T6ix9ine - Day69 MIXTAPE REVIEW

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Published on Feb 26, 2018

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAs9HZC9c7Y&ab_channel=FCKTHEM

6ix9ine brings a ton of aggression and energy to his debut mixtape, but lacks the versatility, charisma, and ear for interesting production to carry an entire project... even one that's just 27 minutes.

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Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

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  • michael - 28 minutes ago

    here for the stache disappointed

  • Klon0pin - 2 hours ago

    U look just like Heinrich Himmler. But just not as likable.

  • Huge Cock - 3 hours ago


  • Diagnoser 00 - 14 hours ago

    Lol 699k views!

  • Waffle Man - 15 hours ago

    hes heavy metal rap ppl love that shit look at slipnot they have millions of fans and the scream sum crazy shit hes doing the same just rap they say hes the hottest out and iv never heard him on the radio just word of mouth.....

  • Carver Kain - 17 hours ago

    This dude has never made me laugh before until he brought up the rubiks cube

  • DrDjOfficial - 21 hours ago


  • Pedro Trejo - 1 day ago

    Niglet it’s a review, don’t vent out about how you feel about the artist πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€

  • CrazyEddie05 Productions - 1 day ago

    I saw the YouTube video of this song and about 2 min later there was a gun in my mouth

  • Sky - 1 day ago

    Hating. This project at least a 4, stop 6.

  • thebestsinceday204658453154613 - 1 day ago

    His voicr reminds me of Lil Jon

  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - 2 days ago

    6ix9ine seems like a Mike Judge creation out of Idiocracy.

  • KillSwitch - 3 days ago

    it's a culture you bald fag, you think you got it all figured out lol

  • Newb Dodson - 3 days ago

    Yeah another review from a middle aged white guy. Yep, totally needed. :/ fucking try hards make everything lame. I’m white and I know like 3 of you in real life. All overly opinionated for no reason besides liking the sound of your own voice. Get a real job you SJW libtarded cuck.

  • someonewhoexist - 3 days ago

    Sorry you had to listen to this one

  • OwenGTA - 3 days ago

    lmao brokencyde

  • Spig Bong - 3 days ago

    Fantano is a cuck

  • tobias m j russell - 3 days ago

    extremely accurate

  • Been Ballin - 3 days ago

    "Society can't understand me." No we do. You like to fuck kids.

  • Jack Moors - 4 days ago

    King Br!an

  • JackJordan2 - 4 days ago

    3 too high if damn is 7

  • Adrian Zyskowski - 4 days ago

    He's on green screen lol

  • Ado Snyde - 4 days ago

    Why does it look like you've got pubes on your face

  • Brandon Williams - 5 days ago

    "Quite litteraly the most colorfull rapper" hahaha! You're not wrong

  • Drew Cass - 5 days ago

    Cummo > Gummo

  • TooStupidGamerz - 5 days ago

    dude Anthony this video was razor sharp. the nu metal comment. holy crap I knew I saw all this bullcrap somewhere before.

  • Bam Bam - 5 days ago

    this album go hard in the paint

  • musyarofah1 - 6 days ago

    redthony flantano is back

  • James Coppolino - 6 days ago

    Billy is the best song

  • Danny Ruiz - 6 days ago

    Rozz dyliams- Faith, Hope, Charity Album review please. If it has to be a new album check this one out, I think you might like some of his older projects