TKitten Close Up 2018-03-15

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  • diana dowie - 4 weeks ago

    Awesome. I loved when the kittens were awakening and were not happy about being awakening. Especially the black kitten who the most annoying look on his face.

  • Bohemian Painter - 1 month ago

    Gallivant (Galavant is another way to spell it) has a cute tiny kitten face on his forehead • . • with lines for the ears. His floof makes the split M look blurry. The eyes & nose are connected with thinner lines.

  • Dragon Nyarko - 1 month ago

    The girl tabby has a bold, full M while the boy has a less bold not full M

  • joyaifosla - 1 month ago

    Love the names so much! I have to thank Dj because with every litter I learn new vocabulary 😂 ❤

  • TheHeebieGeebie - 1 month ago

    At 1:29 to 1:30 Wash looks like he’s gossiping behind his paw about Mr.A waking them up.

  • Bignrich09 - 1 month ago

    How can you thumbs down this!

  • Cry Bloodwing - 1 month ago

    I would totally adopt Tubby if my parents would let me have another cat....Sadly though they think one dog and one cat are enough. :( And now I need to rewatch Galavant....I love that show so much.

  • Ilurvekittens kittens! - 1 month ago

    The fact that Maggie is still at kitten academy makes me wish I could adopt her so much.

  • Jim Burden - 1 month ago

    Whew YouTube is on the fritz? These bafs so remind me of angel and the fishies kittens. Send in uncle

  • A Crane - 1 month ago

    Mr. A, thanks for the closeup. The BAFs are adorable no matter what they’re doing! I love watching soothing any time of day. They were up and romping around long before the lights came on this we understand they need some rest before taking off again.DJ, great names for all the new babies!!Best wishes in taking care of everyone, Amy

  • spesfloret - 1 month ago

    So adorable each one of them, including faculty & Elsie. Acro💓 is so cute. I know baby Tubby will have an adopter soon, he's lovely and gorgeous, very similar to his sister Faucet. Hapoy to know that almost all the baf & mom have proper adopters already. And the new super sweet panther mom and her pudgy fluffy babies💕.

  • TL - 1 month ago

    The Bafs are studying for a cat exam.....sleeping :)

  • David Johnson - 1 month ago

    Kittens do sleep a lot they wear themselves out then nod of sometimes while their eating, I never get tired watching them play.

  • Allison Burke - 1 month ago

    I'd love to have adopted Pummy but maybe it's a good thing she has an adopter as I tend to want to adopt almost all the mama cats that come through KA including Frolic as the most recent lovey sweet house panther mother cat.

  • Momma - 1 month ago

    Omg just to show a close up of the kittens face is not worth it the way you hold them and they cry. Kittens don't want to be held belly up. Please stop.

  • Allison Burke - 1 month ago

    Thanks Mr A for another wonderful close up the new Mom cat is such a sweetheart total love bug magnificent shinny black coat.

  • toxigenic - 1 month ago

    When he gets adopted he can be known as the Kitten Formerly Known as Prance. Get it? Also, shouldn't the female be called GALlavant? And, they better not declaw Revel or she will be....Revel without a claws. I'm done. I'll let myself out.

  • ozwzrd - 1 month ago

    I think it should be spelled "Fraulich"...

  • toxigenic - 1 month ago

    4:39 Why does Acro have a breath mint? Is he worried about morning breath? Maybe he's saving it for after his nap. 🐈💕

  • Ursula Right - 1 month ago

    I'm pretty sure that was Faucet not Tubby!??! You can tell Gallivant and Revel apart thanks to their head markings being different: Ravel has a dark broad line/patch leading all the way up to her forehead V from the top of her head; whereas with Gallivant it fades out. The other difference is on the lighter lines along the spine: with Revel, the lines are v distinct & perceptible whereas with Gallivant, they're much fainter

  • Pamela Murdock - 1 month ago

    I would take Tubby in a hot minute if I wasn't all the way in MA.

  • Jane James - 1 month ago

    Beautiful Pummis❤️

  • Jane James - 1 month ago

    That gorgeous Tubby.❤️❤️❤️

  • Jane James - 1 month ago

    I just love, love these kitties❤️❤️

  • JazzE - 1 month ago

    Soooo fluffy.... <3 <3 Sooooo cute!!!

  • MistressofWu - 1 month ago

    Thank you for the names and quickly live stream!!

  • louisemtoc - 1 month ago

    Aww! Tubby is my favourite from that group. I'd adopt him if I lived over there :( Hope he finds someone soon <3 I love the names of the new group!

  • MRDAYYUMYUM - 1 month ago

    gotta love all those wonderful kittens and moms.

  • zachmatt3 - 1 month ago

    The new kittens are looking so much better. Their eyes have improved greatly.

  • zachmatt3 - 1 month ago

    The bafs are sleepy since this is the time of day when cats aren't very active.