EXCLUSIVE: Victoria Beckham Explains Why She's 'So Proud' to Have Son Brooklyn's Support During N…

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  • la donna the first - Channel Youtube
    la donna the first - 2 weeks ago

    An inspiring woman.

  • Rangga Solagracia - Channel Youtube
    Rangga Solagracia - 2 weeks ago

    I love her accent

  • nancy long - Channel Youtube
    nancy long - 2 weeks ago

    That boy looks like John Lydon from the pistols.

  • M Cg - Channel Youtube
    M Cg - 2 weeks ago

    Es feisimo ese chico!!!😕

  • ie ra - Channel Youtube
    ie ra - 3 weeks ago

    Beautiful mom and handsome son. What a great family.

  • Hetal Raiththa - Channel Youtube
    Hetal Raiththa - 3 weeks ago

    all great designs and now a new one

  • just Moh - Channel Youtube
    just Moh - 1 month ago

    Loooove Victoria's style

  • sabha Levis - Channel Youtube
    sabha Levis - 1 month ago

    She so strong just the way i look in a women that empower a world of fashion..did anyone see this in english..

  • albertt hoffmann - Channel Youtube
    albertt hoffmann - 1 month ago

    There's nothing to be proud of . Little lucky scumbag

  • Laura Laura - Channel Youtube
    Laura Laura - 1 month ago

    any kid is great as time we as parents not do the great mistake to over spoils them

  • John Msx - Channel Youtube
    John Msx - 1 month ago

    I bet she sucks his dick.

  • Marcin Uciński - Channel Youtube
    Marcin Uciński - 1 month ago

    What is inspiring about the Beckhams is that they are a very down-to-earth family leaving in peace. Not having any scandals. I like them a lot and wish them all the best.

  • Dean Hull - Channel Youtube
    Dean Hull - 1 month ago

    Spoilt brats !!!!

  • Dale Goodman - Channel Youtube
    Dale Goodman - 2 months ago

    Dylan a silly little boy that can't gauge the consequences of his foolishness......he will learn!

  • George Porter - Channel Youtube
    George Porter - 2 months ago

    In a word - crap!

  • Reki Marsel - Channel Youtube
    Reki Marsel - 2 months ago

    I love her and emma watson... N they looks like a sisters

  • drop the dead donkey - Channel Youtube
    drop the dead donkey - 2 months ago

    what the heck is wrong with that interviewers voice, whining through her nose

  • Dale Goodman - Channel Youtube
    Dale Goodman - 3 months ago

    You're a blind little boy who has alot to learn about the real world.

  • clxx_xiv - Channel Youtube
    clxx_xiv - 3 months ago

    Victoria and David should be proud of themselves! they have a beautiful family and seems to me that their kids seem like good kids! <3 this!

  • Laura Esperanza - Channel Youtube
    Laura Esperanza - 3 months ago

    He is not goodlooking as his parents, quite plain and simple.

  • Sukarti Sumartoyo - Channel Youtube
    Sukarti Sumartoyo - 3 months ago

    Whatever Victoria Beckham is, she's very happy, very simple and nice lady. Very down to earth and easy going person. Good personality and confident. Lovely lady. GOD bless her.

  • darthraider * - Channel Youtube
    darthraider * - 3 months ago

    Lip fill? But who wouldn't if could afford it...

  • Seva Berdova - Channel Youtube
    Seva Berdova - 4 months ago

    Still love sporty spice....more real and modest

  • hele na - Channel Youtube
    hele na - 4 months ago

    VICTORIA 👍👍💞💞💞💞💞💞😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Streetkid Industries - Channel Youtube
    Streetkid Industries - 4 months ago

    This is the first appearance I've seen of Victoria where she's more beautiful than ever with what appears to be minimalistic makeup, so level headed, passionate, loving, intelligent, smart and so empowering. When I think of Victoria, I think of the last 20 years with unnatural poses, prim and proper and always looking perfectly done up but of course what the media portrays in most cases is a completely different perception of who they really are.

  • norbaizura ahmad - Channel Youtube
    norbaizura ahmad - 4 months ago

    I Luv Victoria .I dont know why?...no matter what people talk about her..

  • deborahmoses - Channel Youtube
    deborahmoses - 4 months ago

    he looks like a potato

  • Killy Zhimo - Channel Youtube
    Killy Zhimo - 5 months ago


  • Jennifer Rosenfeld - Channel Youtube
    Jennifer Rosenfeld - 5 months ago

    Everyone thinks Victoria is this stuck up woman but acutally she isn't she's so down to earth

  • Mercedes Teale - Channel Youtube
    Mercedes Teale - 5 months ago

    Big up for our Brooklyn Beckham all the way.new edition so fresh 💙💜❤️