TMelting Lead From Car Batteries

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Published on Aug 06, 2017

In this video I will be cutting a car battery in half to remove the acid and lead for future projects, WARNING do not try this at home this project is super dangerous and you could hurt yourself or some one else, and melting lead can be very dangerous, when you melt lead down the fumes are extremely toxic and even with a good mask you could still get lead dust into your lungs.
This project is extremely dangerous if you have kids around because after melting the lead you could have lead dust in your clothing do not let anyone touch your clothing make sure you wash it right away and not with any other clothing, then take a show and get any lead dust off your skin these are all the things you have to worry about when working with lead so please do not try this at home its dangerous for you and people around you.

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  • matthew martin - 16 hours ago

    Wow very impressed

  • Anton Tokarev - 1 day ago

    Did this when I was 10 years old in Kazakhstan

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    too much music.

  • John Gonzalez - 3 days ago

    Some say that it is "just impossible" to bring batteries back from the dead but, I think NOT. It's a simple matter of chemistry, IF there is enough lead metal left then the battery can be brought back. So before we try to go around replacing lead metal plates in batteries it may be better to first try to understand something about typical lead acid batteries and how they deteriorate: So the question becomes how can we remove lead sulfate from the battery plates? There are several methods: 10% Hydrochloric Acid, might work 5% EDTA solution ELECTROLYTIC REDUCTION CLEANING and of course removing the plates and sanding or grinding away the lead sulfate. Finally we also need to recondition the electrolyte, most lead-acid batteries require a solution of 35% sulfuric acid and 65% distilled water. We can get sulfuric acid of varying concentrations below: And of course a little high school algebra comes to rescue: I won't present the entire mathematical derivation, I will simply give the results: (assuming a mixture of 35% sulfuric acid and 65% distilled water) Let A = amount of acid solution c = concentration of acid solution in percent W = amount of distilled water T = total amount of fluid required in the battery. A = (0.35*T) / c W = T - [(0.35*T) / c] This will produce T amount of a 35% sulfuric acid and 65% distilled water solution. Once you have mixed the solution, then pour it into the battery and charge the battery.

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    unwatchable with that background racket.

  • Wild Hunter - 4 days ago

    How many pounds of lead did you get out of it after melting?

  • viking1ur - 6 days ago

    Soo much totaly wrong information here! What are talking about when U really dont know much about this. ????

  • Christopher Arnold - 6 days ago

    You're pretty smart for a guy with a face tattoo..If you ever get tired of it, I'm certain that acid would help speed it up on a tight budget. Video?

  • David leigh - 1 week ago

    use a chain saw make life life easier

  • AR-Gaming - 1 week ago

    So wait you say only glass but i got a battery from Walmart for a four wheeler and the acid was in a plastic container what kinda of special coating is in it or special plastic is it

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    Why do so many of you guys add music louder than your voice. Stupidest thing.

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    To much of a cancer risk.

  • Ary vanHarrick - 2 weeks ago

    You work very unsafe. Already the draining of acid did not happen with much precision, nor completely, and you are splashing it about like it doesn't matter, with your arms unprotected. Then making rough moves sawing that car battery in half whilst you work on 20 centimeters distance from that open container that holds the dangerous acid. you are literally bumping against it. I can only imagine the 'acid' was not really acid for starters in this case. If course, your from Belgium, but still..

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    i loved the video but you said "smash that like button" so i had to dislike.

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    Turn down the music more while you talk.

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    Funny how everyone’s an expert. You try and go the safest route and get hounded for it. You did everything right. Subbed*

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    Could you sell your lead ingots to me?

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    So you people do things but don't think anyone else is smart enough to do it? I have already taken a battery apart and melted it at home and I'm still alive.

  • 2010Rocrat - 2 weeks ago

    When I melt lead from recovered bullets, I used an old cast iron pan over a Coleman single burner camp stove. It puts out plenty of heat and you can add a lot more lead. The lead is heavier than the metal or copper jackets, so they float on top of the molten lead and can be scooped off the surface. You can also use fluxing compound to separate the dross from the lead to make it pure.

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    ever heard of an electric saw?

  • Michael Richter - 2 weeks ago

    Robert stags,wheel wiegthts are lead I've cast hundreds of pounds of them for pistol bulletts maybe even thousand pounds never kept track ,but a heell of a lot they contain a lot of antimony a metal that blends with pure lead to give it strength as for bulletts it makes them hard so they don't lead the barrel ,once in awhile I've had to throw out a wieght made from zinc it generally won't melt at leads melting temperature but will if furnace temp gets way to high!pure lead from batteries is to soft except formuzzel loader bulletts witch call for pure lead,just sayin

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    Lets make new battery from the recycled lead, home made battery.

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    В России этот аккумулятор использовали бы еще лет 10

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    Want to see what you use acid for. Batteries come in different sizes of course but how much did the 3 ingots weigh?

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