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Published on Sep 24, 2017

Hey, guys! Welcome to another installment of Ask Doctor Mike. You've seen street magic, now get ready for street medicine. We took to the streets of NYC and offered passersby a curbside consult! Do you guys want to see more curbside consult videos? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶

Questions answered for entertainment purposes only. All parties were directed to consult with their physicians before implementing advice given.

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  • Jenny M - Channel Youtube
    Jenny M - 54 minutes ago

    Squirrel though :D

  • Johan Willem Van der Colff - Channel Youtube
    Johan Willem Van der Colff - 1 hour ago

    Man if I had seen you in my grade 6,7 I will be probably studying medicine now, not international relations. You are so cool

  • Desirae Bell - Channel Youtube
    Desirae Bell - 2 hours ago

    HELP! This is an older video so im not sure you'll see this question but i could really use a truthful answer. We are moving from a cool state to california which is hot my 18 month old son burns VERY easily and im having trouble finding a sun screen that is going to protect his skin and work really well for him as he has semi sensative skin and would need to wear it alot. We move next month so please if you see this it would help me so very much i dont want my little man to get burnt

  • Lindsay Stewart - Channel Youtube
    Lindsay Stewart - 3 hours ago

    Any advice for new nurses approaching intimidating doctors with questions and concerns?

  • NiCoL4x - Channel Youtube
    NiCoL4x - 3 hours ago

    Hey man, i'm a doctor too. Some advice: Answering some random questions like the condom question is fine. But doing street consult for example for the girl with a headache is unsafe. You took 5 minutes to answer without getting a proper story and exam, you could have sent her calm to her house without solving her problem or without finding something dangerous. I suggest doing consults the normal way with more time and not hurrying up diagnoses.

  • jarrett bass - Channel Youtube
    jarrett bass - 4 hours ago

    Awesome content

  • Ioana Serpe - Channel Youtube
    Ioana Serpe - 6 hours ago

    04.11 was that a squirrel? :D

  • Letme chill - Channel Youtube
    Letme chill - 9 hours ago

    "oooh aaaah beem beem, beem beem"

  • Jake Zonies - Channel Youtube
    Jake Zonies - 10 hours ago

    I work at a law firm in Denver that goes after drug companies and the generics are not able to be litigated against because of legislation. So the generics may act the same way, but if there is any issues and the drug causes injuries there is no one to be held liable. So just Incase you were not aware I have heard it it not common knowledge among doctors.

  • firefly122 - Channel Youtube
    firefly122 - 13 hours ago

    come to florida!! ive had this "medical mystery" for over a decade that none of these "specialists" seem to be able to figure out -_-

  • Hayden Shepherd - Channel Youtube
    Hayden Shepherd - 13 hours ago

    Coconut oil as lube? lmFOA out of every fucking question in the world you ask that god damn :D Thats something you only see on fucking Reddit people hahaha

  • Frostflyer - Channel Youtube
    Frostflyer - 14 hours ago

    I really like this idea for a series, because some people just don't think about going to the doctor until they think its a problem, these people on the streets with legitimate questions they might not have thought of asking until it became a problem suddenly have someone to ask without googling it in a cesspit of misinformation. Its probably also very beneficial to America in particular because of costly doctors appointments, not that doctors appointments aren't expensive in other countries, like I'm not thinking of going for a check up and spending ~$60 to make sure nothing's wrong any time soon, but some of these people might not be able to afford a trip to the doctors to settle their fears of their health and being able to freely ask a professional offering their services on the street seems like a really nice idea. Sure it might not be pulling in the revenue from actual g.p doctor's appointments, but the Youtube ad revenue is something at least.

  • Unclefred - Channel Youtube
    Unclefred - 15 hours ago

    GIRL IN 2:05 is STACY ANN from ANTM cycle 10 ? :O whaaaaat

  • James Royal Apple - Channel Youtube
    James Royal Apple - 15 hours ago

    Gah. I love you. Marketing ploy. Glad a doctor feels some supplements are all marketing. And you’re answers are so legit. You actually care!

  • Diys With Judy - Channel Youtube
    Diys With Judy - 17 hours ago

    Hey! So, I want to be a surgeon when I'm older. So I was wondering how many hours a doctor usually clocks in a day.

  • Anin Rahman - Channel Youtube
    Anin Rahman - 18 hours ago

    Dr.Mike, Since biotin deficiency isn't that common, what are some treatments for hairfall or just thin hair in general? I'm a 19 year old female and my hair gets thinner every year. my sister and mom face the same issue

  • Mya Nelson - Channel Youtube
    Mya Nelson - 19 hours ago

    More CURBSIDE DR.!!!!!!!!!! Pretty Pls

  • elvis david taveras lara - Channel Youtube
    elvis david taveras lara - 19 hours ago


  • Esther Echavaria - Channel Youtube
    Esther Echavaria - 22 hours ago

    More of these videos please! So awesome!💙

  • lemonadecupcakes - Channel Youtube
    lemonadecupcakes - 22 hours ago

    So, I hope he doesn't get barraged with all this during his off-time. Maybe this is just him giving up and going with the requests for free advice that he gets at parties etc...

  • Matthew Surefire - Channel Youtube
    Matthew Surefire - 23 hours ago

    You're fantastic, my man. World needs more people like you.

  • Kimmy BOUTIKI - Channel Youtube
    Kimmy BOUTIKI - 24 hours ago

    Love this, do more videos like this please XOXO

  • oscar chavez - Channel Youtube
    oscar chavez - 1 day ago

    Dr. Mike, what brand are the scrubs you are wearing in this video?

  • weird nerd - Channel Youtube
    weird nerd - 1 day ago

    wow. he has an answer for everything! I am in first year of med school and feel so clueless

  • IMaximusDMI - Channel Youtube
    IMaximusDMI - 1 day ago

    If I asked any of these questions I'd be looking at a mighty big bill in the mail.

  • Luci Kim - Channel Youtube
    Luci Kim - 1 day ago

    What's the use of fentanyl? What is better; overdosing or cutting some veins in your wrist? IMMA SUICIDAL HALF PSYCHO LOL😂

  • Naila Hanandhira - Channel Youtube
    Naila Hanandhira - 1 day ago

    how can one be so good looking and so friggin smart at the same timeeeeee its not fair

  • Crystal Paul - Channel Youtube
    Crystal Paul - 2 days ago

    All that knowledge tho

  • PEACE & LOVE - Channel Youtube
    PEACE & LOVE - 2 days ago

    Woww amazing !

  • Camron Nicole Green - Channel Youtube
    Camron Nicole Green - 2 days ago

    I couldn’t find that girl at 7:48 YouTube channel, can anyone help???