TLiving Doll Takes Off Makeup

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Published on Aug 26, 2016

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  • Senioritis Flu - 44 minutes ago

    " I takeoff my makeup.* takes off* I clean/hydrate/moisturize my face.* puts 100 layers of chemicals again.* You know.. there's water and soap.

  • Ciana Johnson vlogs - 2 hours ago

    Why do u make weird noises and faces it’s stupid 😶😶

  • Gaming with yisrayah fun - 3 hours ago

    I mean did you still

  • Gaming with yisrayah fun - 3 hours ago

    Did you spell your mom's computer and ran away

  • Twinkie - 3 hours ago

    You are definitely NOT a doll, you're a freaking human!!

  • Sogood,sojoy! - 5 hours ago

    I am watchig this vid without sound hahahah her voice so grrr

  • BTS Jungkookie - 8 hours ago

    Your sooooo CUTE !

  • Hui Ee Low - 9 hours ago

    Your accent are weird and your personality are weird and your weird

  • lottie pool - 10 hours ago

    You kind of look like ベッキー!

  • Elsa Elexendra - 10 hours ago

    It's weird when your seeing people like pewdiepie's videos and this this is sooooo cringe hahahahha she's cray girl get some skills to be cool

  • Callista Smither - 13 hours ago

    I like her, for so many reasons 😂 if you don't you aren't human

  • Keisha Mallari - 13 hours ago

    She's beautiful...but just getting annoyed with voice😂😂

  • Alanna Ivey - 18 hours ago

    You aren’t a doll at all

  • Ana Delaney - 19 hours ago


  • Natalie06 _Carmona - 20 hours ago

    Adorable 😅😂🎉💔

  • EMMA BEAR - 21 hours ago

    Oh wow your real eyes looks like the contacts that’s cool

  • Ryan Lobert - 22 hours ago

    What... is this cancer?

  • Matt Webber - 23 hours ago

    Hi i haz bangs. they are so annoying. they be like 10 inches long

  • D_daBE5T - 1 day ago

    Dolls have white teeth

  • Viktoria MSP - 1 day ago

    my forehead is naked ;-;

  • Erza Scarlet - 1 day ago

    You look much better without make-up and you eyes Kolping me😍

  • Arpita Mehra - 1 day ago

    I'm too busy for this set of beauty rules...I just can't

  • Melissa Garcia - 1 day ago

    My forhead I'd naked :(

  • BadMee - 1 day ago

    honestly she looks really pretty without makeup

  • Thanisa Anniqif - 1 day ago

    You look like a dead woman

  • Toxic Panda - 1 day ago

    I have kinda side bangs. Also your eyes are beautiful! And you’re just as pretty without makeup as when you have it on! Super cute both ways. Have a great day friendo!

  • Izaya000 - 1 day ago

    Cute xD

  • wolfa lova - 1 day ago


  • jenina sagrav #lovetwicemina - 2 days ago