TA Day in the Life: Siberian Husky Edition | Doctor Mike

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Published on Sep 10, 2017

Huge shout out to Whistle for partnering with me and Roxy on this video! Hope you guys enjoyed dropping in on a day in the life of a husky. Comment below if you’d like to see more vlog style videos
featuring Roxy and we’ll make it happen!

If you liked Roxy’s GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor, click this
link https://www.whistle.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=drmike_sept_2017&utm_content=&discount= and use the code ROXY to get 25% off.

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  • Bathoric95 - 33 minutes ago

    Im surprised with an all over schedule you have a siberian husky! I work 42hrs a week and have a siberian too. I have a walker otherwise i know i couldnt keep her. Shes beautiful!

  • tori taugner - 1 hour ago

    this video is so cute awe

  • Clover Rose - 2 hours ago

    You should buy a de-shredder for your dog. It's a brush that gets rid of the fur. You should brush her at the end of summer and at the end of winter. I do that with my cat. He's a short hired cat but the amount of fur he has is crazy. And he loves it when I brush him

  • Josi - 2 hours ago

    Huskies are the best! I have rescued two of them, and they are wonderful. They are crazy smart and need a LOT of room to run. It says a lot about Dr. Mike that his dog is amazingly well trained.

  • Eleanor Sanchez - 2 hours ago

    I would pay so much money to see Casey neistat in public

  • Janelle Edgington - 2 hours ago

    Dr. Mike I love Roxy. She's so well trained. I actually want a Blue Bay Sheppard but if I can't get one a husky/wolf cross would be amazing. Hope you enjoy many more days off with Roxy😊

  • Kensy Osua - 2 hours ago

    My husky is not like that

  • Hannah - 3 hours ago

    Haha love the subtle hulk walk 👌🏼👌🏼 also Roxy is so gorgeous and well-behaved

  • Kristen Walker - 3 hours ago

    Husky's are amazing dogs mine went from hyper to calm when I had an S.V.T. episode normally she would refuse to be leashed by anyone but me but allowed the paramedics to leash her and put her in her outside enclosure. She did get a really talkative when they gave me Adenosen but other than that was quiet

  • Katherine Tadros - 5 hours ago

    Whose your camera man

  • Rain Blooms - 5 hours ago

    aww - we just got an alaskan klee kai a couple months ago <3 in love with husky's

  • Raul Santos - 5 hours ago

    try spamming left arrow at the start of this video lolololol it made me die ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Bogus Bozo - 6 hours ago

    What if your phone stops working?

  • RedRoseSeptember22 - 8 hours ago

    Such a beautiful fur baby Roxy is :D:D:D

  • Rachel Manning - 8 hours ago

    This video is making me love you so much more XD haha. Especially since husky's are one of my favourite dogs :D they're SO fluffy! and have beautiful eyes :) unfortunately my dad would never let me buy a dog. This gives me motivation to save up money for my own place so I can get a dog :P

  • Skyethemermicorno - 11 hours ago

    Can you do a day in the life with bear

  • PAWesome Vacations - 12 hours ago

    Beautuful husky! I love my girl, Calypso, so much, too! She loves hiking and the outdoors so much, too! The shedding, though...I feel your pain! Lol!

  • Kyra Dion Qureshi - 16 hours ago

    Aww she’s such a good GURL!

  • Kyra Dion Qureshi - 16 hours ago

    “Ew, no you just licked pee are you crazy!?” I’m dying though someone come save me.. Preferably Dr Mike. Lol

  • kamii0 - 21 hours ago

    I swear if that was my husky everyone would be chasing him down . Hes still in process of training staying in one place ; the total amount is he can stay in one place is 3:00 mins or hell be worried where i am and he cant be trusted of leash or with a leash by himself. However he is a total sweetheart though and my husky name before i forgot is named Husky. Hopefully one day i can get mine fully trained like Mikes dog named Roxy

  • Lilliz91 - 21 hours ago

    About to come back to New York with my dog from Europe. Haha she’s trained as well.

  • amythyst stonne - 1 day ago

    It's absolutely amazing when you're a grown ass man and you're dad still kisses you good bye. Mike is lucky. I can't even remember when my parents kissed me last time. Man, I don't even have any memory of my mother kissing me or hugging me.

  • gymnsastnail art - 1 day ago

    How come nobody's talking about when you left your dog on the street to get coffee but if I go get a piece of paper off the ground to throw away my dog is already 1 mile away

  • Lowkey Lonely - 1 day ago

    You should consider making a channel dedicated to your dog! I'd watch videos like these all day.

  • Margarita P. Narenpithak - 1 day ago

    Vet videos next? Love your videos!

  • dj creeper - 1 day ago

    Do i let my dog walk me for a day plz plz plzzzz

  • Unknown Definitely unknown - 2 days ago

    You can minimize shedding by wiping her once a week with a warm towel. You could also try washing her more often

  • Hannah Freeborn - 2 days ago

    That Italian women was adorable!

  • Nicholas Van Lingen - 2 days ago

    2:54 w have everywhere in Canada

  • Generic Username - 2 days ago

    Dr Mike: Hello UK! Me: *frantically waves* Hello Dr Mike!