US, France and Britain launch missile strikes on Syrian weapons facilities

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Published on Apr 14, 2018

The airstrikes, targeting and destroying three chemical weapons facilities, were ordered in response to another suspected chemical attack in Syria.

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  • Niki Indzhiev - Channel Youtube
    Niki Indzhiev - 16 hours ago

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  • i L o V E PaKiStAn LoNg LiVe PaKiStAn - Channel Youtube
    i L o V E PaKiStAn LoNg LiVe PaKiStAn - 2 days ago

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  • Alfredo Meireles - Channel Youtube
    Alfredo Meireles - 3 days ago


  • Vestim - Channel Youtube
    Vestim - 4 days ago

    Why doesn't he strikes his country his the president of USA not of the world

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    gonzo8407 - 4 days ago

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    gonzo8407 - 4 days ago

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    Nitr0 Drift - 4 days ago

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  • SirBeardy - Channel Youtube
    SirBeardy - 5 days ago

    If Syria gets too trigger-happy maybe they’ll blow him off the face of the earth what’s one of those fancy Moab’s

  • Pendekar Piso dapur - Channel Youtube
    Pendekar Piso dapur - 5 days ago

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  • indu bhushan - Channel Youtube
    indu bhushan - 5 days ago

    Now world war 3 is not so far,if it is not stopped

  • Primaski - Channel Youtube
    Primaski - 6 days ago

    Yes, the US, France and the UK launch missile strikes on weapons facilities. Do you know what else they strike with missiles? Innocent civilians. Children. Citizens with heartbeats, families, eyes that produce tears, and hands that produce art. And what do these countries do when they realize they've bombed the wrong areas of "suspected weaponry"? They hide it. They do *everything* to keep it from being public information? Why do they hide it? Because the second the citizens find out... they risk losing control. Keep the citizens domestic ignorant, and keep the citizens abroad dead.

  • Hackmen Jack - Channel Youtube
    Hackmen Jack - 7 days ago

    question to everybody who believe everything they hear now why would that man Assad bomb his own people something just don't sound right this is sad war is coming

  • Hackmen Jack - Channel Youtube
    Hackmen Jack - 7 days ago

    yup war is coming

  • Cristofer Hernandez - Channel Youtube
    Cristofer Hernandez - 1 week ago

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  • AClue - Channel Youtube
    AClue - 1 week ago

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  • Wilfy Yaro - Channel Youtube
    Wilfy Yaro - 1 week ago

    It's not America that bumped Syria but the liar and manipulator Donald Trump and his Republican partners. The Demarcates did all the good things for the Americans people, boosting the Economy and created foreign relations with other countries while the Republicans sucking out the economy and creates conflicts around the world. with all these and his examples Americans should impeach him from the White House.

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    Rise73 G - 1 week ago

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    Arben Morina - 1 week ago

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    Wallax PRO - 2 weeks ago

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  • Homam Trabolsi - Channel Youtube
    Homam Trabolsi - 2 weeks ago

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  • Craig Irving Sr. - Channel Youtube
    Craig Irving Sr. - 2 weeks ago

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    ekielr jayme - 2 weeks ago

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  • Roman Darius - Channel Youtube
    Roman Darius - 2 weeks ago

    And guess what? Those children that pretended to have been sprayed by chemical weapons, are now saying they were paid to lie. They have gone to Russia, Germany (no thanks to Angela Merkel) and France and said that they were offered candy and food to pretend they were chemically attacked. Russian Television showed the children before and after, nice going America!!! And Hey, Israel, will you apologize?? I'm sure you used chemical weapons on Palestinians, so what gives you the right to attack Syria over chemical weapons? You are just itching for a fight, and you want to draw America into the fight. You want to first go after Syria, then Iran. American solider should not be dying for you---but you should be paying compensation to the people of Syria that you bombed.

  • Slowpez 801 - Channel Youtube
    Slowpez 801 - 2 weeks ago

    What they need do is end all wars now half of these kids wont have a future cuss of these dumb ppl and dumb presidents

  • Norbert Ruiz - Channel Youtube
    Norbert Ruiz - 2 weeks ago

    C'mon let's just stop

  • Jack Vlogs - Channel Youtube
    Jack Vlogs - 2 weeks ago

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    1551sag - 2 weeks ago

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