TOCEAN'S 8 - Official Main Trailer

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Published on Apr 12, 2018

In theaters June 8th, 2018
Having this much fun is a crime. #Oceans8 stars Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, with Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter.

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  • Finley Morgan - 4 minutes ago

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  • Wifi Azzord - 51 minutes ago

    First they ruin Ghostbusters by replacing them with girls, now Oceans.

  • MelvinDorkus - 1 hour ago

    what's her face looks like michael jackson in this

  • Noah Day - 1 hour ago

    fuck women

  • Tylea Manning - 1 hour ago

    This looks sooooo good omg I'm hype

  • no views - 2 hours ago

    another feminist movie. when will they learn feminism is cancer.

  • Cang Nguyen - 2 hours ago

    The whole movie in 2:01.

  • Cara Delevingne - 2 hours ago

    No need steal . You can sell your honor for them chink

  • Cara Delevingne - 2 hours ago

    The troll of ocean

  • Marco Wimmer - 3 hours ago

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  • MorallyAwkward - 4 hours ago

    Quit ruining movie franchises by switching fucking genders! It never works, it’s lazy, and no woman gives a shit about Oceans eleven ( like Ghost Busters ). Quit ruining my youth because you don’t have a dick!!!!!!

  • Shake & Bake garage - 5 hours ago

    Obviously all the good ideas have been taken, so now you lazy bitches are just gonna change the cast to all female and say it's cool, just like all the movies that have black lead roles where it obviously should be white, because of slavery

  • Daniel Singson - 5 hours ago

    Gotta watch this!

  • nguyen huong - 5 hours ago

    It's not that bad though if u dont like it then stop watching these trailers and comments

  • Nethezbet - 6 hours ago

    So, how do we make a movie about women that don't need no men to be successful? By tying it in to a movie about successful men. This is kind of the opposite effect that the writers want, I think. It is admitting that you can't come up with strong ideas for women and instead give them the left overs from men. I'd rather see something original instead of all these trash copy cats hoping to bank on nostalgia. It is actually pretty demeaning to women.

  • Joey Cage - 6 hours ago

    Another Ghostbusters

  • Jus Puddin - 7 hours ago

    I’ll wait until it’s free 🙄 IJS

  • agweterndg - 8 hours ago

    If you're trying to make a kick ass female movie, you better make it fantastic so that you're not pigeonholing it and everyone will want to see it. Unfortunately there is nothing new or great about this movie so I see very low return on it if any. Only SJW women will want to see it. It's like Hollywood is making bad movies on purpose just so they can get a certain message across. Hummm I wonder why they would do that???

  • Enzo Picard - 9 hours ago

    Shared dare chase company scare guy junior canvas teacher canvas.

  • Ahmad Omar - 10 hours ago

    First the crappy women ghostbusters now this?

  • TheTokelosh - 10 hours ago

    Came for the comments, not disappointed.

  • nvdirtbiker - 10 hours ago

    Is this going to suck as badly as ghostbusters did? Nothing in that trailer gives me any hope it won’t.

  • aidan wroth - 10 hours ago

    bruh women cant even build a bridge right

  • Jasper Arcadia - 11 hours ago

    wasn't there a john mulaney joke about this? we're in the darkest timeline, people.

  • Seth Atkinson - 11 hours ago

    Worry breath aim neither correct intention period because somebody asset board.

  • Linette Bequer - 11 hours ago

    So who is going to play James Bond in the female version next?

  • Acrylic Hobo - 11 hours ago

    I’ll bet these comments will be funnier than the film itself.

  • XenoidXZ - 12 hours ago

    I’m HYPED for this

  • Rudro Lahiri - 12 hours ago

    i can tell the original ocean 11 was better

  • Bloom County - 12 hours ago

    Umm, yeah. A female gang of burglars are common place. This story plot isn't far fetched or ridiculous.