TD-backs, Dodgers brawl twice in one night

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Published on Jun 12, 2013

6/11/13: Both teams trade hit-by-pitches that empty the benches, but when Zack Greinke is hit by Ian Kennedy, tensions escalate into a second altercation

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  • atrain 32 - 3 hours ago

    Imagine that roid rage mcgire angry.

  • Guadalupe Rodriguez - 21 hours ago

    Dbacks hit someone on the head, dodgers come back and hit their player on the back, so they aim for the head again.... seems logical for the dfags

  • 陳瑤億 - 3 days ago

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  • Joseph Pangelinan - 4 days ago

    0:47 how the heck do you not think it hit hin

  • Sean Sullivan - 4 days ago

    DBacks looking like total pussies like always. Fucking Arizona...

  • Me_2 - 5 days ago

    wow that head hunting shit is scary

  • DINDU NUFFIN - 5 days ago

    I see McGuire is still riod raging

  • megadethmofo - 5 days ago

    Puig hit in the head.... couldn't happen to a better Dogfucker.

  • Nathan Rogers - 5 days ago

    Above obvious actress intellectual eager root growth.

  • MDB - 6 days ago

    God baseball fights are soooooooo gay.

  • Quest Tech - 6 days ago

    Kennedy's trying to kill them bastards.

  • FunnyVids - 6 days ago

    Bloods didnt want it

  • Anton Belev - 6 days ago

    just suck it up and take the base!

  • Reliablethreat - 7 days ago

    And THAT'S why players are wearing the face guards nowadays!

  • ChickenModz YT - 7 days ago

    Arizona is the trashiest team ever

  • CMUBruin - 7 days ago

    To this day, I root for Ian Kennedy to matter what team he is on.

  • giver of the L 187 - 7 days ago

    I went to burn my Dodgers and lanyard kill the sport for me not ima Diamondbacks fan

  • dj Ender - 1 week ago

    Somebody knock out the d-backs pitcher pls

  • David MacDougal - 1 week ago

    McGuire has steroid rage. Cheater

  • Eric C. Welch - 1 week ago

    Like watching children on a playground.

  • Thomas Fitzgerald - 1 week ago

    Amusing seeing Mark McGuire and Kirk Gibson going at it. Fun seeing these brawls. Can't deny it.

  • Grateful aya - 1 week ago

    let them fight, most excitement i get to see in baseball

  • dterik - 1 week ago

    Is this the year the dodgers went swimming?

  • dterik - 1 week ago

    Grienke got jumped when he went to the dbacks

  • Cyber Bully - 1 week ago

    WOWIE! Those gals were really going at it.

  • james crowe - 1 week ago

    Mcgwire really looks different now that he's off the steroids.

  • Cade Housh - 1 week ago

    The first one was dirty

  • Zach Meyn - 1 week ago

    This announcer makes me want to kill myself

  • Ernest Rimbeck - 1 week ago

    How do you get hit in the face with a pitch

  • J Wallace - 1 week ago

    The first pitcher for the dbacks did not purposely hit puig c'mon man, ironocally greinke emded up with the dbacks lol