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Published on Apr 09, 2018

Bright, loud, sparkling, flamboyant... these acts are NOT shy of putting on a show! Watch them leave the judges speechless with their bombastic performances!

X Factor Global brings together the very best acts from around the world, keeping you up to date and ensuring that you never miss a thing!

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  • Football Fan ;D - Channel Youtube
    Football Fan ;D - 2 days ago

    6:48 Rylan Clark low-key looks like Olivier Giroud here.

  • sherlockinaforever - Channel Youtube
    sherlockinaforever - 6 days ago

    I do not understand what Lorna Bliss did among this selection. At least, all this others had talent, but she was just vulgar, doing nothing, having no voice, no charisma, nothing. I loved absolutely Kitty Brucknell, what a unique personnality and a great voice ! A shame she didn't win !

  • Karoru - Channel Youtube
    Karoru - 2 weeks ago

    HONEY G! ♥

  • I'm A Creep - Channel Youtube
    I'm A Creep - 3 weeks ago

    Honey g is life

  • I'm A Creep - Channel Youtube
    I'm A Creep - 3 weeks ago

    The 2nd one I live oof

  • kiproulos - Channel Youtube
    kiproulos - 3 weeks ago

    Rylan Clark reminds me of Yanis Marshall! Love both of them!!!

  • Li Milani - Channel Youtube
    Li Milani - 3 weeks ago

    Here's the thing though, if you wanna be remembered in Xfactor for a good voice, you HAVE to do a crazy number that no one forgets. These guys got the formula.

  • Final Elixir - Channel Youtube
    Final Elixir - 4 weeks ago

    like for all those dancers in the 2nd performance for there complete seriousness, that must have been so tough!

  • Mario Zoisl - Channel Youtube
    Mario Zoisl - 4 weeks ago

    One fag after the other... I have to throw up...

  • Madi Baas - Channel Youtube
    Madi Baas - 4 weeks ago

    i bopped to honey g

  • stugooky - Channel Youtube
    stugooky - 4 weeks ago

    What is this? Drag queens have talent to?

  • Amar Karaj - Channel Youtube
    Amar Karaj - 4 weeks ago

    So being gay makes you outrageous? This is pure bullshit

  • Dana Miller - Channel Youtube
    Dana Miller - 1 month ago

    You gies are so funny

  • PandaBunny_ Games - Channel Youtube
    PandaBunny_ Games - 1 month ago

    2:45 ..... Forget the singer! Get the background dancers!

  • jumpedupbitch101 - Channel Youtube
    jumpedupbitch101 - 1 month ago

    It’s funny how most of these are from Louis’ category

  • adam aerts - Channel Youtube
    adam aerts - 1 month ago

    Greatly main wing Hispanic play expansion expensive observe.

  • Cassi Goodine - Channel Youtube
    Cassi Goodine - 1 month ago

    All gay exept the lady's

  • baffledBITS - Channel Youtube
    baffledBITS - 1 month ago

    god the second one was hella racist

  • ArtjomAlexandsson - Channel Youtube
    ArtjomAlexandsson - 1 month ago

    Can I ask where the participants take the *backing dancers* ? It is not their own? Or X-Factor there are special dancers who learn the numbers of participants?

  • Laloni Chester - Channel Youtube
    Laloni Chester - 1 month ago

    The first one has alot of sugar in their tanks, they picked the right song

  • rottingemptiness - Channel Youtube
    rottingemptiness - 1 month ago

    The spitney bears act , go to hell !!!!

  • Powerball Gang - Channel Youtube
    Powerball Gang - 1 month ago

    wow to the first one

  • double trouble - Channel Youtube
    double trouble - 1 month ago


  • Afifa Rashid - Channel Youtube
    Afifa Rashid - 1 month ago

    The third girl ! I feel harassed ! And what's with the honey on the Egyptian guy ...

  • Rika Nazy - Channel Youtube
    Rika Nazy - 1 month ago

    When Honey G came out, I almost lost it

  • Henrietta Itepu - Channel Youtube
    Henrietta Itepu - 1 month ago

    the second guy is just so extra?? lol it's a performance

  • Angel Daniel - Channel Youtube
    Angel Daniel - 1 month ago

    The only talent I saw on this videos were the outfits if that. Pretty much

  • Harper CO - Channel Youtube
    Harper CO - 1 month ago

    Honey g not ready can't even rap can't sing can't dance not ready

  • toxixmercy _ - Channel Youtube
    toxixmercy _ - 1 month ago

    I'd call it the LGBT performance's and sexaaaay bitches

  • Shiloh Croosh - Channel Youtube
    Shiloh Croosh - 1 month ago

    Is it bad that I want the pompom outfits