TALL The Gigi Hadid References In Zayn's "Let Me" Music Video

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Published on Apr 12, 2018

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If you don’t think the song is about Gigi Hadid, well, maybe the model in the video will convince you otherwise.
Sure, Zayn and Gigi have gone their separate ways, but that doesn’t mean Zayn can’t give some type of credit to the lady who inspired his latest song “Let Me.” Especially when both the track AND the music video heavily feature references to the former love of Zayn’s life.
But before we go down this rabbit hole of Gigi references in the song’s lyrics, we just have to point out that the model in the music video is a DEAD ON Gigi Hadid doppelganger. From her dirty blonde hair to her full lips and the structure of her face. It’s seriously insane.
Let’s face it, she’s practically Gigi. While that was the BIGGEST Gigi reference overall, the other hints and mentions of Gigi and their past relationship were a bit more subtle.
For starters, the first verse of the song where Z sings “Sweet baby, our sex has meaning/ Know this time you’ll stay ‘till the morning/ Duvet days and vanilla ice cream/ More than just one night together exclusively” was definitely a nod at their 2 year long, monogamous relationship. AND I’m pretty sure that duvet days and vanilla ice cream reference is something only Gigi knows about.
Then there’s that line, “Long walks on the beach in April” and we have no doubt in our minds that it was about the time the two spent the day on the beach to commemorate Gigi’s 21st birthday. And there’s an Instagram screenshot to back up this theory of ours.
Not to mention the whole song is basically about wanting to commit and love one person for the rest of their lives and I’m pretty sure that’s what Zayn wanted to do with Gigi since they were together for so long.
But enough about my thoughts. What do you guys think? Are you convinced this song is 100 percent about Gigi or are you in denial and think it’s just coincidental? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for hanging with me on Clevver Newsfeed, I’m your girl Drew Dorsey, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and I’ll see ya next time!

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  • Ida Palecpec - 7 hours ago

    i think 💯% is about Harry

  • jitumoni das - 9 hours ago

    it's diffinitely gigi......she's soo cute

  • Dinanthi Dinanthi - 13 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me why they broke up?!

  • Apocalypse Styles - 16 hours ago

    Have to say Zayn has an ethereal edge in this, his cheekbones are super sharp. This might be his last ever song, last ever video. The two most important women in his life have abandoned him. Who's going to keep the wolf from the door now?

  • Geraldine Arroyo - 19 hours ago

    sophia looks nothing like gigi. idc idc

  • Stronghazzalou - 21 hours ago

    get it first album was perrie PR second album is Gigi PR don't talk about this shit Respect an love zayn without his exes

  • Jeanette Fischer - 1 day ago

    "It's seriously INZAYN" :'D

  • Afnan Sabah - 1 day ago

    I don't mind Gigi leaving him. I want her to be just happy

  • Jasmine Garcia - 1 day ago

    They barely broke up!!!! Songs take a long time to make!! They probably made the video of him!!!! Like y’all need to chill!!

  • mya J - 1 day ago

    I thought she said "or are you into niall" but she said "or are you in denial"

  • Angelina Lue - 2 days ago

    the girl in the video models for forever 21

  • Last Gaurdian - 2 days ago

    zayn probably fked her

  • marina m - 2 days ago

    wasnt this the proud muslim who wore religious hijab veil an arabic magazine in dubai and now she is a free muslim who is allowed to fuck around as long as she dates other muslims like herself i thought islam was taboo that seems like alot has changed or is this her and his fantasy freedom imagination life they would like to live and the way they want it to be like as you know islam is very closed religion with no freedom or openmindness the muslims see everything as wrong bad haram sin

  • מוריה מאירסון - 2 days ago

    It’s about her 4 sure!

  • Rosalie Karadeulian - 2 days ago

    Definitely about Gigi!

  • TheEzmula - 2 days ago

    I think n I thought that and I know and I just need to knowwww what's going on with this particular situation! You can bet your peachy ass that I'm going to comment below!😀😀😀😀😜😝 OMG,,,,,,,,, I totally can't believe this IMPORTANT MEANINGLESS craziness. I mean with people starving and being killed left n right n children around the world trying to figure out how to make it to tommrow. This totally tops the to do list.... I mean why the break up????🤔 huh.......(as the world stops turning) huh hmmmmmm..............😒🖕✌ Get ur mind right peeps!😲☺ I love yall 4 real☺

  • Queen Belle - 2 days ago

    1:56 “ or are you indeNIALL “ not making everything bout 1D but making everything about 1D

  • puja ghengat - 3 days ago

    Please get together guys. I wanna see you together. I got the habit to see you together. I don't wanna break my this habit.

  • KinG Moyeed - 3 days ago

    What is d name of that actress in let me song

  • Çok Saçma - 3 days ago

    They were such a cute couple

  • Mia Hale - 3 days ago

    Sofia Jamora bros

  • Pug Lover - 3 days ago

    *they were together for 2 years* Host: they were together for so long.. Me: 2 years isnt "so long" tbh

  • Jasmine Thomas - 3 days ago

    What does it matter if its about Gigi or not, its his song and he sounds amazing.

  • Sarah Samar Somar - 4 days ago

    I love you tirick

  • khan ayub khan - 4 days ago

    It's definitely yes And I love Gigi and I hope they will walk back to each other soon and

  • ERINA the DIRECTIONER - 4 days ago

    Yes I agree I think that the girl in the video is a duplicate of Gigi But I love Gigi more 💜💜💜

  • Anding Geli - 4 days ago


  • directioner cutie - 4 days ago

    Love zigi😍

  • Taehyung's Gucci Bag - 4 days ago

    I think the model is more gorgeous??

  • Rana Abdelmoneim - 5 days ago

    If i were u man i forget about her there alot of fish in the sea🐋🐟🐳🐠🐠🐠🐠