TElon Musk's INSANE Schedule - How to be the NEXT Elon Musk - #MentorMeElon

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Published on Apr 01, 2018

✎ If you want to know how Elon Musk's schedule looks like, and how to be productive like him, then this video is for you. Enjoy! :)

What are the success rules from Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Tony Robbins, and Elon Musk that had the biggest personal impact on me? Find out here:

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  • Santiago Amarilla - 36 minutes ago

    I want to start my own company, I've been recently studying about Simon Sinek's aproach on how companies work and i find it extremely fascinating, now the thing is that i don't know what my company's objective would be yet, but damn i want to make it work.

  • Kyle Knutson - 7 hours ago

    I'm going to spend more time working on my goals.. I don't know if it's going to be 100 hours a week, but I'm inspired to make more time for my work. It is, after all, a large part of what gives my life meaning.

  • Dori Sigurdson - 1 day ago

    WOW, "Work Super Hard on my Vision" I am going to change my use of the word "goal" to "MY VISION" Thanks Evan

  • Juan Ozores - 2 days ago

    Could anyone tell me the name of the song at the beginning at 0:40

  • craiginzana - 3 days ago

    Man... I've been trying to figure out something that I can get fired up about every day, but I feel like I'm really stuck. I can't seem to figure out the formula of something that is maximally useful for a large enough number of people that I have the skillset (or can acquire the skillset) to achieve. It’s driving me nuts, but maybe at 26 years old I’m overthinking it?

  • Amby Cakes - 5 days ago

    So inspiring!

  • Jason Lennon - 6 days ago

    Evan this channel is wonderful bro

  • themrstuphil - 6 days ago

    wow, great video! Keep up with this good work

  • Himanshu Singh - 6 days ago

    1:11 great APJ ABDUL KALAM.this guy gives us goosebumps

  • Kefada - 6 days ago

    I let the ad play just for you in gratitude for changing my life

  • Vishwahrudaya Uday - 6 days ago

    I will be next@

  • by Willy Rollé - 7 days ago

    "Spend 80% of your time on your core skills" #BTA100

  • jamie shelley - 1 week ago

    'Don't try and be the next Elon Musk, try and be the best you!'

  • Inspyre U - 1 week ago

    @Evan Carmichael I love your videos. Listen to them everyday as my background lessons, and my work breaks. Would love to meet with you the next time I am in Toronto. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • Laure Anctil PTE - 1 week ago

    Elon Musk- Great personality .. reminds me of the Batman Character ! Genius Thank you

  • Ketan Mahajani - 1 week ago

    "80% of my time is spent on engineering and design" And he works 100 hours a week. No doubt he is GOAT

  • raka marshall - 1 week ago

    thank you soo much!

  • Răzvan Afloarei - 1 week ago

    I wanted to try polyphasic sleeping but now I think I am going to stick to 7 hours and a half sleeping just like usual.

  • Mynose Neupane - 1 week ago

    His nature ideas even sitting posture Really a gentleman.

  • The Answer - 1 week ago

    Okay. Could someone please explain to me why is it that he takes so much time answering simple questions? Isn't he supposed to be the genius? In my case, I took an IQ test a few months ago and according to it my IQ was in between 160-165. When I get asked a complicated question I can think of my whole answer, even a whole paragraph, almost instantaneously before I even say it. How is it that this guy, who is supposed to be a genius, takes so much time to answer simple questions with a one sentence answer? I'm not against him, if anything I admire him. But could somebody please explain this to me? Preferably an expert, if that's possible. Thanks in advance.

  • dawiser1 - 1 week ago

    Agree mostly, but in terms of work hours, quantity does not equal quality!

  • Deepak Yadav - 1 week ago

    going to work for more hours than i do now

  • Mitchel Carson - 1 week ago

    Aim to be useful

  • Uzair M. - 1 week ago

    I will be the next elon musk

  • Parsa Eshtelaq - 1 week ago

    I don´t have a business (im only 14 years old) But my mission is to get people only to drive with Elektrick cars and get rid of the gas cars. Thats the thing i will not give up in.

  • TheEdge92 - 1 week ago

    To run my days like I would do a startup.

  • Alex Baicu - 2 weeks ago

    I am committing to being more productive with my time

  • Srishti T - 2 weeks ago

    To be motivated every hour i am awake...

  • Chris Morrow - 2 weeks ago

    Came across your Youtube channel while watching videos about Elon Musk. I'm new subscriber now! Great Jays cap too! Look forward to checking out your other videos. God bless you Evan, Chris

  • Manish Kumar - 2 weeks ago

    I commit to achieve that 80 hours of working per week and gradually increase to 100 hours.I am a student and I think this is the solution of all my problems. Thanks.