TCUTTING OPEN a polished aluminum foil ball - Sawing and chopping 2 aluminium balls.

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Published on Apr 11, 2018

What does a polished aluminum foil ball look like inside? We are cutting open two polished foil balls with saw, axe and angle grinder.

1st polished aluminum foil ball video

2nd polished aluminum foil ball video

Hog Splitter Video (coming soon)

Bearded axe video

Check out the video explaining Becca's injuries.

CDC website on Aluminum health effects

The Video Editing Software is Sony Vegas 14.0
Canon T5i (700D)
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  • Obliviate - 9 hours ago

    Wow, it looks like it partially recrystallized from the hammering and the heat it made. Cool!

  • Jonathan Patterson - 10 hours ago

    I would love to own the hatchet in your intro. Lol

  • twitte0king - 16 hours ago

    your sawing might actual increse the bonding,

  • Peek-A-Boo Reborns - 23 hours ago

    Was that someone's finger I saw!

  • Kristin Wood - 1 day ago

    Aluminum foil is in side the aluminum foil ball

  • Annette Gillham - 1 day ago

    That looks stronger than aluminum pipe from Home Depot!

  • jabin or whatever - 1 day ago

    Wait it's aluminum in there shiz I ain know

  • Miki :3 - 2 days ago

    omg he really looks like markiplier

  • Magge y - 2 days ago

    It's Aluminium not Aluminum.

  • Charlie Whitewolf - 2 days ago

    Wonder if it would be possible to Forge the mirrored ball and create a knife out of it.

  • MLGKID Awesomeness - 2 days ago

    It’s a good idea you should do it

  • Docker282828 - 2 days ago

    No matter what, you know it is always going to be aluminium foil

  • Sergio de Alba Sánchez - 2 days ago

    That axe skills...

  • Ben Peeters - 2 days ago

    He sounds exactly like gizmoslip

  • jeffrey black - 2 days ago

    Um aluminum foil

  • GreenNinja 603 - 2 days ago

    Oh what’s inside a aluminum?? Oh well probably aluminum because it’s a aluminum ball

  • zihuetlachtli - 2 days ago

    If I´ll ever look in the dictionary for the definition of "Redneck" I swear to god there'll be a picture of you right next to the word

  • SUMONSTERTUBE - 2 days ago

    iTs N0t UrInE

  • Jack Sutcliffe - 2 days ago

    Whats inside coppied u

  • Khalil Martin - 3 days ago

    " but well ... This is YouTube "

  • SanityIsDead - 3 days ago

    call yourself an outdoor boy and dont even know how to swing an axe............

  • Nightcore Beats - 3 days ago

    Before I watch the vid im guessing the middle is aluminum

  • Twenty Øne Phan Crybabies At My Chemical Discø - 3 days ago

    Why doesnt he change his pants then?

  • Lenny C - 3 days ago

    You should make a ball out of 100000 square feet of aluminum foil.

  • James Brice - 3 days ago

    “We’re ganna find out what’s inside and aluminium foil ball”........ well aluminium foil ?!?

  • Azza Adam - 3 days ago

    Stop rapping your sons that a not cool thing dude keep playing with your friends balls not your children's faggot

  • LIL Hayuzumi - 3 days ago

    He beats his wife

  • Henry Longmore - 3 days ago

    "This is youtube, where we do things that are dangerous and unnecessary" - LOL

  • a - 3 days ago

    Altheimers ? Alzheimers* I'm guess that's just How Americans pronounce it? 2nd time I'm hearing that pronunciation

  • Aaron Preston - 3 days ago

    shoot the balls out of a cannon