The challenge for US with Russia in Syria

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

Retired Army Major General James "Spider" Marks explains to CNN's Anderson Cooper the challenges US troops face with Russian forces in Syria.

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  • Black Amigo - Channel Youtube
    Black Amigo - 1 week ago

    Avoid them egg shells lol

  • Данила Никонец - Channel Youtube
    Данила Никонец - 2 weeks ago

    USA what the hell are you doing?

  • Lao tze - Channel Youtube
    Lao tze - 2 weeks ago

    Russia was invited into Syria by the legal government there. Why is America there? CNN will never ask that question?

  • Алексей Мартин - Channel Youtube
    Алексей Мартин - 2 weeks ago

    CNN bullshiting people!

  • cassandra Santiago - Channel Youtube
    cassandra Santiago - 2 weeks ago

    Wow great Video clips.

  • Who Said I Asked For Free Money? - Channel Youtube
    Who Said I Asked For Free Money? - 2 weeks ago

    What will happen if the Russian and U.S. army ever cross each other? 😓🤔

  • Stuart Crossland - Channel Youtube
    Stuart Crossland - 3 weeks ago

    This should tell you a lot about the plan to destroy Syria.

  • Eddy Cuevas - Channel Youtube
    Eddy Cuevas - 3 weeks ago

    At this moment may 5, 2018 4:35 pm -4 AST, this video has 901 likes over 867 dislikes. CNN that give you +49.03% of dislike, you should be ashamed of yourself!

  • erik je - Channel Youtube
    erik je - 3 weeks ago

    what chemical weapons ? what evidence do you have of those chem weapons ?

  • johnny Del Rosario - Channel Youtube
    johnny Del Rosario - 3 weeks ago

    another vietnam war?

  • roxanne legrand - Channel Youtube
    roxanne legrand - 3 weeks ago

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    roxanne legrand - 3 weeks ago


  • roxanne legrand - Channel Youtube
    roxanne legrand - 3 weeks ago

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  • Muhsin Shaik - Channel Youtube
    Muhsin Shaik - 3 weeks ago

    soo young and full of grey hair. see what spreading lies to the world does to you

  • MrPecker I I I - Channel Youtube
    MrPecker I I I - 3 weeks ago

    is this the same fuktard with the "full semi-auto" crap?

  • vishal rocks - Channel Youtube
    vishal rocks - 3 weeks ago

    i not understand why American people choose Trump as there President... without any solid proof or any report of UN why he made airstrikes on Syria ..

  • Battlenude - Channel Youtube
    Battlenude - 3 weeks ago

    I did not know you could stack sh1t this high.. And b.t.w. is that US will lose the Incirlic AirBase due to USA policy meddling in Syria and Iraq. Turkey is not a happy NATO member at this point.

  • dmkvidgmes2010 - Channel Youtube
    dmkvidgmes2010 - 4 weeks ago

    America should be nuked NOW!!

  • юлёк высодом - Channel Youtube
    юлёк высодом - 4 weeks ago

    usa government just like little dog barkin on elephant bark bark little satanic slave never saw more posest retards white house mental house ahah all idiots gather we wait fr sycoitrist i see that bitch real late to treat it patients in white mental clinic i 'll tell ur democrats - u r bitchy prostitutes god fuck u n ur mama n ur papa ur kids n ur grandkids will be our slaves think real hard about it like germany till today pays for ww2 u be too dont u think u get away

  • Manly Bryant - Channel Youtube
    Manly Bryant - 4 weeks ago

    😮😮😮 Interesting how CNN force feeds the Russian propaganda narrative. But when you Wikipedia the owner of CNN, Ted Turner, you find out that Ted owned a Russian TV station called, TV-6. Seems like CNN has had Russian ties since the beginning that are never talked about: ---- #WhosTheRealRussianAgents

  • Om Karki - Channel Youtube
    Om Karki - 4 weeks ago

    N jimmy dore is conspiracy theorist ?!?!! on I will report on every YouTube video about clinton n Syria war in CNN...

  • RICҜ GRIMΣS - Channel Youtube
    RICҜ GRIMΣS - 4 weeks ago

    trump is a total fool, through and through

  • lanskamson - Channel Youtube
    lanskamson - 4 weeks ago

    a circus clown???? RUBBISH.

  • Raza Naqvi - Channel Youtube
    Raza Naqvi - 4 weeks ago

    They are mis guiding there own American people's.but on the ground reality there plans fails.biggest problem is now ,they have to attack Russian forces also coz both Syrian and Russians are working together....and if this will happened Russia must reply confirms ww3 from the Trump.coz chemical weapons is just a drama they are looking to weaken Syrian power and forces.asaad regeme

  • أبوحافظ يلعن روحك - Channel Youtube
    أبوحافظ يلعن روحك - 1 month ago

    US and big countries presidents are responsible for the Syrian Holocaust Allowing Russia Iran to support the dictator by killing the children just to stop the Arab spring One thing :the democracy in Arab countries is useful to the whole world So it is better US stop fighting it

  • C Knowsbest - Channel Youtube
    C Knowsbest - 1 month ago

    Can I have one good reason for this?

  • Ozge Ulas - Channel Youtube
    Ozge Ulas - 1 month ago

    FUCK YOU USA..............THE BİGGEST ALLAH AND TURKEY............

  • markus huber - Channel Youtube
    markus huber - 1 month ago

    USA and its allies destroyed a couple of empty houses 😂 👌

  • APCWORLDSUXAZ - Channel Youtube
    APCWORLDSUXAZ - 1 month ago

    don't forget Israel  bombed the shit out of them first a week or so ago... so of course we needed them to use chemical bombs so we could also get involved to make Israels bombing not look like war crimes.........  yay

  • APCWORLDSUXAZ - Channel Youtube
    APCWORLDSUXAZ - 1 month ago