TCall of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Live Announcement Recap

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Published on Mar 08, 2018

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  • Amari Thomas - 7 minutes ago

    I can't wait my profile is a black ops 3 robot

  • TheDeadCraft - 2 hours ago this like this....isnt?............wh-...................m.but..................*cough*...........mnhm..............mmm......... The hell is this?

  • Dabi0172ツ - 2 hours ago

    in 2025 WW2 Remastered hahaha

  • British patriot - 4 hours ago

    looking forward to it

  • Supercars.daily - 5 hours ago

    I waited almost 7 mins watching metal being cut...

  • Amplifizers Fornite/Cod/And more - 5 hours ago

    Are we gpnna forget that Fortnite is free and instead of buying this trash game you can join da cool kids by donwloading on pc or both ps4 and xbox.

  • Amplifizers Fornite/Cod/And more - 5 hours ago

    Still, Fortnite is better than cod Bo4.

  • Skyler Nolte - 5 hours ago

    Black Ops IIII or Black Ops IV

  • Mr.Phantom Evil - 6 hours ago


  • AmPalp - 7 hours ago

    Did I just watch 6 minutes Of people cutting metal?

  • Cifred Chollet - 7 hours ago

    Me lo compro ya

  • cmods 123 - 8 hours ago

    Black ops 2 was by far the best cod I hope this one is nothing like the 3rd

  • Colby Mason - 8 hours ago

    It really dosent even matter how good this game turns out to be, most people are going to say they like it just because of the name.

  • Alipt Shrivastava - 8 hours ago

    I am getting a feeling that this will be a revolutionary ge in franchise which will save it

  • XxLuk KingGamerxX - 9 hours ago

    Ops 1234 ??5???

  • Oliver Erfurt - 9 hours ago

    Bitte vergeigt es bitte nicht kb nochmal für nen spiel zu buyen was seit jahren das selbe ist ,ich spiel cod zeit dem es es gibt also bitte

  • K K - 10 hours ago


  • ジュンじゅんさん - 11 hours ago


  • Kevin Felix - 14 hours ago

    IV, not IIII, retards. If you start with roman numbers, stick to them lol

  • BLUE WOLF - 14 hours ago

    I hope they make shield in this cod. (if u now what i mean) ;)

  • Forowtra - 18 hours ago


  • aiden pearce - 18 hours ago

    5:09 Thank me later

  • aiden pearce - 18 hours ago

    I've been waiting for this one

  • Cam 3155 - 19 hours ago

    Now the whole Franchise depends on this game, lets se how this goes

  • xxBarry The Animatorxx - 19 hours ago

    Like for zombies!

  • Awesome Dude - 19 hours ago

    It’s coming out on ma bday

  • Memes Willbememes - 19 hours ago

    You know the cutting reminds me of Mile high club from Modern Warfare

  • goku_ssj_gofunky - 21 hours ago

    If this game is not boots on ground and doesn't have actually solid likable guns then I won't buy another call of duty again-for all of the people that want a game that does have good guns and boots on ground, invest in some battlefield

  • Underscore_Reaper - 22 hours ago

    5:45 YES Bo1 and bo2 setting mixed!

  • The Life Of Benneth - 23 hours ago

    Fortnite>>>> cod