THE GOOD DOCTOR Official Trailer (HD) Freddie Highmore ABC Drama

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Published on May 17, 2017

THE GOOD DOCTOR Official Trailer (HD) Freddie Highmore ABC Drama

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It’s time to change the way you think. Sometimes being different can make all the difference. #TheGoodDoctor comes to ABC this Fall.

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  • maiken0424 - Channel Youtube
    maiken0424 - 1 day ago

    The original version is way better than this! Good Doctor (korean)

  • MOHAMMAD WATTAD - Channel Youtube
    MOHAMMAD WATTAD - 2 days ago

    The best film that i have watched😍

  • Nicole suzuki arana - Channel Youtube
    Nicole suzuki arana - 3 days ago

    Phsyco or autist make a decision😘

  • Nicole suzuki arana - Channel Youtube
    Nicole suzuki arana - 3 days ago

    Bates motel😘😚

  • Fer Vilte - Channel Youtube
    Fer Vilte - 3 days ago

    Me encantoo! Quiero la temporada 2!

  • momo yuzuri - Channel Youtube
    momo yuzuri - 1 week ago

    This remake was the best!!! I've always LOVE AND IDOLIZED FREDDIE HIGHMORE when I was still a Kid and up until now. Every Movie Freddie have always makes me HAPPY. PLS. CONTINUE TO EXPAND UR WINGS AND WE WILL WAYS BE HERE FOR YOU FREDDIE. 😍👍👍 BIG THUMBS UP FOR EVERY MOVIE YOU HAD.

  • Ganesh Shiral - Channel Youtube
    Ganesh Shiral - 1 week ago

    best show in world

  • Shiela Tantog - Channel Youtube
    Shiela Tantog - 2 weeks ago

    This is boy is so amazing , so innocent in every movie. I love it .❤❤

  • Chang Chong - Channel Youtube
    Chang Chong - 2 weeks ago

    Thr bad focter

  • Pratiwi Aja - Channel Youtube
    Pratiwi Aja - 3 weeks ago

    Mirip korea

  • roidark14 - Channel Youtube
    roidark14 - 3 weeks ago

    Soy yo o el protagonista es bien feo?

  • Fatima sultan - Channel Youtube
    Fatima sultan - 3 weeks ago

    this was geart love it

  • hoi hallo - Channel Youtube
    hoi hallo - 3 weeks ago

    Is the good doctor on netflix?

  • Emilia C. - Channel Youtube
    Emilia C. - 1 month ago

    I prefer the original Korean drama

  • Hammadi Kochi - Channel Youtube
    Hammadi Kochi - 1 month ago

    What about the next season?

  • Fany Acosta - Channel Youtube
    Fany Acosta - 1 month ago

    All this is a fake its a copy of rhe best korean serie the good doctor with Woo Yong

  • Awaliyah - Channel Youtube
    Awaliyah - 1 month ago

    is this an adaptation from the korean drama good doctor?

  • Archana Rawat - Channel Youtube
    Archana Rawat - 1 month ago

    Copied from south Korean Drama good docter

  • LBVKOOKBTS - Channel Youtube
    LBVKOOKBTS - 1 month ago

    There is a Kdrama called The Good Doctor too and the scene at 0:39 had that scene in the movie

  • liana rorimpandey - Channel Youtube
    liana rorimpandey - 1 month ago

    Is this the remake version of the korean one called Good Doctor?

  • zarlene manata - Channel Youtube
    zarlene manata - 1 month ago

    Please watch The Good Doctor Tv series in Korea this movie are the same...

  • awsome54196 - Channel Youtube
    awsome54196 - 1 month ago

    savant = constantly on NZT-48

  • Rossadah Ros - Channel Youtube
    Rossadah Ros - 1 month ago

    And suddenly I'm fallin to him 😍

  • fangirlingfeels - Channel Youtube
    fangirlingfeels - 1 month ago

    The original is pretty good but i think this will reach a larger range of audience, that will relay the moral of the story or serve as a representation to the autism community.

  • Jannat Uppoma - Channel Youtube
    Jannat Uppoma - 1 month ago

    is it the remake of the korean drama

  • Jannat Uppoma - Channel Youtube
    Jannat Uppoma - 1 month ago

    is it the remake of the korean drama

  • Sneha Reddy K - Channel Youtube
    Sneha Reddy K - 1 month ago

    where can I watch full episodes of this show, online?

  • Shreyasi Chakraborty - Channel Youtube
    Shreyasi Chakraborty - 1 month ago

    I will watch this.the concept is taken from the Korean drama with the same name,it was awesome.the new version will be too.i love freedie.......u guys can watch the Korean one,the main actor there did a brilliant job.i don't know if the new one will follow the same story line but the portrait of freedie is looking exact same .

  • victoria princer - Channel Youtube
    victoria princer - 2 months ago

    He is so handsome

  • Thanuja Subramanian - Channel Youtube
    Thanuja Subramanian - 2 months ago

    Awesome act shaun