TCharlize Theron Was Called Out for Speaking Afrikaans

Published on Mar 09, 2018

James asks Charlize Theron about her and her mom's conversations in their native tongue, Afrikaans, and learns that it once backfired on them at an airport.

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  • Billy poppins - 15 minutes ago

    Die Atwood

  • Supreme Lord& Master Of All Creation - 32 minutes ago

    "Afrikaans"? Is that some pretentious bullshit term for dutch?

  • Chris van dijk - 3 hours ago

    Charlize Theron, Miss Universe 2017 Demi Leigh Nel Peters and Candice Swanepoel, ALL South African and all Afrikaans Native speakers. There is something in the water in South Africa!

  • Povski - 3 hours ago

    3% of the world's population speaks Afrikaans? That's over 200 million people. South Africa has a population of 55 million.

  • Kristian Brandt - 3 hours ago

    HA! 3% that's nothing, try Danish. It's the official language of a modern and well established nation, and not whatever the European equivalent of an isolated tribe language is, but seeing as the nation in question is rather small, you could fit the entire Danish speaking population in New York City, and easily have room for 3 million more. And that's including the territories of Greenland and Faroe Islands.

  • Pierre de Cine - 4 hours ago

    Charlize looks quite different, wonder why ?

  • TheChameleon2008 - 5 hours ago

    Well, i am dutch and afrikaans is almost the same.

  • Patrick Daneels - 6 hours ago

    Ik heb zeer weinig problemen om Zuid-Afrikaans te begrijpen. Ik ben Vlaams sprekend Belg !

  • Chanté Tiziana - 7 hours ago

    I speak Dutch and most of the time I get what people say in Afrikaans. So be aware, besides South Africans, the Dutch and Belgians understand you too

  • KarlLueger3 - 9 hours ago

    Although she a piece of shit on every level, the cunt is useful against the skin-haters, since shes African but not melanin blessed like the better than you kaffiri.. but how is a whiteksin also African and now shes an "African in America" but not black? Next thing you loser liberal lumps of shit will say a Wakandan can be someone not black? we wuz kangz and Greeks and Viking n sheet, just like on televitz

  • schalk du plooy - 10 hours ago

    wow vrou mens... j is n nuwe vorm van spesiminaal😂

  • Dragonion17 - 10 hours ago

    I am from rsa

  • 4exgold - 11 hours ago

    never got why she ditched her SA accent in favour of a Valley Girl one though. " know...whatever"

  • Jez Brunatny - 12 hours ago

  • Jez Brunatny - 12 hours ago

  • Panditch _ZA - 12 hours ago

    Shes a dirty whore😂she loves anal go look on pornhud

  • Tessa Groeneveld - 14 hours ago

    Hahahaha I'm Dutch and I can understand her

  • mlasko74 - 15 hours ago

    I still think the best thing she's done is show her tite ass in cider house rules.

  • awesome1ru - 17 hours ago

    What the fook is Afrikaans?

  • Mathis Goossens - 20 hours ago

    little put age react accident tongue tournament shrug significantly connection

  • helius cluster 1 - 20 hours ago

    Please don't do anything more to your face. It will just look weird.

  • Patrick Reilly - 20 hours ago

    Afrikaans... for anal bleaching...???

  • anna86 - 20 hours ago

    I speak German and Swedish and understood what she said in Afrikaans

  • duncan viviers - 21 hours ago

    fok vir Charlize Theron sy gee dan geld vir EFF kommunistiese party wat ons taal en mense wil verwyder sy is n veraaier en n poes sy word seker hard genaai deur daai nigeriërs in amerika dom liberale teef hou op ons taal praat en fok voort met jou westerste waardes.

  • Anwyll Music - 21 hours ago

    3 % of the worlds population speaks Afrikaans? I am South African, and what the ffffff are you on about??? You saying that 210 000 000 speak Afrikaans....that is 4 times the population of South Africa. What are you teaching the foreigners Charlize. Nee vok, jy moet net gaan kak met jou kak...en hoe jy se soos 'n buitelander.

  • Timmy R - 22 hours ago

    I wonder why she doesn’t speak out about all the white people who are being murdered in South Africa. I also wonder why she doesn’t speak out about the South African government confiscating land from white South Africans without compensation.

  • b.cage - 22 hours ago

    Maybe they should worry less about her speaking afrikaans, and worry a little more about that factthat the white african farmers are murdered in record numbers and the government is calling for white genocide.

  • BuyAnAxe - 22 hours ago


  • Kurt Gonzalez - 22 hours ago

    Hakuna Matata.

  • Tay Made - 23 hours ago

    This white made up shit.