Conan & Jordan Schlansky's Italian Wine Tasting - CONAN on TBS

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

Conan takes Jordan to one of his favorite wineries and in return, Jordan annoys and insults him.

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Categoy: Comedy

  • gravecactus - Channel Youtube
    gravecactus - 7 hours ago

    oh my gosh, they are bouncing off each other. you can tell that Conan truly loves his very best friend Jordan.

  • Marilia Tatone - Channel Youtube
    Marilia Tatone - 21 hours ago

    Conan the best they wAnna make all fancy things ahha .. I live Italy I make like conan Just drink .. so ridiculous smell.. people say forest, acid haha just alcohol for make you drunk haha

  • Martín Maroni - Channel Youtube
    Martín Maroni - 1 day ago

    This is in my top 5 Conan videos ever, for sure.

  • Simon Kuestenmacher - Channel Youtube
    Simon Kuestenmacher - 1 day ago

    This must be one of the funniest Conan bits of all time. I’m in tears!

  • Đức Nguyễn Bùi Thanh - Channel Youtube
    Đức Nguyễn Bùi Thanh - 2 days ago

    Im not a native English speaker, could anyone please kindly explain to me what was so funny about Jordan's comment on the forest thing ? I truly wanna know cuz he couldnt help laughing while commenting this. Thanks in advance XD

  • Boy, If you dont ! - Channel Youtube
    Boy, If you dont ! - 2 days ago

    I love seeing jordan laugh :)

  • Lídia Rios - Channel Youtube
    Lídia Rios - 3 days ago

    Pre-ten-tious as F

  • A Caf - Channel Youtube
    A Caf - 3 days ago

    I actually have watched this everday for the last 2 weeks. Still great.

  • PutinWithAnimals - Channel Youtube
    PutinWithAnimals - 3 days ago

    "Not stupid, but different"

  • tkykhs - Channel Youtube
    tkykhs - 4 days ago

    "I feel like I'm lost in the woods right now." And then Jordan breaks.

  • TheLightJar - Channel Youtube
    TheLightJar - 4 days ago


  • Alex Hart - Channel Youtube
    Alex Hart - 4 days ago

    Jordan is such a pretentious prick about all this stuff, Conan should sock him in the nose at least once

  • TripOptics - Channel Youtube
    TripOptics - 5 days ago

    At 3:27 is the point conan holds back every urge to jam his wine glass in Jordans face.

  • Joel Morales - Channel Youtube
    Joel Morales - 5 days ago

    I never thought I would see Jordan giggle so much. I can die in peace now.

  • San Ace - Channel Youtube
    San Ace - 5 days ago

    Oh God, Jordan is a human....

  • Astronaut Conejito - Channel Youtube
    Astronaut Conejito - 5 days ago

    Never seen Conan smile so cheesily big, haha! XD or at least from what I remember.

  • Jorge Villanueva - Channel Youtube
    Jorge Villanueva - 5 days ago

    It's was too much, even for Jordan hahahaha, he knew Conan won't let him get away with that "I smell a forest" hahahaha

  • Ayrton Senna Fan - Channel Youtube
    Ayrton Senna Fan - 5 days ago

    Never saw Jordan laugh loool 😁

  • Brave Boy - Channel Youtube
    Brave Boy - 6 days ago

    Rare moment of Jordan LAUGHING!

  • Jeff - Channel Youtube
    Jeff - 6 days ago

    "The truffle dogs will come in and they will feast on your powdered puss." 🤣

  • AndresKroto - Channel Youtube
    AndresKroto - 6 days ago

    I dont like the new Jordan Update.

  • gotajerb - Channel Youtube
    gotajerb - 6 days ago

    Jordan is so cute xDD

  • Chyna - Channel Youtube
    Chyna - 6 days ago

    I've never seen my boi Jordan laugh so much, it came as a shock but in a good way lol

  • M N - Channel Youtube
    M N - 6 days ago

    Jordan was drunk AF..

  • Swagger Do - Channel Youtube
    Swagger Do - 6 days ago

    Typical irish, just chugs the glass empty.

  • NISAR RAHIL - Channel Youtube
    NISAR RAHIL - 6 days ago

    Jordan laughing actually means he's happy

  • Tomas Strolys - Channel Youtube
    Tomas Strolys - 7 days ago

    Can anybody translate how Jordan said inelegant in Italian?

  • uhavemooface - Channel Youtube
    uhavemooface - 7 days ago

    I think Jordan is pissing Conan off on purpose lol. Its hilarious how Conan gets angry if he really is.

  • jay moon - Channel Youtube
    jay moon - 7 days ago

    I love that Jordan is now the one to annoy conan

  • Dr Phot - Channel Youtube
    Dr Phot - 7 days ago

    Where are my other Alcoholism U alum at?