Jennifer Lawrence Explains Her Drunk Alter Ego 'Gail'

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  • Nicole Almengual - Channel Youtube
    Nicole Almengual - 10 hours ago

    I want to be so comfortable with myself and who I am, that I can take my shoes off while being interviewed on The Ellen Show.

  • Danielle Balouise - Channel Youtube
    Danielle Balouise - 1 day ago

    Holy shit. Jennifer Lawrence is gold.

  • Trin Murray - Channel Youtube
    Trin Murray - 1 day ago

    I know her! That's Carrie!

  • Alana Kiss - Channel Youtube
    Alana Kiss - 2 days ago

    I actually don't really like Jennifer Lawrence but I love her in this video

  • Riley Sickler - Channel Youtube
    Riley Sickler - 2 days ago

    What’s with Jlaw submitting to free drinks on talk shows? Does she want to have more alter-egos?

  • Kaylee B - Channel Youtube
    Kaylee B - 3 days ago

    So was it Gail who had sex with Harvey Weinstein?

  • Sillybunnybunny - Channel Youtube
    Sillybunnybunny - 3 days ago

    Her nip is out tbh

  • Sekusamu - Channel Youtube
    Sekusamu - 3 days ago

    After Colbert, talk show hosts give Jennifer alcohol

  • Lizi Zhu - Channel Youtube
    Lizi Zhu - 4 days ago

    Is that not relatable enough for you, people?!

  • Twilight21 - Channel Youtube
    Twilight21 - 4 days ago

    My favorite part is when she’s like “I can’t oh I really can’t..... eh I’ll take this one.” 😂

  • YourUncleOlaf - Channel Youtube
    YourUncleOlaf - 4 days ago

    5:17 Samantha? Chanelle?

  • Darren Levell - Channel Youtube
    Darren Levell - 4 days ago

    To all the people that judge her because she has the right to drink what ever the hell she wants and when she wants we both give you the bird and we will see you in heaven still f###$$ laughing our way there.

  • Nicholas G - Channel Youtube
    Nicholas G - 5 days ago

    Love her so much

  • Catherine Filatova - Channel Youtube
    Catherine Filatova - 5 days ago

    as long as her alter ego is not Mr.Hide let her enjoy her drink

  • WithADashOfPazazz - Channel Youtube
    WithADashOfPazazz - 6 days ago

    her reaction to the red sparrow premiere picture 😂😂😂

  • Jenna Winters - Channel Youtube
    Jenna Winters - 6 days ago

    Huhhuhuh. huh. Her laugh KILLS ME LOL

  • Angela Kalita - Channel Youtube
    Angela Kalita - 6 days ago

    Omg she is the funniest celeb ever.

  • LM FAO - Channel Youtube
    LM FAO - 6 days ago

    Omg Jennifer is sooo funny

  • Ahmed Almakrai - Channel Youtube
    Ahmed Almakrai - 1 week ago

    Why does she keep saying "my girlfriends"?

  • Carl James - Channel Youtube
    Carl James - 1 week ago

    all child abuse MAFIIA puppets have an alter

  • Rahul Brahmin - Channel Youtube
    Rahul Brahmin - 1 week ago

    I'm angry coz she is amazing ! why cant i have a girlfriend like her ?

  • Pa. - Channel Youtube
    Pa. - 1 week ago

    how do people find this soooooooooooo cute...?

  • Aromal Babu - Channel Youtube
    Aromal Babu - 1 week ago

    She's brutally honest...I love her

  • Osito Panda - Channel Youtube
    Osito Panda - 1 week ago

    What is “gail”? Im from argentina

  • KayGee - Channel Youtube
    KayGee - 1 week ago

    I like Jennifer a lot. Didn't like this interview. I don't appreciate her cutting Ellen off.

  • Little Girl - Channel Youtube
    Little Girl - 1 week ago

    We should throw Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevingne and Emma Stone together in a room, give them alcohol and tape their conversations. It'd be hilarious.

  • _bb_ - Channel Youtube
    _bb_ - 1 week ago

    So no_one noticed jen walking half _barefooted @4:48

  • Senethma Jayamanne - Channel Youtube
    Senethma Jayamanne - 1 week ago

    Is she wearing he jumper the wrong way around. LOL

  • BadGalSiya - Channel Youtube
    BadGalSiya - 1 week ago

    She wears the same outfit for everything.

  • Nicole T. Gibbons - Channel Youtube
    Nicole T. Gibbons - 2 weeks ago

    Am I the only who noticed the one shoe? 😕