TCake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

We're back again but the cakes are SMALL!


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  • Disney channel trailers - 56 minutes ago

    I wish i will eat them i love them With just this i subcribe

  • Camilla Deleuran - 1 hour ago

    does anyone know if the cake deco have a instagram and whats it called

  • Lily Walsh - 2 hours ago


  • Toni - 3 hours ago

    Ray definitely better than that last cake decorator lol

  • Odd Ish - 3 hours ago

    Maggie is so cute everytime I watch her in one of these videos she makes me laugh so much I wanna squish her cheeks

  • Nimsim Nimsim - 3 hours ago

    More such videos please

  • Mahrukh Baloch - 3 hours ago

    Maggie cake like coc but i like its cake

  • Dansque - 4 hours ago

    Should be BuzzFood

  • Kate 714 - 4 hours ago

    Maggie won! I love these kinds of videos!❤️

  • Estelle and Qi Ying - 4 hours ago

    I like the girl i hate the boy

  • Neetsey Secrob - 5 hours ago

    Maggie is such a nice person😊

  • julia and her friend - 5 hours ago

    The cake decorator is always trying to freak out the artist

  • It’sjust me Eliza - 8 hours ago


  • Mackenzie Riordan - 8 hours ago


  • Jane Russel Obejas - 8 hours ago

    Still maggie

  • Chlo. E - 8 hours ago

    Do more of this😊

  • Selly Conley - 9 hours ago

    More of Maggie pls!!

  • Londis Lilacs - 9 hours ago

    I saw ray and clicked

  • Aadi 2116 - 10 hours ago

    0401.2 ==×+= 1 &,7 9

  • Kuma - chan - 10 hours ago

    Pick up one of the coke cakes. Take a bite! It'd be soo nice to see!

  • Kat Todd - 10 hours ago

    Why are her drawings so dark and depressing?

  • VansLars AJ - 11 hours ago

    Tbh ray is nicer than the girl before. And maggie is always the best ;)

  • Kari Zavala - 12 hours ago

    I would choose Ray

  • Creamy Peach Puff - 12 hours ago

    These cakes looked so good

  • Icefreak - 12 hours ago

    oh wait did the guy give up on the restorations

  • Anya Bal - 13 hours ago


  • ### - 13 hours ago


  • Megha Hazarika - 14 hours ago

    Everybody here talking about maggie.. loved her but do not leave out the handsome and sweet man Mr. Ray!!

  • Matt Steer - 14 hours ago

    He was in the haircut video but now he doesn’t have any hair

  • twentygayteen - 16 hours ago

    he's so nice wow thank god cause after that last video...