TNeil deGrasse Tyson Interviews MKBHD - The Future of Tech

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Published on Apr 02, 2016

Astrophysicist and StarTalk Radio host Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with Marques Brownlee, one of the best technology reviewer in the planet, to talk about the self-driving cars, handheld gadgets, the future of privacy, and everything else.

Produced by Kamelia Angelova, Kevin Reilly, and Darren Weaver and by StarTalk Radio, a Curved Light Production, executive producer Helen Matsos, and producer Laura Berland.

Edited by Christine Nguyen

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  • keval shanker shreyas - 14 hours ago

    Neil The Grass Tyson ;)

  • Michael Duggan - 2 days ago


  • Perez Cross - 3 days ago

    Great discussion across generations! I hope to see more, maybe a series.

  • Neat Gifts - 6 days ago

    This is very important to where we are headed today. I'm Neil's age so I am coming from his perspective in relation to past, present, and future. I remember when I first learned to drive most cars were standard shift transmission. I started working shortly afterward driving automatics. I was really nervous about forgetting I am driving an automatic and totally destroy my employer's cars. Sure enough, one day after arriving at work I tried to shift my work vehicle. Luckily for me, I went directly into neutral. Then came the automatic opening doors. I got so used to doors opening without my assistance that there have been times when I have walked right into the door. Of course, I feel stupid I take a quick look around and hope no one saw me. Then there is the time when Mercedes decided to move into the major market to increase unit sales. In comes the C230. With the C230 came the new key technology. You just stick the key that looked nothing like a key in the steering column, turn it once very quickly and release. I became so used to that convenience that I would get into my work vehicle, turn the key the same way I did in my C230 and wonder why the car would not start. Even though you can find many other such differences from my youth to now, these are the major ones that come to mind right now. So this leads me to today with AI-driven cars. What happens when you are driving down the highway or any street for that matter and forget that the car you are driving isn't your smart (AI) car so you let go of the steering wheel? That transition period is kind of scary to think about at this point.

  • sgolemanski - 1 week ago

    HYPER NERD ALERT at 18:38

  • Cree Moon - 1 week ago

    or do you mean "firmware"

  • Cree Moon - 1 week ago

    oh, now i see, software reviews are needed. but hardware is moot, you buy it, after that it does not change its properties.

  • Rusuwo Tjaronda - 1 week ago

    Two intelligent men having an conversation.. love it.. 👍🏾

  • espperre - 1 week ago

    Hoverboard. The thing we don’t yet know we can’t live without.

  • Tuptus8000 - 1 week ago

    negros really evolved since 18th century...

  • Alex Booyse - 1 week ago

    If Apple made vehicles it wouldn't talk to all the other vehicles.

  • Johnathan Wilde - 1 week ago

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is a professional liar. Put someone on that isn't worshiped by main stream science fags.

  • Abdalla Khalifa - 1 week ago

    Who came from MKBHD interviewing Neil Tyson deGrasse?

  • Jordan Glasper - 1 year ago

    This was epic laid back fun. This kid is gonna be the black Bulma of our generation, meanwhile I'm gonna be the black Goku. No not from the anime, but I'm black and I'll be training. Sigh forget it..

  • Rares Oance - 1 year ago

    the next big thing should be fully integrated, extremely advanced AI, so wehter you are in the car, on the phone or at home, you can just natturally talk to it and it can understand you and not google search what you asked it to do

  • EastPAWZ - 1 year ago

    I love this interview because these are two people who can speak and not try to sound "Smart"- they know their subjects without any effort. I cannot stand listening to somoene who tries to sound like they were born in an office at Princeton while eating pork skins and change pitch constantly to sound like they grew up in the valley , because it sounds fake ROFLMAO

  • Al Cabone - 1 year ago


  • Dan Sanger - 1 year ago

    I like the fact that Marques is low key and a little bit shy, and doesn't try to pretend he's not.

  • ravi suwan - 1 year ago

    watched this video, it is a good start of 2017.

  • Harry Nguyen - 1 year ago

    Marques makes technology cool

  • TechTechInc - 1 year ago

    We need quick exchange battery technology that allows to switch out a battery in a smartphone without ever having to turn the phone off. Then you can just have a belt clip of like 3 batteries that last an entire day each, and then charge the belt clip.

  • Backend Coder - 1 year ago

    Got some electrical items in my room, have to get some reviews up on youtube after I dust them down and replace the batteries.

  • Dimitrijus Zigunovas - 1 year ago

    Enjoyed every second

  • Burninmyleather - 1 year ago

    That's A Dope Sweater. We're can I get it ?

  • Tegan Burns - 1 year ago

    I didn't know Neil deGrasse Tyson was such a comedian lol

  • Tony Bland - 1 year ago

    Ethics is always going to be the major hurdle of autonomous driving. How does a computer decide during an unavoidable collision, to swerve into oncoming traffic or plow through pedestrians crossing a cross walk? The easy answer is in it's core programming "protect the driver at all costs" is the primary objective, but trust me, as soon as people start dying, people are going to demand answers.

  • C - 1 year ago

    Cities need to have the self driving cars under ground then the roads converted into padestrian and bike roads

  • Willie Kamawe - 1 year ago

    how have I never watched this amazing meeting of minds!

  • Mrcoconutoil - 1 year ago

    I never though these two would have crossed paths. Nice discussion.

  • Charles Catt - 1 year ago

    "I'm putting this on my resume now." 18:50 bahahahaha