LEGENDARY All You Can Eat Buffet in Manila Philippines - Spiral Buffet Review

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Published on Feb 27, 2018

I heard about Spiral Buffet 4 years ago, and since then I have been dying to go. Today, I FINALLY entered one of the most INCREDIBLE all you can eat food fantasies, and I am so happy to share this experience with you.

Spiral - $60

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  • samspace81 - Channel Youtube
    samspace81 - 3 hours ago

    then they're eating pagpag in the slums, all i could think about, couldn't get hungry here

  • leon Zhong - Channel Youtube
    leon Zhong - 16 hours ago


  • drowsy -G - Channel Youtube
    drowsy -G - 17 hours ago

    luxury buffet

  • Y Ramesh - Channel Youtube
    Y Ramesh - 19 hours ago

    camera man will be more mouthwatering than us ha ha

  • LineoLemon - Channel Youtube
    LineoLemon - 1 day ago

    a little starch hehe :D

  • jansaeipathy - Channel Youtube
    jansaeipathy - 1 day ago

    I'm not into buffet because I have like the smallest appetite lol. But I want to eat here because of the cheeses, custom pizza and desserts

  • Rhayne Sthorm - Channel Youtube
    Rhayne Sthorm - 1 day ago

    I’ve gone into a diabetic coma watching you......😵

  • F. Nikol - Channel Youtube
    F. Nikol - 1 day ago

    Seafood mixed with melted cheese? This is a complete digestive no-no.

  • jadebench - Channel Youtube
    jadebench - 2 days ago

    Come to Bahrain and I will take you to an Iftar buffet.

  • A - Channel Youtube
    A - 2 days ago

    I have to go there when I visit the mother land again! 😭😭 everything looks so good!!! 🤤🤤

  • Winnie the Pooh - Channel Youtube
    Winnie the Pooh - 2 days ago

    Who is filming you while you are getting your food at buffet area? Cheers !

  • yasin shekhlari - Channel Youtube
    yasin shekhlari - 2 days ago

    why is he so cringy

  • sainthalberdzx - Channel Youtube
    sainthalberdzx - 2 days ago

    if only my stomach is big enough to eat all of that

  • FLiPPiNoise - Channel Youtube
    FLiPPiNoise - 2 days ago

    Guys be warned..Dont watch this video without food infront of you coz you gonna start drooling and you gonna get hungry. looks like im hitting this buffet when i go back to Philippines this december! hahaha

  • john haymer - Channel Youtube
    john haymer - 2 days ago

    I can't eat heaps but I am willing to pay for this one and try it looks so good

  • the player - Channel Youtube
    the player - 3 days ago

    I am drooling...also getting ready to go to my local buffet which is not even close to this level of flair(fair)

  • Joshua Susanto - Channel Youtube
    Joshua Susanto - 3 days ago

    Damn it mike, you're making me hungry....., I skipped breakfast and supper... And I watched this.... Haha!

  • pewshmpew - Channel Youtube
    pewshmpew - 3 days ago


  • Alfheim - Channel Youtube
    Alfheim - 3 days ago

    spiral is great i love the cheese

  • Mr. Chu Nishikawa - Channel Youtube
    Mr. Chu Nishikawa - 3 days ago

    Its Halo halo not hello hello XD

  • Luweeh's Kitchen - Channel Youtube
    Luweeh's Kitchen - 3 days ago

    you have beautiful voice..how can i describe it...it has good feelings when hearing you talking ..coz i have a weird speaking ability ..and poor english too hahahh

  • OKAYYYY - Channel Youtube
    OKAYYYY - 4 days ago

    Damn mike u got some stubby hands

  • Maxwell Edison - Channel Youtube
    Maxwell Edison - 4 days ago

    Wish I could see the whole thing, but I'm not about to sit through a half-hour ad.

  • reannie malonzo - Channel Youtube
    reannie malonzo - 4 days ago

    Thank you for uplifting the image of Philippines,,, bless you

  • Jess ric - Channel Youtube
    Jess ric - 4 days ago

    Flakier than pheobe buffet? How? Hahahahaha

  • Jess ric - Channel Youtube
    Jess ric - 4 days ago


  • Han South - Channel Youtube
    Han South - 5 days ago

    hey food buster, this is the first time i ve seen you eat veggies

  • Capt_ Miz190 - Channel Youtube
    Capt_ Miz190 - 5 days ago

    this guy's stomach is a mystery

  • Ridhuan Abu Bakar - Channel Youtube
    Ridhuan Abu Bakar - 5 days ago

    this is paradise

  • Andy Zweigel - Channel Youtube
    Andy Zweigel - 5 days ago

    It looks amazing. I wish there was one in the States. Would be perfect for Vegas. It would Bacchanal a run for it' money.