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Published on Jul 15, 2017

Hey Larlees, todays video is on makeup mistakes. Makeup do's and don'ts is a video I've done a couple of times and I really love updating this video I find it to be SUPER helpful. Remember there aren't technically any rules in makeup just have fun. - Laura

testing new toofaced makeup

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  • Laura Lee - Channel Youtube
    Laura Lee - 10 months ago


  • Chloe Crowley - Channel Youtube
    Chloe Crowley - 13 hours ago

    this video really helped me! thank you!

  • Princess Harleigh - Channel Youtube
    Princess Harleigh - 23 hours ago

    Y do I love ur voice so much u sound Australian

  • Julie NYC - Channel Youtube
    Julie NYC - 2 days ago

    That was so unbelievably helpful!! I watched it late last night and first thing his morning tried out your tips - alongside some tips from that Goss dude (the British guy makeup artist) - and it was pretty amazing! Though it still looked muddy but it was well blended, the angles all looked immeasurably better and looked more professional. I think I maybe have the technique down but i'm still using the wrong colors or the wrong products. I have to figure out what colors look best and which brands have the best colors. (will check out the palette you recommend next time I'm at Ulta) Any color/brand recommendations for eyeshadow for blondes with blue eyes and neutral skin? Thanks again for the video it was a wealthy of information! ;)

  • nancy allbritton - Channel Youtube
    nancy allbritton - 2 days ago

    Loooveeee my hoola bronzer

  • BeautyMakeup Tips Channel - Channel Youtube
    BeautyMakeup Tips Channel - 4 days ago

    If you see this comment, I hope you have good day! :3

  • Cynthia Moore - Channel Youtube
    Cynthia Moore - 1 week ago

    You. Are so great st makeup i would Absolutely love 4 u to do my face!!!! Im a young looking 54 yr old (young looking for my age) i have to daughters,,, 35 and 24 they r both beautiful young ladies and they are often mistaken 4 models. But if i had one wish. It would b u to do a makeup on my face!!!!! Love your videos keep up the great work!!!! Sincerely, Cynthia Moore. 224 323 3207 😛😀😛😀☺😍😘

  • Erika Pascullis - Channel Youtube
    Erika Pascullis - 1 week ago

    How do you mack your mackup look like it is not so much mackup

  • Nicole - Channel Youtube
    Nicole - 2 weeks ago

    I needed this so bad

  • Malika Habib - Channel Youtube
    Malika Habib - 2 weeks ago

    I’m so in love with the palette, so versatile and handy! Lauraaaaaa you’re my loveeee 😍

  • Rebecca Nixon - Channel Youtube
    Rebecca Nixon - 2 weeks ago

    Need Laura to do my makeup one time for the one time 😩

  • Pao Lit Af - Channel Youtube
    Pao Lit Af - 2 weeks ago

    How can I share this with someone 😂 without offending them

  • Leslie Holt - Channel Youtube
    Leslie Holt - 2 weeks ago

    I love how you did your makeup! Definitely learned about the blush. I felt like my pores were always so visible and when I took the blush away from them you couldn’t see them! AND I always applied powder foundation on top of liquid because I just assumed lol and now my makeup looks so much better because I either do one or the other! Thanks!

  • Mike Lilly - Channel Youtube
    Mike Lilly - 2 weeks ago

    I love videos like this. Tutorials are nice, but they don't often get into WHY people do things a certain way, whereas this one not only does that, but provides instruction to help avoid making mistakes by doing them other ways.

  • Aiyana W - Channel Youtube
    Aiyana W - 2 weeks ago

    Is it just me or is anyone else hearing a girl saying hey 3 times

  • Hannah Rudnick - Channel Youtube
    Hannah Rudnick - 2 weeks ago


  • Fieldhockey Girl - Channel Youtube
    Fieldhockey Girl - 2 weeks ago


  • Kelly Purifoy - Channel Youtube
    Kelly Purifoy - 2 weeks ago

    Late to this but wow all the donts is what I’ve done and knew it looked awful but decided to walk around looking like baby powder and a raccoon 😂 lord help me. Starting all the DOs soon 😊 thank you for the very detailed how tos. Made it super easy to learn and remember

  • Casey Derrick - Channel Youtube
    Casey Derrick - 2 weeks ago

    I am legit loving both eye shadow looks!😍 always forever starting with a transition Shad tho! Teaching my gran and mum how to do makeup from what iv learnt from u Laura! Truly amazing! If it wasn’t for u I don’t think I would ever get any compliments on my make up 😂🙈🙊! Love you Laura!!💁🏼‍♀️❤️

  • Slime Creator - Channel Youtube
    Slime Creator - 3 weeks ago

    Omg I searched makeup do and don’ts and I found your channel YOU JUST GOT A NEW SUBSCRIBER 👏🏻

  • Evelien Maes - Channel Youtube
    Evelien Maes - 3 weeks ago


  • Jennifer Ortiz - Channel Youtube
    Jennifer Ortiz - 3 weeks ago

    I am a beginner to this make-up world, but your videos are so useful and informative. Alongside entertaining. Thank you :)

  • Courtnie Earl - Channel Youtube
    Courtnie Earl - 3 weeks ago

    Pause on 1:00 😂❤️

  • Aya Alvarado - Channel Youtube
    Aya Alvarado - 4 weeks ago

    The don't side with the eyeshadow and eyeliner isn't even that bad, it's just not the current fad.

  • Alias - Channel Youtube
    Alias - 4 weeks ago

    Lol I do not do much to my brows. I'm not missing ANY brow hair. At all. I just use like a brow gel to calm the unruly vibe. I love them

  • E T - Channel Youtube
    E T - 4 weeks ago


  • Blakeleigh King - Channel Youtube
    Blakeleigh King - 4 weeks ago

    Hi, what brush did you use for the concealer on the "good side" in this?

  • Ashlyn Gallagher - Channel Youtube
    Ashlyn Gallagher - 1 month ago


  • xtine 416 - Channel Youtube
    xtine 416 - 1 month ago

    what are your favorite lashes and glue?

  • xtine 416 - Channel Youtube
    xtine 416 - 1 month ago

    How do I prevent my eyeshadow from dusting onto my cheeks or under my eyes? Every time I use an eyeshadow brush it happens ugh.