TMirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge Crushed in a Hydraulic Press-What's Inside?

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Published on Apr 10, 2018

In this video I make a Japanese polished foil ball by using aluminum foil and pounding with a hammer and then polishing until it becomes a solid metal polished ball! These polished foil balls started with a Japanese jeweler who made one that appeared to have no purpose, but the nation became obsessed with it and everyone started making them! You can see what's inside an aluminum foil ball when I crush it in my hydraulic press and see if the density increases or not.

This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you use the information from this video for your own projects then you assume complete responsibility for the results.

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  • Curtis Boyd - 27 minutes ago

    This fad has to be one of the most stupid yet. Even better, people think this is new? I remember back in the 70s, when i was growing up, we used to do the same thing. Back then, it was called an aluminum foil ball. Giving a foil ball the label of being Japanese in its own is stupid What if a Canadian makes one? Its not Japanese, it Canadian. If an american makes it, its an american foil ball. We need to change the Japanese label, to simple mirror.polished foil ball. Calling it Japanese, is just rediculous.

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    Can u make a compressed air powered flying machine?

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    Tbh, just throw it in the dryer. It works better than hammering

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    How About An Experiment with acid and base to see who can transform elctresity Hope u see this comment And sry if i have wrong word im new in english

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    Love your channel and also your experiments

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    "About half as dense"? It's not even a third as dense. Christ, never become a pilot ... Co-pilot: "How's our fuel looking?" You: "We've got about half a tank left". Co-pilot: "Ok, lets push on" *Plane runs out of fuel and crashes 1000km short of it's destination*

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    I saw many people trying to do that, but your result is by far the best!

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    its so funny how he releases the machine 4:41

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    People need to get some job

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    It's very interesting.

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    Honestly... what did you expect.... basic science......

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    none of these look like the original one..did the guy fake it?

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    Lol when you can’t pronounce aluminium

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    what do you mean "What's inside"?!?!?!? FOIL IS INSIDE

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    Me when I’m 32, living alone, and working part time at boots

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    I've always thought what would happen if you smashed it with a hammer but this is better