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Published on Feb 04, 2017

bettery theft

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  • Wteevt - Channel Youtube
    Wteevt - 3 months ago

    all of you who are saying this is dangerous , like no shit sherlock its high voltage. but you will not die if you know what youre doing and if you check it with a multimeter. this is a great idea juts dont try it if you dont know what youre doing

  • dan laesu - Channel Youtube
    dan laesu - 4 months ago

    i did it !!! here is da proof on my channel IT WORKS !!! thanks rulof

  • Ryan Bremmon - Channel Youtube
    Ryan Bremmon - 4 months ago

    Good idea

  • ford_explorer - Channel Youtube
    ford_explorer - 5 months ago

    For my fellow Americans, we most likely need to drill holes due to most of our plugs have holes in the prongs.

  • Aidan Brooks - Channel Youtube
    Aidan Brooks - 5 months ago

    *JUST A WARNING FOR ANYONE WANTING TO TRY THIS if you do this hack and use the light bulb charger in a different country you could potentially destroy your phone or the phone charger or both due to the possible difference in voltage that comes from the plug

  • adam bell - Channel Youtube
    adam bell - 6 months ago

    What is the FUCKING point of this?...... Use the FUCKING outlet!!!!

  • Nikola Cindric - Channel Youtube
    Nikola Cindric - 6 months ago

    This should be selling for 25$

  • Alexi Novoselov - Channel Youtube
    Alexi Novoselov - 7 months ago

    you know, you could just move your bed a little bit, then unplug the lamp and plug in your phone

  • Greasy Steve - Channel Youtube
    Greasy Steve - 9 months ago

    Just get an adapter

  • HeyI'tsAaron - Channel Youtube
    HeyI'tsAaron - 10 months ago

    Awesome! Now i can use my phone in the dark like I've always wanted! Thanks -_-

  • EyeKnowWhere YouLive - Channel Youtube
    EyeKnowWhere YouLive - 12 months ago

    This really works, I just tried it!!!

  • LIVE/FUN/and/ DiY - Channel Youtube
    LIVE/FUN/and/ DiY - 12 months ago


  • Scott Buggy - Channel Youtube
    Scott Buggy - 1 year ago

    go to hotel take take bulb out the lamp to find its a bayonet fitting

  • Alexey El Hayek - Channel Youtube
    Alexey El Hayek - 1 year ago

    hehe zleeping

  • DAudIcI - Channel Youtube
    DAudIcI - 1 year ago

    To me it'd make more sense to convert a travel adapter or power strip instead of a dedicated USB charger. Especially if you are like me and carry multiple devices (a phone for communication and a tablet for watching movies while on transportation or in bed).

  • Shark89on - Channel Youtube
    Shark89on - 1 year ago

    pure in inglese!! xD

  • Lord Jock - Channel Youtube
    Lord Jock - 1 year ago

    They are wired directly into the wall to stop arseholes from stealing them .This has to be the most stupid thing Ive seen on Youtube yet . I bet your parents are ashamed of you

  • Ernest Blazic - Channel Youtube
    Ernest Blazic - 1 year ago

    They are pluged directly in wall so that people don't steal. What do you mean there is one EU plug, the french is compatible with it, no need of adapter or anything. It's only UK and US that are different.

  • John A - Channel Youtube
    John A - 1 year ago

    otherwise a good tip is use the usb port on the tv to charge ur phone

  • Lienoeknoek - Channel Youtube
    Lienoeknoek - 1 year ago

    this is so genius!😁👏👏

  • Platinum - Channel Youtube
    Platinum - 1 year ago

    You look like Sam in LOTR !! xD

  • Drilon Ramadani - Channel Youtube
    Drilon Ramadani - 1 year ago

    please make please

  • Drilon Ramadani - Channel Youtube
    Drilon Ramadani - 1 year ago

    make a hookah pleasep

  • Panji Utara - Channel Youtube
    Panji Utara - 1 year ago

    this is GENIUS !!!

  • kaliff anold - Channel Youtube
    kaliff anold - 1 year ago

    it's not useful

  • JBox - Channel Youtube
    JBox - 1 year ago

    it works but in the America ones we already have holes in them

  • vuaeco - Channel Youtube
    vuaeco - 1 year ago

    0:28 welcome to the Mercury inhaling club.

  • Richard's World Traveler - Channel Youtube
    Richard's World Traveler - 1 year ago

    Looking at your hands, I can tell you do this kind of stuff every day.

  • Sack Head - Channel Youtube
    Sack Head - 1 year ago

    I love your English

  • Gadget Addict - Channel Youtube
    Gadget Addict - 1 year ago

    Interesting but you can just buy a small adapter for like $1 from eBay. It screws in like a regular bulb but acts as a regular 2 pin socket to plug your AC gadgets into.