gordon i need help, *_im stuck on level 39 in cooking fever_* 😥😥😥

  • Roberturt - Channel Youtube
    Roberturt - 8 hours ago

    Everyone wants to know Ramsay's recipes, I want to know his workout schedule

  • iTS mAUI tIME - Channel Youtube
    iTS mAUI tIME - 8 hours ago

    He probably seasoned the pool.

  • KSStacker42 - Channel Youtube
    KSStacker42 - 9 hours ago

    Gordon can you mail me a burger lol

  • Swangin_Hams Koeun - Channel Youtube
    Swangin_Hams Koeun - 9 hours ago

    Technically that is a *cheese* *burger*

  • Sirus Fischbacher - Channel Youtube
    Sirus Fischbacher - 10 hours ago

    Where the fuck did that fourth bun go?!

  • William Cunningham - Channel Youtube
    William Cunningham - 11 hours ago


  • Holly91787 - Channel Youtube
    Holly91787 - 11 hours ago

    Gordon: boom boom and boom *after Gordon says boom the house traumatically explodes*