TSolo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer

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Published on Apr 08, 2018

Watch the new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story and see it in theaters May 25.

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  • Jhonatan Ronald Choque Sanchez - 9 minutes ago

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 lindo la película

  • Mr Hmmm - 2 hours ago

    Hell ya

  • Dylan Schloesser - 3 hours ago

    Haymitch from Hunger Games. Bet he drinks in this movie too

  • Morgoth from Angband - 3 hours ago

    Why did they change the Falcon design? Will they now also change the Falcon in the other Star Wars movies?

  • Mobile Mayhem - 3 hours ago

    Was that Sana??

  • sborreo sborresi - 3 hours ago

    1:32 chewies wife

  • Geof Ingram - 4 hours ago

    the best looking fan film ever.

  • Bailey Henderson - 4 hours ago

    Buy frsh instead of amzn I am getting very tired of amzn please you are overspending on the stock

  • robbe maes - 4 hours ago

    echo meanwhile follow cmtnipl casual composition plot parking think people hat bear.

  • Scott Johnson - 5 hours ago

    1:35 HA!!

  • Dylan Murphy - 5 hours ago

    I hate the way they are making so much movies about a galaxy far, far away. Like come on Disney, this isn't the milking way.

  • Sasquatch 6 - 5 hours ago

    I'm getting low key excited for this, I don't care what everyone else thinks, if its Star Wars I will more than likely like it.

  • black insignia - 5 hours ago

    I think the girl will be the villain

  • Gotham Savior - 6 hours ago

    This does not feel like Star Wars.

  • VideoPine - 6 hours ago

    The solo song version trailer is still better. That's the tone this should have had, he should just be a scoundrel and not care about any higher cause than himself. That comes later in the original trilogy.

  • ZeFFir - 6 hours ago

    Hope you all realise that this "big shot gangster" is Jabba, not some angry noname in the trailer?

  • tristan_gamer237 Goldsmith - 7 hours ago

    star wars the last Jedi is awsome

  • Tscosplay - 7 hours ago

    " Push it " ......its Punch it...

  • Daniel's channel - 8 hours ago

    Yeah, the wookie has no pants!!

  • Typical person - 8 hours ago

    So much ppl for a solo movie

  • Matthew Smith - 9 hours ago

    "a flyer" you mean pilot? i think this film looks great. mostly because of lando and chewie but whatever.

  • Daniel Martin - 9 hours ago

    another star wars movie ? i'm sick of hollywood

  • Chris fromthe80s - 9 hours ago

    Solo: A Blade Runner story

  • The Inquisition - 9 hours ago

    I feel a disturbance in the warp

  • craapmaker - 9 hours ago

    "Inside Sarlacc. Search of Lost Time" will come in 2030 !!

  • Jasmine Jlita - 10 hours ago

    Why does L-3 sound like Captain Phasma

  • wv11989 - 10 hours ago

    Oh this is guna be rough

  • Tulus GT Nainggolan - 10 hours ago

    May the Force be with this movie. I have a bad feeling about this movie.

  • LILNUT - 10 hours ago

    I love the music

  • Skoda - 11 hours ago

    very generic, generic dialogue, generic plot, generic characters... although i'm sure it'll be an ok action flick because of the high budget and it'll do well in theaters because of the star wars logo