FIRST Time Trying KOBE BEEF STEAK! & EXPENSIVE Kaiseki Meal at Ryokan in Kobe Japan

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Published on Jan 15, 2017

In This video I FINALLY tried Authentic Kobe A5 Wagyu beef steak at a Ryokan in Kobe Japan. It was part of my traditional Japanese Kaiseki meal at a hot springs ryokan which was expensive but amazing :-)

The Ryokan:

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  • how about ass - Channel Youtube
    how about ass - 5 days ago

    $400 for the food and the hotel… thats pretty fair.

  • SaraFara - Channel Youtube
    SaraFara - 6 days ago

    Wait! You don’t eat raw fish?

  • user49374958261839 - Channel Youtube
    user49374958261839 - 2 weeks ago

    800 years, hahaha

  • Nolvora - Channel Youtube
    Nolvora - 3 weeks ago

    The first Japanese city I want to be in is Kobe because of the beef, but, of course, I'm afraid I might end up somewhere else like Chris Broad (Abroad in Japan). Good thing is it's still easy to travel from city to city.

  • Raphael VanBlaricom - Channel Youtube
    Raphael VanBlaricom - 4 weeks ago

    Mike great video! can you tell me how much this trip cost you? I always wanted to go to Japan and try kobe beef.

  • AnhVy Bui - Channel Youtube
    AnhVy Bui - 1 month ago

    My dad tried kobe 5 times for FREE, and i was like why won't you give me some and he was like I ate it before you were even born...and he got for free because he was welcomed by his BOSS!JElOUSE ALERT

  • Denise Maindelle - Channel Youtube
    Denise Maindelle - 2 months ago


  • Loren Gonzales - Channel Youtube
    Loren Gonzales - 2 months ago

    That's very expensive!!!! Food are sooo little. Hahaha😂😂😂

  • Manuel Mostafa - Channel Youtube
    Manuel Mostafa - 2 months ago

    Man I love your videos but I've heard you said "I'm not a big fan of vegetables" and "I don't eat raw". That turned me off.

  • MLF Ph - Channel Youtube
    MLF Ph - 2 months ago

    Oh Mikey!!! I believe you!:):)

  • Patshhi4 - Channel Youtube
    Patshhi4 - 2 months ago

    You sound sick in this video, like you are fighting a cold.

  • RESPECT MY AUTHORITY - Channel Youtube
    RESPECT MY AUTHORITY - 2 months ago

    Well the best thing I put in my mouth is pussy. I bet it taste better then that steak there.

  • Tommy Mai - Channel Youtube
    Tommy Mai - 3 months ago

    $400 per night !?!

  • the algorithm - Channel Youtube
    the algorithm - 3 months ago

    I'm not a steak expert but look at that marbling and im on vacation in Japan i laterally need it

  • Koanda Bear - Channel Youtube
    Koanda Bear - 3 months ago

    You're about to hit 1 mill!!!

  • L. R. - Channel Youtube
    L. R. - 3 months ago

    I want to go too japan😢

  • shypiejohnson - Channel Youtube
    shypiejohnson - 3 months ago

    Only $400?? That's honestly really cheap for all that you're getting! I've paid $400 for a single room in Chicago, and I still had to pay from extras!

  • mv lac - Channel Youtube
    mv lac - 3 months ago

    Mike, I am a huge fan and love your videos but you need to seriously grow a pair because Sushi is awesome

  • Verkus play - Channel Youtube
    Verkus play - 4 months ago

    Did i hear good 800 YEARS OF HISTORY

  • akward42 - Channel Youtube
    akward42 - 4 months ago

    If you don't mind me asking, did your room come with a private onsen, or did the room package only include access to a public onsen? Also, was the kobe beef something that you had to negotiate to include with your room package, or was that a reservation option that you can select during the booking process? Thank you!

  • Tom Parham - Channel Youtube
    Tom Parham - 4 months ago

    The hotel yes, but apart from the kobe beef, the food looks a bit too much for me, i would rather go a look around and get bits that arent quite so different. Im not THAT advendturous with food, i wish i was but oh well.

  • Me Me - Channel Youtube
    Me Me - 4 months ago

    Eating with standing position👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Kurt Bin - Channel Youtube
    Kurt Bin - 4 months ago

    Great video as usual...but u definitely need some rest..those eye bags make u look like u r 37..unless u really r 37 (in that case uve done great). LOL

  • Rick Sanchez - Channel Youtube
    Rick Sanchez - 4 months ago

    I’m jelly

  • Cali Cái Chi Chẳng Có! aka 5C - Channel Youtube
    Cali Cái Chi Chẳng Có! aka 5C - 4 months ago

    looking at this guy nickel and dime face. cant finish the video

  • Cali Cái Chi Chẳng Có! aka 5C - Channel Youtube
    Cali Cái Chi Chẳng Có! aka 5C - 4 months ago

    this guy looks like a farmer, traveling eating good food.

  • langue depute - Channel Youtube
    langue depute - 4 months ago

    what is ur secret to keep in shape? :D are you starving yourself between all your video? hehhe

  • Funky173 - Channel Youtube
    Funky173 - 4 months ago

    My aunt once cook Pho for me with that kind of Japanese marble beef (idk if it was Kobe or not), Gotta admit you'll love it immediately then get tired of it very fast, because it's too tender and fatty, that's why a little amount of beef served on the table is just enough.

  • david williams - Channel Youtube
    david williams - 5 months ago

    Mike learned the power of A5 Kobe. Nothing like it. You never forget it. Everything else is just beef afterwards.

  • Medieval Variation - Channel Youtube
    Medieval Variation - 5 months ago

    This artistic food presentation may have filled a kidney but not Mike's stomach :P