TYoung Family Live In Beautiful Converted School Bus To Travel North America

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Published on Dec 14, 2017

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This dynamic young family were seeking a life of adventure where they would be able to explore North America and all of it's wonders. What better way than to live on the road in a converted Blue Bird school bus!

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Their skoolie has absolutely everything they need to live a comfortable life on the road and when they don't feel like moving for a while, they even have a beautiful property in Colorado where they can unwind, snowboard and enjoy the spectacular mountain surroundings.

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  • Susan Guccione - 7 hours ago

    Wow you guys are great! Thanks for being a great example.

  • Ann Liddell - 3 days ago

    All babies should be happy like this.

  • Ann Liddell - 3 days ago

    The baby look so happy, love what they did with the bus.

  • Orient JewelHeart - 4 days ago

    I love Bryce the way you interview people and family ... you are wonderful ... bring smile to my heart specially when i got home from work and tired and while relaxing watch your video here in youtube... God Bless Your Heart :-)

  • freddie meyer - 5 days ago

    lovely baby😚where does.he sleep though?

  • Minnesota Girls Life - 6 days ago

    The baby loves the camera. His wave is soooo cute!!!

  • Minnesota Girls Life - 6 days ago

    The baby is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his little giggle! 😝😝😝

  • tesscot - 7 days ago

    Really great video. These two really explained things well and when he said $20,000 I was like, wow that is the number that has been popping into my head for my complete bus conversion. I think one thing is having time to do it as you find stuff and doing some of the work yourself. Buying used is extremely important to me. It has been my life style for years. I get clothes, furniture, appliances, cars, as well as other stuff from either charitable organizations or friends and family. Used for me is an environmental choice as well as a way to fight back against the corporations and banks. Recycled and up cycled is a must for my bus conversion.

  • Jayne Davis - 1 week ago

    Nice family but the kid will need his own space soon. The dogs have a full kennel but the baby has no crib or Toddler bed

  • LankyJane - 1 week ago

    Am I the only one who thought the dogs' bed was a crib, and also thought it was really cool?

  • Shana Debusschere - 2 weeks ago

    Verry nice done but where the fuck does the kid sleep ? No bed for him??

  • Offgrid Jack - 2 weeks ago

    What town is this place where they have their school bus? Very pretty area. Too bad they have to leave part of the year. The baby is a lucky little guy to live in that bus with TWO very cool parents!!

  • dixiedarlin - 2 weeks ago

    what a wonderful life they are providing for that sweet child

  • Grace's Slime Channel - 2 weeks ago

    Where does the baby sleep???

  • Sarah Stark - 3 weeks ago

    Let the woman speak!

  • Edi2003 - 3 weeks ago

    Lol I notice tiny house people don't care too much about privacy while using the toilet. There is always a curtain instead of a door and these guys did put a door but didn't even bother with a full door. Maybe their business doesn't stink.

  • Trooper Awakens - 3 weeks ago

    Very nice ! :)

  • Cypress & Spruce - 3 weeks ago

    Love this bus!

  • Alyssa Copland - 4 weeks ago

    where did you get the door

  • I AM - 4 weeks ago

    Sooo are we going to home school the baby when he's school age? Everything else is pure dopeness

  • Asmiii Grg - 4 weeks ago

    Beautiful couple with cute child and awesome transformation of Bus😍😍😍😍 loved it😊😊

  • Char Bandraoi - 4 weeks ago

    THIS is what I want... But I have many questions. Working and travel would be difficult. Property and parking. The government does not make it easy. Also thank you for the website!

  • Lumberjack - 4 weeks ago

    i would'nt be able to fit in that bus

  • trebledc - 1 month ago

    When i saw the salt lamp yup i know she like to cook.

  • CZ Bikash - 1 month ago

    My dream .. 😥

  • Piqachu 92 - 1 month ago

    "You r living, instead of working and worrying". Love this quote. I guess it is kind of true, living in smaller space (not just bus, trailer, and rv but also rsmaller house) does makes u less worry from the budget and paying back big amount of loans aspect. There r pros and cons but one of the pros living in smaller space (rv, trailer, bus, small house; studio apartment or just smaller house than what people usually r expected to have after work, and tiny house) is u x have to worry much about budget, it helps in saving money for any emergency like medical and fixing the home appliances, and less worry about big sum of loans for the house.

  • Rick Bart Riochet - 1 month ago

    there's a freaking AC!!!!

  • Rosemary Williams - 1 month ago

    My Lord your baby is Adorable😊 yeah and the homes great too lol

  • Andrew Byrd - 1 month ago

    I found this new website where you can place ads for Skoolies, Coaches, etc... and it's FREE. http://www.ConvertedSchoolBuses.com

  • Jose Pinela - 1 month ago

    Congratulations!!!!!!. God Bless you!!!!!!.